12 days of Craftsy: Day 4 Revealed

12 Days of Craftsy

It's Day 4 which means its time for another door to be opened, revealing a wonderful treat.

Day 4 of 12 Days of Craftsy

Today, you can enjoy learning on the go. Get Craftsy's free apps for iPad® and iPhone®, and get started right away with free classes and patterns!

Unleash your creativity with Craftsy! Find out how to bring ideas to life, for projects that make you proud. Get instant access to over 23 free mini-classes in photography, cooking, sewing and more, when you download the free Best New Craftsy iPhone ® App here now and iPad® here now.
Craftsy Knitting and Crochet Patterns App for iPhone is available for free download too! Find your next knitting and crochet projects in this free catalog of over 24,000 patterns from Craftsy independent designers. Download the best patterns from around the world, thousands of which are free, in an easy to use PDF format. Then access your patterns anytime, anywhere on your mobile device.



I would love for Craftsy to extend their App to those of us who have Android phones and devices. I really don’t want to change all my electronics over just to have an App for knitting, there are many out there and yes I can get my patterns via my downloads, but would be nice to know that my favorite crafting site is always with me!



Is there an app for Android tablets? I sure hope so, but have not found one. If I am missing something, please let me know how to access it.

Hugs, and stay warm!!!

Joanne Goodman

Are there any android apps planned? I would love to have these apps on my tablet.

Ellen Shaw

I think its so unfair to those of us that use android devices. We love Craftsy too!!

Mindy Jean Dahl

Oh yeah, tree and stocking patterns…would use hem

Cheryl Morris

Since I don’t have an I phone or Ipad, I would appreciate a craftsy app for DROID based devices.


please remember not everyone is on facebook nor do we own I-pnone, I-pad or other
‘smart’ electronic devices.

Charlene Ryan

Why are the apps only available in Apple I-phone or I-pad devices. Or do you have apps available on Google play for android devices?


Hi Charlene, Good question. Something is in the works for Android! Stay tuned!

Judy Bevilacqua

Would love an app for Android? Any possibilities?


Hi Judy, Thanks for your suggestion. I’m happy to let you know that something is in the works for Android! Stay tuned!


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