Make a Ring Around the Roses Cupcake

Posted by on Aug 12, 2013 in Cake Decorating | Comments

See how Ceri DD Griffiths, instructor of the online Craftsy class Contemporary English Over-Piping, makes a beautiful “Ring Around the Roses” cupcake in this week’s video episode of Project Cupcake.


Step 1: Using a rose tip and a parchment cone, pipe buds of royal icing onto a greased toothpick. Add three overlapping petals, and then five in the opposite direction to create miniature sugar roses.

Step 2: Stick the toothpick in Styrofoam and allow the roses to dry.

Step 3: Roll fondant in powdered sugar.

Step 4: Use graduated circle cutters to cut a fondant ring.

Step 5: Brush iced cupcake with a circle of sugar glue.

Step 6: Place fondant ring on top of cupcake.

Step 7: Combine gold luster dust and vodka.

Step 8: Carefully paint the fondant ring with the luster dust mixture.

Step 9: Pipe leaves on the inside of the fondant ring.

Step 10: Delicately place roses on top of leaves.

Step 11: Enjoy!

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What occasion will you make these pretty cupcakes for?


  1. That was just amazing.. Simple yet gorgeous… Amazing how we forget to use our piping tips more often…