1 Hour Project: Knit Flower

In the latest installment of 1 Hour Project, Stefanie Japel, instructor of the Craftsy class Knit Lab: In the Round, works up an adorable knit flower in no time at all. Download the free pattern here to create your own chic embellishment and use it to accessorize all your favorite apparel!

See the fun step-by-step tutorial here:

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Check out this free video tutorial on how to knit an adorable flower embellishment today!

What’s your favorite way to personalize knitwear?


Frances Calvert

I am assuming that KFB = knit front and back = making three stitches of one?

I haven’t tried it yet, just visualizing with eyes closed. The video was hard to follow for me (73 yr old).

Are there written out instructions? I taught myself to knit from a booklet at age 25, without seeing knitting in person, and watching video is not easy.

I’d like to make some for Church Bazaar. Young people might take to them.

Thank you,
Frances Calvert
Elgin, Texas


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