How to Make a Simple Fondant Rose

Sometimes simple is better! One beautiful sugar flower can bring a simple elegance to any birthday or wedding cake. This fondant rose is fast, easy and gorgeous. You will wow your customers and family with just a few minutes of work.

White Cake with Pink Rose
Photo via Wendy Woo Cakes

Here’s how to make simple and fun fondant roses:


White and Peach-Colored Fondant Logs

You will need:

  • A silicone mat or lightly dust a surface with powdered sugar
  • Fondant in any color you choose
  • A fondant roller
  • A sharp knife
  • A toothpick

Note: The amount of fondant you will need will be based on how large you want your flower to be. We are making a rather large flower, so I used about a handful of fondant. Roll the fondant out into a rope about 12” long, then cut the rope in half.


Fondant Rolled Out and Sliced with Knife

Step 1:

Roll one strip of fondant out so it is thin and uniform, then cut the top and bottom to make straight parallel lines. You do not need to measure, just freehand your cuts so they are almost straight. Also cut the sides so they are straight as well. You should end up with a very long rectangle

Hand Rolling Fondant into Beginning of Rose

Step 2:

Pick up one side of the fondant and role the fondant on itself — this is the center of your flower. Once you have rolled it on itself twice, begin to gather the fondant to make ruffles.

Hand Beginning to Ruffle Fondant RoseHand Adding Ruffled Texture to Fondant Rose

Step 3:

Continue gathering as you work your way around the flower. You will be accumulating a rather large mass of fondant at the bottom of the flower, but this is normal and we will tear it off when we are done.

Hand Displaying First Layer of Fondant Rose

Step 4:

Once you have gotten to the end of your fondant, you can decide if you would like to add more ruffles or leave it the way it is.

Fondant Rose Laying Next to Piece of Rolled-Out Fondant

Step 5:

If you decide to make it larger, roll out your second piece of fondant and repeat the process from where you ended. You can use sugar glue or alcohol to attach the strips of fondant together. The reason we do this in two strips rather than one large strip is that the large strip will begin to tear before we can finish the rose. I have tried it many times without luck.

Hand Attaching Second Layer of Fondant to Rose

Step 6:

Once you are finished with your fondant rose, tear off the big blob of fondant on the back.

Hand Displaying Finished Fondant Rose

Step 7:

Place your finished fondant rose straight onto your cake or stick a toothpick in and allow it to dry standing up in Styrofoam. You can also add luster dust to give it a little shine!

To learn more about working with fondant, check out Fondant Ruffles, Pleats and Drapes with Marsha Winbeckler or Designer Fondant Textures with Marina Sousa. Fondant Frills with Maggie Austin is also an incredible intro into the world of fondant ruffles.

And sign up for one of our awesome sugar flower classes to learn how to make an entire garden’s worth of sugar flowers, including peonies, orchids, magnolias and more!

What is your favorite fondant flower to make?



. Well explained.Thanks for the beautiful , simple rose. I am going to try this .


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