Spring Clean While Helping Others: Donating Your Yarn

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to laundering curtains and cleaning windows. You’ve let that yarn pile up for years, and you barely know what’s in your knitting or crochet stash. Why not include donating yarn as part of your spring cleaning this year?

Here are a few tips for donating yarn, plus ideas for how to organize the yarn you plan to keep.

Destash scrap yarn
A portion of my yarn stash scraps before spring cleaning

Donating yarn

There are plenty of places that would love to benefit from your destashing and spring cleaning. I’ve already covered how to donate your knitted and crochet items to charity, and in fact, a lot of those same places can benefit from your yarn, too! Here are a few ideas:


A lot of schools don’t budget for art supplies, so donating yarn to an art class is a great idea. Some schools also sponsor after-school programs that include knitting and crochet groups, so your yarn could even benefit those kids.

Art centers

From art galleries to art education nonprofits, there are plenty of organizations out there who host art events. Even if you’re just donating an inexpensive acrylic, there’s someone who can benefit. Call nonprofits and art centers in your town to see if they need yarn donations, then load up a rainbow of colors and drop it off!

Nursing homes

Many nursing homes host craft nights for their residents. Since not all nursing home residents are fortunate enough to have family who can bring them these supplies, yarn donations are especially helpful. A knitter or crocheter would be happy to turn that yarn you’re not using into something beautiful.

Yarn scrap organizer

What to do with extra yarn

The ideal situation when you’re finishing a project is to finish with just enough yarn left. But, please, when has that ever happened? If you end up with extra yarn, there are a few things you can do with it:

Stash it

If you think you have a use for the yarn in the future, add it to your stash. As part of my spring cleaning this year, I made a yarn stash organizer (pictured above). I recycled cereal boxes into yarn bobbins, then wrapped my scrap yarn around them. I secured each one to a wire clothesline using clothespins with decorative washi tape stuck to them. Now I can clearly see which yarns are in my stash, plus I have an awesome wall hanging for my craft room!

Use it

There are plenty of small projects out there that only require yarn scraps rather than full skeins. Check out a couple of our favorite ideas for using up your yarn scraps, including wall art and jewelry.

Return or exchange it

Save your receipts! If the skein is untouched, most local yarn stores will accept returns or exchanges. Check your local yarn store’s policy to see if a return or exchange will be possible when buying your yarn.

Sell it

If you can’t return your extra yarn, why not sell it online? Be sure to include the dye lot. You never know when another knitter might need that exact skein to finish a project.

Trade it

Take the extra skeins to your knitting group and offer a trade. Have your eye on something in your friend’s stash? Suggest a trade. It never hurts to ask!

Where do you donate yarn that you aren’t going to use? Is organizing craft supplies part of your spring cleaning this year?


Melissa bishop

Please I’m hardbound and I a tremendous amount of pain! One of the few things that I can do is crochet !we are having the absolute worst time financial crisis we have ever experienced! We have lost everything! I’m begging you to please donate any yarn you can to give me a little hope back! Missy bishop,716 south state st, Kendallville ,Indiana, 46755.
I am begging you with all my heart! My phone number is 260-242-5317

Melissa bishop

Please,I am disabled, and bedbound ,and I am wheelchair as well I am married to a wonderful man, who is a disabled veteran. We are having the worst time financially in our lives. We have lost everything and I am begging you to please donate me some yarn. I have just had the worst surgery in my life, the pain is so bad! The one thing I can do is crochet! How can I buy yarn,when we can’t afford food? I am begging you to please donate yarn to me? It’s something to give me that helps to give me a way to deal with the pain and suffering of losing everything! My phone number is 260-242-5317/ my address is 716 South State St. Kendallville, In. 46755 Please remind me that there is Hope and that people do still care enough to give to others? !!!praying and hurting. and begging for yarn THANK YOU SO MUCH, Missy Bishop


Hi Missy – I have quite a bit of soft, colorful acrylic yarn that I would love to donate. Are you still needing yarn?


Hi Melissa,
I just called you regarding the yarn my name is Nasser. And will send you 2 big box of yarn I will talke care of all shipping and delivery costs

Nasser. From Qatar Middle East

Ann Love

Missy, I have some yarn I would love to send you, if you still need some. Hope you are feeling better. Ann

Angela land

Hi missy. I have a lot of washable wool yarn in many colors. Also lace weight silk/wool blends in beautiful colors. Patrons wool mostly earth tones. Linen yarns and linen/ merino blends. Cottons. Some bamboos can u choose from any of those? Oh also acrylic baby yarn


Hello I’m looking for some soft bamboo yarn:) I’ve been trying to make things but can’t afford to get the yarn:( if somone could please help me with some soft wearable yarn I would gladly appreciate it:) been at home due to medical problems and want somthing to keep me going:) please and thanks


I really need yarn.. I have ptsd and anxiety so crocheting keeps me calm but on disability so I cant afford much. I’m down to 2 skeins and any colors would work. I make blankets then gift them to nursing homes. Please Please help. Address is 201 Jefferson st. apt.a Lowell, Ar 72745 Thanks.. Sherry Briggs


Who needs yarn? Post your name and address, I am having a house purging and some unused yarn must go! I will pay postage.

Nancy kudler

Yarn needed for senior knitters who donate knit and crocheted baby and children’s hats, lap blankets and baby blankets Mail to :
Joan Muset , Birch Hill
200 Alliance Way
Apt 102
Manchester NH 03102
United States

Patricia Placido

Looking for yarn donations for crochet group to make blankets for Project Linus in CT

Peggy gray

I Desperately could use yarn if you still Have some to share. thanks in advance . Peggy Gray 19 simplicity rd keysville va23947


Have a lot of yarn some only single skeins.would like to donate to someone that could put to good use
Please forward address and I will send

Peggy gray

I could use some yarn. I’m disabled due to back surgery . I would love to be able to crochet my grandkids sweaters , headbands and hats for Christmas. I would love to have whatever anyone can send. My address is 19
simplicity rd keysville va. 23947.


I have a ton of acrylic and some wool yarn I would love to donate to a good cause. Looking to send it to a good home far away! Please contact me with your address ASAP and I will send you what I’ve got!

yarnoverandover (at) gmail (dot) com

Beverly Kapp

I have lots of knitting yarn to give to someone. Been knitting for years and just cannot continue to keep all this yarn. I will box it up and send it to you. Just let me know where to send it. All kinds of yarn.


I am located in the DMV area and looking to donate yarn to charities, nursing homes, etc. I have all kinds and colors. I will box up and mail to organizations or deliver depending on distance.

Jenny Pabst

My mom runs kaHugs… you can find her on facebook! She collects yarn, any style/size/color/amount and crotchets afghans for patients at area hospitals and medical facilities… she’s an angel :) Send any yarn to her! kaHugs 2010 Dunzweiler Dr. Zanesville, OH 43701. Thank You!!!!

Joy crook

I have a lot of yarn to donate to someone who will put it to good use. Send me your name and address. I will pay shipping.

Kathy Sidwell

Hi Joy Crook! I wrote the above message about my mother using left over yarn to make afghans for chemo patients… we would love your extra yarn! address is 2010 Dunzweiler Drive Zanesville, OHIO 43701. Thank you so much!!!

Mary Keeney

I have a bag full of yarn I will send to you in the next few days. I’m so happy to have it go to good use!

sherry briggs

I could use some yarn. I makes blankets for nursing homes. Sherry Briggs 201 Jefferson st. Apt a Lowell Arkansas 72745

Andrea Shaw


Do you still need yarn? If so do you have preferred weights or colors? And would you be OK with taking apart partially finished projects? I am spring cleaning and have a lot of yarn to give away.


any charity knitters/crocheters in the Clarksville, tn area needing yarn &/or patterns? I will be happy to donate.


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