Crisscross: Cable Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Ever drool over a knitting pattern but then shy away from it because it uses cables? Learning how to knit cables can open up so many opportunities to add a little something special to your knitting project. Learn to knit cables and you’ll say good-bye to plain old hats and scarves and hello to the twists and turns that make knitters and non-knitters alike oooh and ahhh.

We’re totally prepared to help you with all things cable.

Get more tips for knitting cables, or dive more in depth on the twists and turns of knitting cables. And don’t forget about Patty Lyons’s Explorations in Cables class. There’s no better way to familiarize yourself with cables than with an expert like Patty at your side. She’s even available to answer your questions!

Get ready to trade your beginner-knitting pants for intermediate ones. These cable knitting patterns from Craftsy are perfect for beginners who want to take their knitting up a notch.

Cable knit headband

Photo via Craftsy member cablecable

Double-plaited cable headband

Small cable projects are great for beginners. You don’t have to spend hours sweating over the cables — and you don’t even have to use much yarn! Once you get the hang of this pretty plaited cable pattern, you’ll want to whip up several of these headbands in different colors. Did we mention they also make great gifts?

Get the Double Plaited Cable Turban Headband pattern.
Cable Knit Boot Cuffs and Headband

Photo via Craftsy member mindylewis678

Cable boot cuffs and headband

Here, beautiful cables do double-duty as a pair of cozy boot cuffs and a warm headband. Boot cuffs do the work of legwarmers without adding all that extra bulk to your boots. Let that cable peek out over your boots and tell the world that you finally mastered the knitted cable!

Get the Cable Boot Cuffs & Cable Headband pattern.

Knit Cabled CowlPhoto via Craftsy instructor Patty Lyons

Cabled cowl

You only need one skein of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool to show off every cable skill imaginable with this cabled cowl. The cowl pattern is available to students in Patty Lyons’s Explorations In Cables class, along with five other to-die-for cable patterns. And not to worry: Patty will walk you through everything you need to know about reading those cable charts that make your head swim.

Find out more about the cabled cowl.
Cable tea cozy

Photo via Craftsy member nicoladar1657253

Cable tea cozy

It’s impossible for me to say no to a tea cozy pattern — especially when it involves cables! This tea cozy is knit with chunky-weight yarn. The chunky yarn not only makes the project super quick, but it also really brings out the texture of the cables. When you’re feeling stressed about the cables, take a break to make the fun pom-pom that tops it off.

Get the Cable Tea Cozy pattern.
Knit Cable Cup Cozies

Photo via Craftsy member mindylewis678

Cable cup cozies

If you thought all cables were made alike, think again. This pattern comes with three different cable patterns that prove no two cables are alike. The texture of the cables adds even more of a barrier between you and that hot cup of tea. This is also a scrap-friendly project, so no need to go shopping for supplies!

Get the 3 Cable Cup Cozies pattern.


Ready to take on knitting cables? What are you going to knit?


Barbara Gillett

Most of my knitting etc is done for charity so I like to do unusual patterns beause they sell well and they have to be cheap. I find American patterns difficult to copy because there are no ply numbers given to wools, so it is noy easy to replace with British wools..I also find the instructions are quite impossible to follow as we are divided by the same language.Still I love looking at your site and getting idearsa BOBBIE


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