Pincushions: One Is Not Enough!

How many pincushions do you have? If you are like me, you have several sewing projects in the works that most likely involve fabrics of varying types and weights. Oftentimes, each requires a different kind of pin to do the job right.

I know when I am sewing with knits, I prefer to use ballpoint pins. For sewing bulky fabrics, like fleece or thick woolens, I pull my long quilting pins. And for lightweight sheers or delicate silks, I know I can rely on my best ultra-fine glass headed pins. Of course, my favorite general purpose pins are my glass headed, extra fine ones — not too long, not too fine and super duper sharp! They tend to glide through most fabrics with ease and can stand the heat of an iron.

Patterned Elephant Pincushion with Pins
 Elephant Pincushion via Craftsy member DatPixieGirl

As you can imagine, that’s a lot of pins. It’s easy to see why just one pincushion is not nearly enough. Having several filled with each variety of pins at the ready makes shifting from one project to another a breeze. I even keep a wrist pincushion on hand for when I’m fitting myself or a client. I keep all of my pincushions stored in a rolling supplies cart that sits right next to my sewing table.

Did I mention I also keep a pincushion to house needles for hand stitching? Well I do, and I can’t tell you how handy that is to have. No more threads twisted around pinheads creating a jumbled mess. When I need to do any hand stitching, needles are within reach and many are already threaded and ready to go.

I just love pincushions. They say so much about who we are. Not only are they a great way to express our creativity and individuality, they are fun and easy to make. And they can be fashioned into just about anything!

Craftsy has many fun pincushion patterns available. Here’s just a few of our favorites:

White Heart-Shaped Pin Cushions with Colorful Embroidery

Flourishing Heart

The FREE Flourishing Heart Pincushion pattern by Kim Jamieson-Hi is a perfect way to practice your hand embroidery. So sweet!

Pumpkin-Shaped Pin Cushions

Patchwork Pumpkins

The adorable Patchwork Pumpkin pattern by Retro Mama includes directions to make three different sized pumpkins, measuring 4-6″ tall. The little one would make a perfect pincushion for fall! Bonus: They can serve double duty as Halloween and Thanksgiving decor!

Felt Pincushions with Leaf Designs

Making a Berry

Or, you could get a jump start on your winter holiday crafts with the FREE Making a Berry pattern by Two Lucky Cats. December will be here before you know it, and the is a perfect quick project to whip up now. Colorful felt and beading transforms this simple-to-make pincushion from a sewing staple into something truly special. Make this as a gift for a fellow sewist or as an indulgence for yourself!

Pincushions Featuring Folk Art Inspired Designs

Folk Art Pincushions Pattern

Download the Folk Art Pincushions pattern by Indygo Junction and add artsy flair to your sewing room. These petite pincushions, which feature traditional folk motifs, are oh-so-charming.

Satin Pincushion with Red Rose

Puffed Rose Pincushion

Perfect for the dressmaker or a dressing table, this stunning Puffed Rose Pincushion pattern by Zoeshipcat makes the perfect handmade gift for any occasion.

Forest-Themed Pin Cushions

Woodland Sewing Set

This felt sewing set is too cute for words! The Woodland Sewing Set pattern by Betz White, instructor of the Craftsy class Project Upcycle: Thrifty Sewing Project, shares this whimsical project that not only includes directions on how to make a tree-stump pincushion, but also patterns for an adorable owl scissor case and toadstool to store your retractable tape measure.

Patterned Pear Pincushions

Pear Pincushion

The Pear Pincushion by Retro Mama is another fun and easy pattern by Retro Mama. Standing upright, it makes a great pincushion for an sewist, quilter or crafter.

Crocheted Cupcake Pincushions

Crochet Cupcake and Decorative Pins

There are lots of crocheting pincushion patterns available, too. Here, a pretty bowl of cupcakes becomes darling pincushions in this easy-to-crochet Crochet Cupcake pattern by Mari Martin. These would make a charming holiday gift for the quilters and sewists in your life! Done in miniature size, they add a little sweetness to any sewist’s workspace.

Crochet Amigurumi Owl Pincushions

Crochet Amigurumi Owls

Whooo’s that in my sewing room? The Crochet Owl Amigurumi pattern features an intricate yet easy-to-crochet owl design. They make great ornaments, too! Get the pattern.

Not familiar with Amigurumi design? You can learn more about this popular crochet art in the Craftsy Amigurumi design class, or get a great overview in our post What is Amigurumi?

Pincushions, in whatever style that fits your fancy, is an indispensable item no sewist can do without. How many you have is a matter of preference. Of course, keeping all of those different types of pins in their proper cushion at all times, well, that’s another matter.

Look for more helpful sewing tips and techniques at my blog Simply Sewing Studio.

How many pincushions do you have?


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I just love pincushions too, Linda. And what a surprise this morning to see my pincushion included in your beautiful selection. Thank you for a great start to the day!


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