Play With Texture When You Learn How to Crochet Cables

Cables are a beautiful way to add texture and interest to your crochet projects, but if you’ve never crocheted a cable before, it can be a bit intimidating.

How to Crochet Cables, on

Crocheted cables are made by skipping a set of stitches (usually 2 or 3, depending on the stitch width of the cable), then crossing front and back post stitches to create the twisted quality of a cable.

Here’s how to work a six-stitch crochet cable:


  • dc: double crochet
  • ch: chain
  • fpdc: front post double crochet
  • bpdc: back post double crochet


Step 1:

Chain 20. Work 2 rows of double crochet. These will serve as your foundation.

Step 1: Double Crochet

Step 2 (cable row):

Ch 3, dc in next 6 sts, skip next 3 sts, fpdc into the next stitch. Repeat this fpdc for 2 more sts. You should now have 3 front-post double crochet stitches that are slanting to the right.

Step 2: Cable Chain Continuing Cable Chain

Step 3 (cross cable):

Go back to the first of the 3 skipped stitches and fpdc into the 1st, 2nd, then 3rd sts. This will create stitches that slant to the left, dc in remaining sts to end of the row.

Cross Cable

Cross Cable - Continued
Continued - Cross Cable

Step 4 (WS row):

Turn, ch 3, skip first dc, dc in next 3 dc, bpdc in next 6 sts, dc to end.

Step 4: WS Row

Repeat the Cable Row and Wrong Side Row to work the cable pattern.

Repeat Cable Row

Be sure when you’re crocheting cables to keep your pattern reference available, especially if there are multiple cables. It is easy to get mixed up as to which way to cross your cables.

Ready to try it out? Here are some lovely patterns to try!

Cable Crocheted Hat

If you’re ready to try your hand at cables, check out It’s a Hoot Owl Hat pattern. Worked in worsted weight yarn, this is an easy project to try out cables with a fun set of owls as the final result!

Orange Cables and Puffs Scarf - Pattern on Craftsy

The Cables and Puffs Scarf is a beautiful cabled scarf that is long enough to be wrapped several times. With beautiful buttons at one end, this piece is multifunctional.

Marty Sweater

The Marty Sweater, however, might be my favorite. The cable on this sweater is more intricate but has stunning results.

Have you crocheted cables before? Did you find it challenging? What tips do you have to make it easier?

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In step one it says 20 stitches. But, when I start the first row, is there a turning stitch and I will be making actually 18 dbl crochet?
I am a beginner and love to crochet and learn new stitches and patterns. I am thankful for patience and advice.

Suesan Young Schaefer

Thank you for directions, easy to follow,, thanx.

Suesan Young Schaefer

Thank you for directions, easy to follow,, thanx.

guitar strings

Hi, cool site, where did you come up with the info in this synopsis? Im lucky I found it though, I’ll be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.


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