Introducing the Pattern Craftlet

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Wondering about those new Craftsy widgets in the sidebars of your favorite craft blogs? Well now can have one of your own, if you’re a Craftsy pattern designer that is!

Thanks to the hard work and creativity of Craftsy’s engineering team, we now have a widget that allows you to easily display select patterns from your Craftsy Pattern Store on your blog or Web site.

Several pattern designers have tested this widget over the past month, and we’ve collected enough feedback to make our first formal release today! Now, all pattern designers can use it!

By creating a Craftlet in your Craftsy account section and adding the Javascript to your site (easier than it sounds!), you will be able to choose certain patterns to display in a neat widget that looks like this:

Visitors to your blog or Web site are able to scroll within the widget, depending on how many patterns you choose to feature.

Each pattern displayed is clickable and will lead your visitor directly to that pattern’s sell page on Craftsy.

Keep in mind that you’re able to create multiple Craftlets in your account. This will come in handy if you have, for instance, holiday-themed patterns that you want to keep separate from your everyday patterns.

Many of your fellow designers have already seen amazing success with this little widget in the past few weeks while testing it, so please get on board and don’t miss out on your chance to sell more patterns!

Craftsy doesn’t charge any listing fees, transaction fees, or take commission for patterns. All the more reason to use the Craftlet as your primary channel for promoting your patterns! Make sure you display it in a prominent place on your blog.

If you are interested in the Craftlet, please read our Craftlet Tutorial, which explains how to create the Craftlet and place it on your blog and/or site. If you still have any questions regarding the Pattern Craftlet and installation after reading the tutorial, please feel free to contact

Important notes:

In the next few weeks, we will have functionality that gives you the option to put your Craftlet in landscape orientation, which is ideal when using the Craftlet in blog posts. There will also be high-resolution enhancements to the Craftlet pattern photos coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Please note that this widget can’t be embedded into sites such as Facebook or Ravelry, as well as any other sites you don’t have webmaster access to (including Craftsy). The best home for this little one is on a blog or Web site that you own.

Note: Free WordPress blogs do not support widgets, and therefore the Craftlet does not work on (it does work on paid blog sand most other major free blogs).

Testimonials from Craftlet testers

Wherever would you find someone to work for you 24/7, never complain about the long hours, advertise your products, and then not charge a cent? That’s what the Craftsy Pattern Craftlet has been doing for me since I installed it on my blog a few weeks ago. That trusty, loyal, little Craftlet has been sending people over to my pattern store and they must be liking what they see there because there have been lots of sales and downloads as a result! Thank you, Craftsy, for all the help you give to this Down-under Designer. – Val, Val Laird Designs

I was so excited when Craftsy introduced the idea of the Craftlet! I implemented it on my blog immediately…in mere minutes, in fact! It was very easy to do. It also allows me to share images of my patterns right there in my blog, which encourages readers to click through. I have it positioned fairly high on my sidebar so that readers notice it right away, without having to scroll too far down. I’ve been very pleased with the number of visitors clicking through. – Amy, During Quiet Time

I love the Craftlet. It’s a great way to showcase the patterns I have available in my Craftsy store all in one place. I had been looking for an option to share pattern pictures on my blog that linked directly to the Craftsy store — the Craftlet was just what I had in mind. People can see the patterns I have available at a quick glance and can click directly through to the store to download or purchase patterns. It’s a great way to advertise my patterns on my blog! – Kristy, Quiet Play

Happy crafting!


  1. Thank you so much for the new Pattern Craftlet. It’s exactly what I needed for my blog! Kelly

  2. Great new feature! Thank you Craftsy! You’re the best!

  3. I love this idea. Thank You Craftsy.

  4. I love this idea. Thank You Craftsy.