Fast, Easy Knitting Projects

I just can’t get enough of Craftsy’s quick knitting projects, especially in summer when I’m spending more time in the pool and less time with my knitting. (Wool at the pool is never a good idea. Trust me!) In cases like these, there’s nothing better than a fast knitting project to fulfill my itch to knit.

Here are a few of the fast knitting patterns I’ve had my eye on lately.

Cabled Lampshade Cozy
Cabled Lampshade Cozy
I’ve been trying to find a way to add more color to my living room, and I think these lampshade cozies are the perfect way to do that! This cabled cozy is one of my favorites, but Lavender Hill Knits has plenty more to choose from if cables aren’t your thing. What’s even better? They match my couch’s cabled throw pillows! And lampshades are small, so this will knit up in no time.
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Miya Shawl
Miya Shawl
I know I’m sitting at the pool, but this weather isn’t going to last long! We knitters gather winter knitting patterns like squirrels gather nuts, and this shawl is definitely on my list. I love that part of it is knit in stockinette stitch, but it still has a gorgeous edging. The stockinette stitch will help me knit the pattern even faster without constantly referring to the chart. When pool time ends, I’ll be ready for fall.
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Baby Crown
Royal Baby Crown
While we anticipate the arrival of the new royal baby (tick tock, Kate!), I’m going to be knitting up these fast little baby crowns for upcoming baby gifts. They work for both baby boys and girls, depending on the color you choose. Go for white if you’re not sure what the sex of the baby is. (Speaking of, any bets on the royal baby’s gender?) Beginners who want to try this pattern should be familiar with basic shaping techniques like Make 1 and K2tog.
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Colorful Knit Cupcakes
Knitted Cupcakes
These cupcakes are too adorable! I can see myself knitting up a whole set of these and using them for different things. They can be anything from decorations in my kitchen to holiday ornament gifts later in the year. Because this is small and isn’t a wearable, I can pull nearly any yarn from my stash to make it.
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Tie Cloche
Millie Side Tie Cloche
Despite the fact that I always look horrible in hats, I love to knit them. I’ve had this cloche on my to-knit list for a while, and I think now’s a good time to try it!  The stitches are basic, but I like how they look with the side tie and the buttons. This pattern has instructions in three sizes — very much appreciated by those of us with big hair!
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Some of these fast, easy patterns require a bit of knowledge beyond knit and purl. Check out Knit Lab: Projects, Patterns & Techniques with Stefanie Japel if you’d like to step up your knitting — or just brush up on the basics one more time. It will make your knitting go even faster!

Do you have any fast, easy knitting patterns on  your list for this summer?

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I really like to knit phone socks, e-reader sleeves and tablet covers if I’m looking for something quick. Any spare are great fir gifts, or you could sell on Ebay.


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