12 days of Craftsy: Day 7 Revealed

12 Days

Today is lucky day 7 of the 12 Days of Craftsy and lucky for you we’re back with more awesome classes you can win!

Day 7: Checking Off Your Class List

Raindrops on roses and classes on Craftsy…

Win a few of your favorite things by adding them to your Craftsy Wishlist today!

Add your top three favorites now for a chance to win them all.

Wishlist Button

If you need help adding classes to your Wishlist, here’s how you can do it:

1. Go to any class page.

2. Click the “Wishlist” button over on the right side.

Once you have added your classes to your Wishlist, you’ll be entered! And, it’s not a problem if you have more than three classes on your list. If you win and that is the case, we’ll get in touch to see which three you’d like.

Screenshot: How to Add Wishes
*We’ll randomly select 3 winners to enjoy 3 classes of their choice for free. Promotion expires Dec 10, midnight MT.


Nancy Matheson

I’ve entered three classes in my wish list. Yeah! Thanks for the chance. I expected a pop-up to say I’m entered but didn’t get one so hope I’m entered.
I Love Craftsy!


Totally fine, we’ll get in touch to see which you’d like if you win.


Wow, awesome giveaway! Thanks sew much for this chance to win!!! 😀

Sidra Goldsmit

I have so many on my wish list, can’t wait to decide which one to choose.

Carla Hundley

I’ve got a wish list going!
Thanks for the chance to
Carla from Utah

Wanda Ball

I have a wish list on the go. Thank you for the opportunity to win.


Oh darn! I just got the email about this now, and I see the promotion is over. Oh well, there’ll be more! (I hope)


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