The New Craftsy App Is HERE and It’s FREE!

Hey there Craftsy members,

My name is Chandler, I work on our mobile team here at Craftsy, and I’m super excited to show you what we’ve been up to recently. It has been quite the journey for Craftsy since our first launch on iPad 18 months ago. Since then, the app has been downloaded more than 1 million times and for many of our members, the app is now their Craftsy “home.” Today, the app gets used in places and ways we never expected, from kitchens and sewing rooms to local knitting clubs and more!

Our team of engineers has been super busy over the last few months working on transforming your Craftsy app experience, and today, we’re excited to announce even more ways you can use your app, whether you are on an iPhone or an iPad. Check it out and please let me know what you think by emailing directly ( or by emailing our wonderful support team (


Here’s what’s new:

Screenshot of Craftsy App Offline Feature

Watch your classes anytime, anywhere (who needs Internet anyway?)

The app now works offline, so you can download your classes, notes and materials and access them even when you don’t have an Internet connection!

Craftsy iPad App Video Player

Navigate your classes more easily

A brand new design for our class experience. Our old controls were too small and we thought you should be focused on your class not worrying about hitting the right button. Enjoy larger, easier to use controls for play, pause, volume, airplay and 30-second repeat.

Find your next lesson fast

Not sure which lesson to do next? Check out photo previews of the lessons to help find the next lesson for you.

Craftsy iPad App Airplay Feature

Use your app like a remote

With airplay, the Craftsy app now works like a remote. Watch your favorite instructors on a TV and turn your iPad/iPhone into an awesome learning environment with full-screen notes, discussions, projects or your class materials.

Want patterns? We’ve got them too.

You called (and emailed and texted and..) and we heard! By popular demand, we’ve added your pattern library to the Craftsy classes app so you can easily access your patterns.

Download the Craftsy 2.3 app now!

Which features of our new app are you most excited about?


Cheryl Goyer

Craftsy Helen – I can access my class from my tablet but only to watch the videos. The message at the bottom of the screen after clicking on materials is: “This is the Mobil version of the Craftsy video player. If you would like to access the course materials, take notes, or view discussions, please visit this site from your computers.” In other words I have no access to the course materials unless I use a computer or Apple product.

Sheelah Wooten

Okay…awesome….I love the “downloadability”…..I was one (I’m sure of very many) who requested this change……but, they are ALL right…..please give us Android access….Apple has fallen out of favor with a lot of us. I know a lot of folks still like it, and that’s cool….but I don’t want to buy a new ipad (and I’ll never have an iphone) because I like Kindle and really big phones. I love Craftsy, but I really need it in the Android market. Please make this happen. We only ask because we really love our Craftsy classes…

Diane Tom Stump

I’m an android user too. Please provide an app for us!

Diane Tom Stump

I’m an android user too. Please provide an app for us!


I am also an android user and would like an app for us as well!!!!!!!!!!!


Still waiting for an Android app so I can watch my classes!!!


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