12 days of Craftsy: Day 5 Revealed

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It’s time to find out what’s behind the door for day 5!

Day 5 Logo for 12 Days of Craftsy

Do you hear what we hear?

We love hearing your testimonials. Help tell folks who haven’t tried Craftsy classes what they’re missing. Let us know what you think about your Craftsy classes for a chance to win any class for free!

How have you enjoyed your class (or classes), instructors and experience? Leave a comment below and then share this post to be entered for a chance to win a free class from Craftsy! Or head over to our Craftsy Facebook post here, and comment and share it! Either way you’ll be entered.

Here’s what some Craftsy members have had to say:

“I’ve signed up for several classes ranging from knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, and photography. All of classes are great and the instructors superb.” -Rebecca

“Thank you so much for bringing so much pleasure into our lives.” -Kanagee

“You guys are the best. You have no idea how much I have learned from your courses. You are making my retirement truly enjoyable. I keep raving about your web site to all of my friends. Keep it going!” -Marion

Just leave a comment here with your thoughts, and then share this post to be entered.

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  1. Karen says:

    I love my Craftsy classes. Thiey have been the ultimate in keeping me motivated and enjoying the art of quilting. The number one way to learn!

  2. Debbie H says:

    I have enjoyed my weaving class very much. Its so easy to go back over parts while setting up the loom. Thanks!

  3. Letticia Mincham says:

    I discovered Craftsy a year ago and haven’t looked back. I have signed up for several classes mostly sewing, but have recently started to learn how to crochet. The classes are so helpful I can take each class in my own time and pace..my sewing has improved significantly. Thank you Craftsy.

  4. goodtimesbabe says:

    i Love Craftsy. The instruction is first class and I don’t need to leave the house and brave the wet and the cold and the wind ! And I can watch again and again. It’s like being teachers pet at the front of the class ! I can see and hear everything so clearly, and get all my questions answered too. I am addicted ! So much to learn. Just wish there was more time in the day !

  5. Viera says:

    I have bought 15 classes yet and I am happy to have them.When I will find time to work on them – nobody knows.

  6. Kim Cassie says:

    Craftsy is the future of leisure activities. The video tutorials are top notch leaving nothing to doubt and if you do have a question, the instructors and fellow classmates are there to help. I love it! Keep ‘em coming, Craftsy!

  7. Katarina says:

    Dear Craftsy, thank to you I learned a lot about knitting, crocheting, painting, cooking and sewing. Life without you, my family and my friends would be boring. You’re the best.
    Thank you very much.

  8. MammaNene says:

    I love Craftsy classes… such a modern way to learn…
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper.com

  9. Lin says:

    I have signed up for classes in sewing, knitting, paper arts and painting and have loved them all. Great instructors and quality classes. Continue what you are doing.

  10. T Canham says:

    I have loved all the classes I have taken with Craftsy. I’ve taken quilting, knitting, sewing, cooking, art and jewellery classes. I always recommend Craftsy to anyone interested in learning crafts and I always get questions when I wear my Craftsy t-shirt as Craftsy isn’t quite as well know in the UK.

  11. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    I learned how to knit socks from one of your classes. It was great!

  12. Eurielle says:

    I learned to knit with Stefanie Japel, I learned to sew and improve my techniques with Gertie, Susan Khalje, Christine Haynes, and more fabulous teachers, I learned to tat with Marilee Rockley and much more. Where else but on Craftsy can have access to such wonderful teachers at such an affordable price ? I’m learning so many skills that I can now use for my own projects that it is empowering. I am very grateful for this platform !

  13. Shelor says:

    I love all of the Craftsy classes, patterns, and freebies that I have added to my account. I just wish I had enough time to really pursue all of them. Even retirement does not include extra hours in the day! :-)

  14. Paula Donaghue says:

    Craftsy is by far the best site I have found on the internet! Who knew that I would enjoy learning to quilt SOOO much! It’s great to have instructors and classmates to share with. What an inspiration !!! Thank you!

  15. Christine Baszak says:

    The classes are excellent. I am just starting the Mastering Lace Shawls class with Laura Nelkin, and it is just wonderful to have step by step videos to follow along with excellent written instructions. And the opportunity to ask questions or read others to find an answer. I <3 Craftsy classes.

  16. May I ask what you mean by “sharing” this post?
    It may be my English, it may be the fact that I’m not as well-versed in social media as you may be, but I would like an explanation for people like me who still think in traditional terms and need straightforward rules.

    That said, I very much like the way you are taking full advantage of the possibilities of computer age to promote traditional crafts with this site. :-)

  17. dani e says:

    I love classes! Sign me up scotty

  18. Anne Marie says:

    Love Craftsy!

  19. Susan Herke says:

    I found Craftsy just as I was learning to quilt. I took a free class first. It was, appropriately enough, a class on machine maintenance. That gave me confidence with my machine, and after that, it was an all-out love affair with sewing and quilting! I did take a couple of classes locally but it was Craftsy that kept me learning & relearning as I went through a class again and again! I now have a long list of classes at my beck & call and I’m a very confident quilter!

  20. Mar says:

    I have signed up for several Craftsy classes and absolutely love the opportunity to take them whenever I want. As many times as I want. I enjoy the Pattern section, too, where I have found lots of free patterns as well as those to buy. The Craftsy community is a fun place to learn and share!

  21. Cherrylmaree says:

    I was looking for sewing tips when I found Craftsy.com and I started out by enrolling in several classes to help with sewing techniques and fitting and working with difficult materials. That lead me to look at quilting and even jewellery making, things I have always wanted to try but never had the time for traditional classes. I love that the classes never expire and that they are accessible 24/7 with a money back guarantee. The instructors are very relatable and go above and beyond to be helpful. It is a brilliant platform which I highly recommend to people of all skill levels and interests.

  22. Karen says:

    Thanks, Craftsy you have provided us with a wonderful, user friendly site

  23. Amcsmom says:

    I am a big fan of Craftsy. I have enrolled in the knitting classes while my husband has enrolled in the cooking classes. The format is great and I learn a lot from student postings!

  24. Peter Ruffolo says:

    Craftsy classes are the best. I’ve seen so many other online classes but Craftsy’s are the only ones that have my interest (cake). I’ve taken all three cake decorating mini classes and the instructors are great and the class is full of useful information and tips. Even though it’s a mini class, I still learned a lot and I can’t wait to be able to buy one of the full classes.

  25. Chris Lucas says:

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my Craftsy classes. I’ve signed up for sooooo many but there’s always more that I’d love to sign up for. The class formats are excellent and the instructors are fabulous. Craftsy you really know how to put together the best classes! Keep up with the great work you do. Thank you so much for all my wonderful classes… you have a loyal customer in me. By the way the pattern drafting classes (I signed up for both) are FAR better than the what I received in my formal distance education course that I paid $1000s for. I only wish you had of bought these classes out sooner as you could have saved me a heck of a lot of money. Your classes are definitely a much better investment in learning how to draft my own patterns. Thanks Craftsy :)

  26. Michelle King says:

    I’ve enrolled in several cake decorating classes, and have learned so much from each of them. I’ve been able to apply the various techniques and skills to my own projects. I don’t have the opportunity to attend local classes (if and when available). Craftsy classes have brought the classroom into my home with super teachers..

  27. Judy Lee says:

    I love my Craftsy Classroom! I go back and watch over and over again until I am sure that I have it!
    Thanks Jenny!
    Judy Lee

  28. Bonnie Larson says:

    Love the classes. I keep signing up but need to find the time to actually take the classes…..

  29. Maria-Elena Ramirez says:

    I have taken classes and I have enjoy them tremendously. The teachers are great, day to understand and follow and very knowledgeable. Thank you Craftsy.

  30. Maria-Elena Ramirez says:

    I have taken classes and I have enjoy them tremendously. The teachers are great, easy to understand and follow and very knowledgeable. Thank you Craftsy.

  31. Carol Claytor says:

    I love craftsy. I’ve signed up for several sewing and quilting classes. The instructors are fantastic and the fact that I can watch anytime them anytime is wonderful.

  32. Mechelle sharp says:

    Beyond rectangles helped me to construct my first garment in crocheting! Up till now I have only been able to complete edgings, as I am more apt to knit. And it is cute and has given me confidence to tackle adult garments. Very detailed instruction, I did this at the beach ! I have lots of crafty classes and they are the best !

  33. Dorothy Harrison says:

    Craftsy is such a great resource for inspiring ideas and tutorials to keep you going on a project! The site is user friendly, even for us who usually need a grandchild to help us find our way around a computer.

  34. Nancy Wichtendahl says:

    My name is Nancy and I’m a Craftsy.com holic! I discovered you all in the very beginning and sooo glad I did. You’ve taken my ability and truly brought it to a new level ( you even showcased one of my quilts on the blog!). I’ve take many many classes and love each one. Can’t say enough how this style of learning works for me. And the store! (Hide the credit cards!). Customer support is top notch. There aren’t enough praises for you all!!!! Thank you all!

  35. Vicky DeReign says:

    When I decided I wanted to learn free motion quilting, I turned to Craftsy. I loved my class and have signed up for several more. I have really enjoyed all of them and have recommended Craftsy to others.

  36. Maureen says:

    Love that you can view at YOUR convenience and there is no yearly fee. The instructors are super.

  37. Sheryl Miller says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes I have signed up for on Craftsy. I have learned so much! Also you offer so many suggestions for patterns, some of which are even free! Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays.

  38. Marianne says:

    My life changed completely when I found Craftsy!! I had been struggling with learn to knit type books and at the time a few videos on the internet. When I purchased my first class, wow, what a difference. That was at Christmas I think 2 years ago, I’m still an advanced beginner, but the fun, the joy that I have is the best gift I have ever received. I’ve learned to bake bread, take much better pictures, even tackled my fear of the sewing machine! The instructors are amazing, response to questions even from the fellow students are timely and spot on. Thank you for creating a venue that enables us to learn at our own pace and adding an amazing team of instructors and designers.

  39. Barb Watson says:

    Great classes. I like that I can watch anytime and go back again and again.

  40. Gretchen says:

    I’ve been a fan of Craftsy for several years now. I’ve taken several quilting classes and really enjoyed them. The free classes are also very informative and a good way to get started.

  41. Debbie says:

    Love all the quilting classes! Have learned so much from each!

  42. Denise says:

    Craftsy rocks! I have over 30 classes now, and I enjoy each one so much. It has saved me thousands of dollars by not having to travel and pay instructors hundreds of dollars to learn one skill. Although I have not posted many projects, I am learning a lot. I consider myself a forever student, so I am enjoying my instructors immensely.

  43. Denise says:

    I shared on my fb page. Thanks.

  44. Mindy says:

    I love craftsy!! Great classes and a great way to learn.

  45. Priscilla King says:

    I have to agree with “Marion”. I’m retired too, and Craftsy has been such a wonderful experience to help enrich my retirement days. I’ve learned a great deal, and even added a whole new craft to my repertoire – quilting! I love it!

  46. Mary Colgan says:

    I started with a ‘free class’ as an experiment, and *quickly* went from there to other ‘purchased’ classes. Craftsy has made improvements in their ‘formatting/functions’ over the months – and the experience is even better than when I started! I love being able to access the classes whenever it suits *me*! I like some instructors more than others – but, that’s true with *any* classes you take – I still learn something if I’m open to the learning. I look forward to having new techniques being taught on a variety of topics! Whoever thought of this and developed it is *awesome*! THANKS!

  47. Ruth says:

    Craftsy has so much to offer. I look forward to checking everyday to see what’s new.

  48. Cathy Karlson says:

    I LOVE all my Craftsy classes! I have several – sewing, baking, photography,and more. I have watched several of them over and over and I learn something new each time.Thank you, Craftsy!!!

  49. Jody says:

    I love Craftsy classes! They are available whenever I need them to be, are informative and good value for my money. Plus I can take these courses from well-known instructors in the comfort of my own home and there is no need to transport supplies, machines etc to an outside venue. Thank you!

  50. Kitty Jensen says:

    I was very excited to find the Craftsy classes. The instructors and very helpful and the classes offer not only instruction but great ideas and inspiration.

  51. sally miller says:

    have signed up for several craftsy classes and liked all but one . Was cheerfully refunded , “there wasn’t actually any thing wrong with the class I just didn’t think it was something I wanted to do”. I like that you can rewatch each segment when I’m ready . The teachers are great. It gives me a chance to take classes from teacher I would not otherwise have access to. I can contact the teacher with a comment or question and she gets right back to me. Love these classes.

  52. Cquilter says:

    Valuable resources that you will come to over and over! Better than a book, because you get the video of hands on help, doesn’t get any better than that! I am a quilter and have found numerous help and tips from the many tutorials I have purchased. I have discovered that I want to learn other things as well, so I have gotten some of the other videos, like learning to knit, learning to crochet, and tatting. But it doesn’t stop there, Craftsy also has several FREE mini classes that are on various subjects, such as baking breads, pizza, cakes, photography, embroidery, making bags, etc. etc. This is a site that has it ALL!!! I applaud the wonderful talented teachers that help us learn so much! If a person is looking for variety or any one particular subject, it is here. Thank you so much Craftsy for the past two years of pure pleasure. Looking forward to much more in 2014. Oh, forgot to say, ladies that want to learn to make quilt blocks can learn so much from the FREE monthly block classes. Thank you Craftsy…….Cquilter

  53. Toni says:

    This might sound a bit odd but the Craftsy classes gave me calm during the storm. My mom was suddenly admitted into the ICU, and I was with her 24/7. To be at peace, I was praying a lot, but my second calming activity was Craftsy. I watched the classes, which are so fantastic, well done, and so much fun, and for a few moments or so, I was given a break from reality. We have a lot of ahead of us, and Craftsy is a faithful friend who tags along and quietly helps out, day or night! (I mean, how much better can 24/7 be?) Thanks to everyone at Craftsy!

  54. Kimberley Martin says:

    I really appreciate the high quality of each course. I can see that as much thought went into the video production as it did for the lesson content and examples. I love Craftsy classes!!

  55. Julie B says:

    I am enrolled in several classes and am pleased with the information they contain. I am glad you offer classes in such a wide variety of topics that I am interested in. Thank you.

  56. Lisa says:

    I love the Craftsy blog and have told all of my crafty friends about it. I often get ideas from the links provided and love how they promote patterns, classes and showcase works of members. The blog is a great window into the class opportunities. Excellent job! If only I had enough time to actually USE all of the classes. If you could solve that for me I would be most appreciative…

  57. Rose says:

    With work and taking care of a large family, the Craftsy platform is perfect for me. I can take classes on my schedule in the comfort of my home.

  58. Vicki says:

    I have bought several knitting classes at Craftsy. The classes are so convenient – being available whenever you have the time to watch a lesson – and you can do it in your jammies – no need to travel or go out in the cold! They are so varied and will enhance your skills, whether you are beginning or farther along. Keep new ones coming!

  59. Sarah Olsen says:

    There are healthy addictions: Craftsy is mine! I love your classes and have a whole library of knitting, sewing and quilting classes to take and re-take. You have led me to jump from competent to fearless knitter, and you have rekindled my love of all things fabric. Thank you!

  60. Robin May says:

    I love Craftsy classes! I’ve signed up for several and love the ability to take them at my own schedule and pace. I also can watch them at the computer or on my mobile devices (and in my studio!) I have recommended Craftsy to my friends. Thank you for a great service!

  61. Mysie7 says:

    I found Craftsy through the word of mouth of a friend of mine. I love the types of classes chosen for the cake decorating. I’ve found some other decorating websites that have classes that require me to pay monthly access AND then pay for each class. Love that I only pay for what I want. Love that they have current techniques to showcase. Love that I can watch the classes repeatedly and leave questions for the instructor and best of all… I loooove all those “ohhhhhhhhh!” Moments I have when the instructor explains something I’ve been trying to figure out for eons or explains why Ive encountered an issue that’s been plaguing me (even after countless google searches). The classes really take my decorating to the next level and inspire me to get better. All in all, not only do I love the Craftsy classes but I just love Craftsy overall!

  62. Diane Byatt says:

    Although I’ve been quilting for years, I find many, many , many hints , tricks and techniques on each of the quilt classes I’ve signed up for . I think I’ve signed up for most of your quilt classes. Thanks Craftsy for filling this need for all of us quilters near and far.

  63. Susan Easton says:

    I appreciate the many opportunities Craftsy offers for me to learn. I would not have the time nor the funds to take all these workshops in person. Having the classes available 24/7 is much appreciated!

  64. Linda Johnson says:

    I recently signed up for my 52nd Craftsy class! Yes, 52nd!!! I have learned so much from the classes, and it is great that I can watch them whenever I want. Craftsy makes it so easy–I can add notes during the video lessons, I can replay parts, I have access to the instructor(s), I can talk to other classmates, see what other people have made—it is the PERFECT learning platform! So far, I’ve made quilt-as-you-go potholders, knitted a keyhole scarf, a stitch and slash pillow top, quilted negative space wall hanging, long arm quilted, and the list goes on. If you’re not sure, try one of Craftsy’s many free classes–you’ll be glad you did!

  65. KBEwing says:

    I have enjoyed getting back into crafting. It’s nice that I can learn on my time schedule. No more missing classes because I got out of work late. Thank you for making it so easy.

  66. Donna W says:

    My first Craftsy class was a free one. And I was hooked. Now I have signed up for more classes and enjoy them and I have learned so much. I love being able to go back and watch parts of a class (when I need a reminder or help) or watch the whole class again. Being able to watch at any time, is also great. Those nights when you can’t sleep, instead of tossing and turning, log in to Craftsy and watch and learn.

  67. Gwen Settle says:

    I love the Craftsy classes. I just need more hours in the day to be able to do all the ones I want to do. At this point I only have knitting classes primarily but boy if the hours in the day were doubled I’m indulge in many other areas! The instructors are awesome and have yet to have difficulty understanding what to do. And, if I do run into a problem I can ask a question and in a reasonable amount of time get help. These classes have really helped expand my skills. Keep it up Craftsy!

  68. WalleyGirl says:

    I started quilting last year and Craftsy has been a wonderful resource for learning basic skills, such as making fast, simple quilts from pre-cuts, and then advancing my skills to include machine applique and hand-quilting. I was a knitter for 10 years and had given up on ever being able to knit a sweater than fit properly, but Craftsy saved me and now I’ve got two “perfect fit” sweaters in the works. I love the platform and how I can view the classes again and again. The free tutorials are a wonderful bonus: I’ve just watched “Know Your Wool” and was so inspired I am thinking about getting a couple of heritage sheep for our farm. Thank you, Craftsy!

  69. quiltera says:

    I enjoy being able to go back and re-learn. I love the ability to bookmark specific spots in the lessons.

  70. Judy Bevilacqua says:

    Craftsy’s online/on-demand concept is THE BEST! I’ve used the classes to learn new techniques and improve on techniques I was taught a (very!) long time ago. The classes are always there and ready whenever I can grab some time to learn more, and the instructor response time is great when I have a question or need something clarified.

  71. LJ says:

    WooHoo!! I love Craftsy classes. Would you believe I’m now the proud student of 37? I sign up for all the free classes, too. Even if I think they might be rather elementery, I always learn something new. The instructors have been marvelous about answering any questions I’ve asked; how cool is that? I give Craftsy a 10 and highly recommend the classes to everyone.

  72. Joan Cook says:

    Craftsy classes are the best, and I’ve tried just about everything, from books to CD’s to conferences and clinics. Craftsy classes combine the benefits of all of these, and the cost is amazingly low! It’s like having private lessons from some of the top instructors in the industry with limitless oppportunities to study each technique until it’s mastered. On top of that, I love Craftsy’s way of inspiring us to try more crafts, including their free classes and special buys, and the excellent support service given by the Craftsy Team. Thanks for everything, Craftsy. Keep up the good work!

  73. Sarah Runyon says:

    I have signed up for multiple knitting and crocheting Craftsy classes and they have all been fantastic! I have learned to knit soely from my Craftsy knitting classes and have been able to learn different crochet techniques like Broomstick Lace and Tunisian Crochet. I love having access to my classes whenever and wherever I’d like, plus being able to get feedback and have my questions answered by the instructor and other class members has been a huge help! Love Craftsy and love my Craftsy classes!

  74. Rose-Marie says:

    I am enrolled in several art quilt, quilting and embroidery classes. They are wonderful! In traditional classes it is easy to forget how we accomplished a technique. With Craftsy, we can go back anytime to review what we learned and proceeded to forget! Thank you for this class format.

    1. Rose-Marie says:

      Every chance I get I tell my friends about Craftsy!

  75. Rose says:

    You don’t need to be a beginner to take the classes. I’ve been knitting and quilting for years and have learned new tips and tricks from many of the instructors… my one request is more Carol Feller classes, please!

  76. Heather says:

    This is such a great site, I mention it thinking that everyone knows about Crafsty, they don’t so I tell them. Sometimes I am in a craft or fabric store when this happens…duh you like fabric or crafts and you haven’t been on Crafsty. I have not fully watched all of the classes that I have purchased, but I know that they are there and even if I only have time for a brief listen I know that I am not timed out and can still come back to the class. Thank you for such a great site

  77. Cristy says:

    I love picking and choosing what I want to learn and when I choose to learn it. Love this site.

  78. Where have these online classes been all my life? 2013 was the first year for me to enroll in Craftsy classes. The first one was “Traditional Blocks made Simple” with Anita Soloman and wow!! I have had so much fun with that class alone! I’ve made two lap size quilts from Anita’s Arrowhead block and both are unique in their own right! I have also fallen in love with the class “Creative Quilt Backs” and have learned how to use scraps to create beautiful backs for both of those quilts!! I’ve enrolled in Crazy Quilts also and have made two crazy quilts from start to finish and given them as Christmas gifts to a son-in-law and special girlfriend.

    The thing I like most about Craftsy classes is the fact that I can “tune in” anytime I want to. I can go back to them anytime. They don’t expire. If I need a refresher course it is as close as my fingertips. I can replay any section, I can post my questions, or even answer other students questions. Just love, love, love Craftsy classes!!

  79. Dona says:

    I have signed up for a lot of the classes. I love being able to go back and review them whenever I want and being able to interact with the instructor and other class members.

  80. Helen says:

    Craftsy classes are the best! It is wonderful to be able to go back over the videos to see a technique done again. I also really appreciate the free mini classes. Even as an experienced quilter and baker I have picked up new ideas and techniques in those introductory classes. It is great that I can access all my classes on my smartphone when I am waiting for an appointment, etc. Keep them coming, Craftsy!

  81. Britta H says:

    I’ve loved the craftsy classes I’ve taken!

  82. leanne says:

    I love the craftsy platform – its such a great way to learn and to be able to learn from such great teachers – I am enrolled in mainly quilting classes and I have learnt so much ! keep up the fabulous work craftsy :)

  83. Beverly says:

    I was told about Craftsy about a year ago. I have taken several of the classes. They are great. Love the free classes also. My children have appreciated the easy way to buy gifts for me by purchasing classes. I introduced my husband to the Photogaphy classes and he has been very pleased with the information that he has obtained by them.
    I just recently discovered the Knitting and Quilting Pattern apps. They are great for saving my purchased and free apps.
    The daily blog was a great discovery also. Of course the free pattern Friday is fantastic.
    Craftsy just keeps getting bette and better. Thnak you for a great resource.

  84. Freida Bolin says:

    My classes are the best gifts I could give myself. I have learned so much and enjoyed the classes the most. The instructors are outstanding and answer all of our questions with so much patiences. Also I have met lots of new friends from all over the world.

  85. Alison says:

    With Craftsy BOM 2012, I made my first quilt. Now there’s no stopping me – I’m just about to finish my fifth! Thank you.

  86. Donna says:

    What I love about your classes is you don’t have to go outside your home to gain skills in whatever your passion is. You cover so many creative areas. I can take my own time, and do not have to rush or stress out if I feel I am slower than anybody else. I can pick up where I left off whenever I want too. Your instructors are well qualified in their perused craft and other students are helpful too if you post a question. You definitely feel part of the crafting community. I also like your specials on classes and indulge when I can and also tell my friends.
    Congrats to all who make this platform of learning happen.

  87. Kristi Craft says:

    I love my Craftsy.com classes! I have purchased several of them and they have been invaluable. I also have a few FREE classes that have been great. I urge my friends to check out the website and try some of the free classes. I know once they experience the free classes they are sure to purchase some of the other classes. My favorite Craftsy.com classes are sewing classes. My favorite seamstress, Sandra Betzina, has a few classes on the website. As soon as I saw she was an Instructor, I ordered two of her classes. She explains things so clearly and precisely you are sure to succeed.

  88. Carrie P. says:

    I am taking a workshop at the moment Linda Permann. I am learning to crochet a shawl. This is my first time taking a class and I am been pleasantly surprised because she has been so helpful and answered any questions I have had very promptly. Because of that I have signed up for another class by her.

  89. Judy Lemieux says:

    I’ve been loving the Craftsy classes I’ve taken so far (mostly sewing related). The online format is fantastic and the instructors are fantastic!

  90. Judy says:

    I have enjoyed the block of the month class. Will there be a free block of the month class in 2014?

    1. Megan says:

      Judy, Thanks so much! Stay tuned you’ll find out shortly ;)

  91. Julia K Youngblood says:

    Help!! I need to to change the info to access my class.,

    1. Karen Kelty says:

      Hi Julia!

      If you email help@craftsy.com, our customer support team will be happy to help you out with that!

      Hope this helps!

  92. Helen says:

    I love the Craftsy courses. During the past 3 years I have enrolled in dozens of courses,
    This truly is the best way to enhance your knowledge and skills. I am so glad that I found Craftsy.

  93. Debbie Lovas says:

    The Tailoring Ready To Wear class saved my favorite pair of jeans once I lost weight. I really didn’t want to invest in new jeans so this class saved me a lot of money! thank you, Jillee!

  94. Glana Ricci says:

    I love the classes craftsy, knowing not read or speak English I use CC and translate it into my language!!

  95. Kylie says:

    The professional quality of Craftsy classes is often more beneficial than in-person lessons with a local teacher! I am also pleased with how affordable the classes are. I have been so inspired ever since I found out about and began taking Craftsy sewing classes.

  96. Pat Peacock says:

    Craftsy classes are great. They are certainly addictive! I have enrolled in many classes and have enjoyed all of them. I am on this site almost every day, I primarily sew but am going to try knitting next. Kudos to the couple who started this site!

  97. Miranda Gaines says:

    I love Craftsy. I have taken many of the classes offered and have loved each so much.

  98. Vickie says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE CRAFTSY! Just recently got the urge to learn how to knit and crochet and I’m absolutely OBSESSED. Thank goodness I found Craftsy! I love the classes – love the variety of patterns and love all the tips and tricks I have learned from the videos. I love how you can stop and start the videos and they are shot so clearly and it’s so easy to follow the directions. EXCELLENT website – can’t brag on it enough! Trying to get my sister hooked on knitting next and have told several other people about this website. Someday I hope to be a fabulous knitter – still a “beginner” but am churning out scarves, hats and fingerless gloves as fast as I can. Thanks Craftsy!

  99. Karen says:

    Love the classes…very informative…I have purchased numerous classes. The last class I watched is the ‘Adjust your Bust’. For anyone who sews this is a must. You won’t be disappointed.

  100. Laura says:

    The Craftsy classes are great. I have taken many, have never been disappointed and have learned a tremendous amount about quilting and sewing. They are also well priced. One thing I learned from taking classes at quilt shops and on Craftsy is that Craftsy has much better teachers. Quilt shops have quilters who have talent, but many are poor teachers and you usually get much more from a Craftsy class than a quilt shop class. Also, Craftsy classes are well-priced, unlike many quilt shops!

  101. Sharon Blevins says:

    I love the Craftsy experience and have taken more classes with Craftsy than I have at Quilting Stores. The first class I took was Amy Gibson’s Block of the Month. I really love her style of teaching and enjoyed the modern blocks. I followed this with Leah Day’s Motion Quilting a Sampler. After years of blood, sweat and tears, free motion quilting is now a breeze and if things don’t quite stitch as planned it’s no longer the end of the world! I have taken so many classes I haven’t quite caught up with the actual sewing involved but I am working on Stupendous Stitching now and I will make the Quilt As You Go Patchwork Bag soon.

  102. Pat Burch says:

    Craftsy is great! Just the way I need, when I need it. I can go back to reread a lesson, slow-motion it, and watch it over again and again. And the new ideas really stretch my brain. Really enjoy my daily ‘fix’ of Craftsy.

  103. olajumoke ajayi says:

    I joined craftsy at the very beginning through cake journal and the first class was handcrafted sugar flowers in cake decorating and i have over 30 classes. i have benefited in all the classes .Thank you craftsy for the opportunity.

  104. Melinda Smucker says:

    I LOVE my Craftsy classes! I have taken about half a dozen cake decorating classes and am now spreading my interest into the cooking category. I can’t wait to learn how to make bread my family will crave! Every instructor has been fabulous and they answer questions so quickly! Thanks for the opportunity to learn in the comfort of my own home!

  105. Ro says:

    Craftsy is awesome! I love many of the sewing classes. Thanks so much for offering such a wide variety of classes and teachers. Keep up the good work . Thanks for always being there for me , whenever I am ready to take a class. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !!!!

  106. MiMi says:

    I have taken several sewing classes on Craftsy.com and have learned so many great techniques! I have been able to translate what I’ve learned into some side jobs sewing formal dresses for a friend’s daughter and I’ve been invited to teach a fiber arts sewing class at a local sewing shop. I love that I can take the classes at my convenience. Being able to ask questions and get a response from an instructor is extremely valuable to me, too. Sure, I might be able to find a free video somewhere online, but a structured course with class interaction and access to the instructor are well worth my time and money.