Fast Knitting Project: Create a Rib & Cable Cowl

Make a stylish cowl designed by Stefanie Japel, instructor of the online Craftsy class Knit Lab with the latest episode of One Hour Project.

Download the FREE pattern here, and then learn how to bring it to life:

Step 1: Cast 84 sts on US 15 needle and join to work in the round.

Step 2: Work 10 rounds in k2 p2 ribbing.

Step 3: Begin cable round k2p2.

Step 4: C6L.

Step 5: p2.

Step 6: C6R.

Step 7: Rib to the end of the round.

Step 8: Work 10 rounds, knitting knits and purling purls.

Step 9: Cable again. k2p2 C6L p2 C6R rib to end.

Step 10: Work 10 rounds in rib.

Step 11: Cable again. k2p2 C6L p2 C6R rib to end.

Step 12: Work 10 rounds in k2 p2 ribbing.

Step 13: Bind off loosely in rib.

Step 14: It’s time for finishing touches: weave in ends, block and wear!

Who will you make this beautiful cowl for first?

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Sukhvinder kaur

I like &learn more with you very beautiful pattern &degion.


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