Create Cute Cow Face Cupcakes

Learn how to make cute cow face cupcakes alongside Sharon Wee, instructor of the online Craftsy class Cake Topper Techniques: Fondant Animals, in just 10 simple steps.

Watch now to discover the secrets to creating these adorable cupcakes:

Step 1: Begin with 1 white fondant-covered cupcake.

Step 2: Draw edible marker spots.

Step 3: Roll pink fondant, and flatten it into a round snout shape.

Step 4: Use your waterbrush to lightly moisten the snout.

Step 6: Attach the snout to the top of the cupcake.

Step 7: Make nostrils by forming 2 holes with the other end of your waterbrush.

Step 8: Shape 2 fondant tear drops, then flatten them, and attach them to the cupcake with water.

Step 9: Roll fondant into 2 horn shapes, and attach them to the cupcake with water.

Step 10: Don’t forget the eyes! Roll 2 small pieces black fondant into circular shapes and attach them to the cupcake with water.

What occasion will you first make these cow face cupcakes for?

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