The Right Angles Panel Giveaway

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Today’s blog post is brought to you by talented longarm quilter, author, and Craftsy instructor Angela Walters.

I can hardly believe that it’s been almost a year since I started planning my first Craftsy class, Machine Quilting Negative Space. It was my first experience of teaching on camera and the class turned out better than I could have imagined.

When we (Craftsy and I) began the process of putting the class together, I immediately knew that I wanted to incorporate quilt panels into the class. I think that practicing quilting on a quilt top or a quilt panel helps a quilter learn machine quilting even quicker!

I was thrilled that the awesome people at Craftsy were on board and we moved forward on the idea. As a part of the class, I designed three different panels and used them during the filming. Designing those panels was my first experience in designing fabric, and I quickly realized that I loved it.

Once the class was released, the feedback about the quilt panels was overwhelmingly positive. I took that encouragement and decided to see if I could design a quilt panel as a part of a fabric collection. I was completely ecstatic when Art Gallery Fabrics agreed to release it as a part of my debut fabric line Textures.

We decided to take the quilt panel idea and tweak it just a bit, the result is the Right Angles Quilt panel.

right angles panel

The Right Angles panel is divided into two sections, totaling a yard. One half of it is a modern quilt panel and the other half is a coordinating print. This allows a quilter to use it as the front and back of a quilt, so that they can get right to the quilting.

Even though I designed the Right Angles quilt panel as a way to practice machine quilting, it can be way more than that. I like to think of it as a jump start to your project. Cutting it apart and using it in different ways allows for a multitude of fun projects.

For instance, you can use several panels to make a larger quilt.

textured FRAMES
Textured Frames is a free quilt pattern available here.

Or use it to make a minimalist looking quilt like Alex did!


Fractions by Alex Ledgerwood

Of course, you don’t have to make a quilt, use it to give your projects a patchwork look.

apron bag bathrobe

Bathrobe pieced by Mandy Leins 

But nothing gets inspiration flowing like free fabric. Three lucky winners will each win a Right Angles quilt panel and their choice of one Craftsy class! To enter for a chance to win all you need to do is register or sign in on Craftsy by clicking here, then comment on the blog and tell me what you would make with it, by June 1, 2013. We will pick the lucky winners on June 2, 2013.

The Make it Right Challenge!

I am so excited to team up with Craftsy and Art Gallery Fabrics to present the Make It Right Challenge. We want to see what kind of creative and original items can be made using the panel. Here is your chance to let your creativity shine and maybe even win some cold, hard cash while you are at it!


Check out the FAQs for deadlines and more information about the challenge. Look for the panel at your local quilt shop or online stores! Happy Quilting!

Written by Angela Walters: I’m a longarm quilter, author, and teacher living on the outskirts of Kansas City with my husband, three children, and many, many quilts. I first stumbled into quilting at the side of my husband’s grandfather, and together we made my first quilt: a nine-patch that is still on my bed today. Thousands of feathers and swirls later, I have turned my love of stitches and fabric into a thriving business focused on modern machine quilting. 


  1. Sarina says:

    I would make a wall hanging out of that stunning fabric.

  2. Connie Tessier says:

    I would use the panel for a quilt and fill it using the techniques from your class. The coordinating print would be perfect to cut sections for practice before moving on the the main panel. Would love to win it!

  3. Chriss says:

    I love this panel. It is hard to imagine limiting myself to one thing that I might make with it. I see a coordinating set – tote, bag, clutch, eyeglass cover, wallet . . The possibilities are endless.

  4. Anna H says:

    I love the idea of the minimalist quilt. I have been wanting to make just such a quilt for the warmer months. These colors would be perfect, thanks for the chance

  5. Kathy Davidson says:

    The panels look like a great idea. I might use them to make throw pillows.

  6. kay holm says:

    I am practicing my skills in designing and machine quilting, and being a beginner in both, I would love to see what I could do with the panel…

  7. Paula says:

    I love the purse made with the panel! I think I would like to try that.

  8. Sandy Streifel says:

    I love the “Textured Frames” pattern. I would use the panel as part of a larger quilt.

  9. Annette says:

    When I saw this fabric I knew just what I would like to do with it. We recently moved to this farming suburb of Portland, OR and have met some wonderful people. One in particular is a woman who spends her days helping other people, free of charge, on her own time. She visits their homes and offers help and a listening ear when they want to talk and is of great comfort to many people. Yesterday, I was having coffee with her and she was telling me of her trying to do a patio garden of vegetables at her small home in mobile home park. She admired an apron of similar colors to this panel that was on display while we were sitting there. I knew right then I was going to make her a gardening apron of these very colors. This panel seems to lend itself to this project. With an accent of embroidery personalizing it and chunky pockets for her tools this will be perfect!

    1. Nonnie says:

      WHEN I make aprons I use laminated fabrics for the front panel keeps the water / dirt from soaking though and soiling my clothes… just a thought … does this fabric come laminated?


  10. Karen Watkins says:

    I’d use the fabric panel to practice my free-motion quilting skills. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Barbara says:

    I might make a table runner and placemats with the panel.

  12. Jan Jones says:

    I would make a reversible purse if I hade that fabric? It’s so pretty!

  13. Brita says:

    I need this panel to use with Angela’s program! But I think it would be a cool way of making cool mod placemats, since those are my colors ;-)

  14. Isabel says:

    I like that bathrobe!! I would make that or maybe a reversible skirt!

  15. Sue Bone says:

    I’d make a weekender bag with the panel. Or at least try to.

  16. Seema says:

    I have a room which I am trying to change and design with contemporary patterns…this would be a perfect to make some wall hangings, baskets etc for my sewing room..thanks for the giveaway:)

  17. Janice Hillman says:

    I would make a beautiful purse.

  18. Janice Hillman says:

    or maybe a wall hanging.

  19. Bobbie says:

    Wow! so many ideas–a quilt, pillows, purse or bag, a sundress, a wallhanging–I’m not sure what I’d maike. I’d probably just pet it for a while, as I’m trying to decide. What? You don’t pet your fabric?

  20. azdew says:

    I would like to use the panel to construct a quilt for Linus Project for older teens. So many baby quilts are made and very few for the older kids. It would work for both girls or boys. Thank you.

  21. Donna Ochs says:

    I think I would love to make some type of a mixed media art project out of the fabric. I would be so inspiring to use as a foundation from which to build.

  22. Catherine says:

    I would try one of those reversible totes, or possibly a baby quilt.

  23. Ronda Halvorsen-Ferns says:


  24. Linda says:

    I loved your feathers class and would like to say I would use it for more feather practice; but since my sewing room needs curtains and the colors in this piece are perfect, it just might turn into window dressing.

  25. Janet M says:

    I think it would make an interesting table runner and placemats. I really like to change up my table look and this would be very different than anything I’ve used before. Thanks for the chance!

  26. Debra P says:

    I would like to make the apron with it!

  27. Gene Black says:

    I would love to use this to make a quilt that is somewhat traditional on one side but totally modern on the other side.

  28. Kiry says:

    Angela, this is a brilliant idea! I really love the quilt you show by Alex Legerwood – I’d like to make something like that with the panel on the back.

  29. Sarah Eheart says:

    I would love to use the fabric to practice doing different free motion stitches on both the panel and the other piece. Thanks for the contest.

  30. SewCalGal says:

    I think I’d like to do free-motion quilting on this panel and turn it into a table topper or a wallhanging.


  31. Barbara Lasky says:

    I love the minimalist look of the panels. I think I would use them to make a lap quilt.

  32. Isa says:

    I think this pattern really makes a beautiful quilt, so i don’t think i would make anything else..

  33. Deana says:

    I am dying to cut this up into a cute tunic for my little one!

  34. sherri wolters says:

    if i won this I would probably do a pillow or maybe a tote bag sure would love to win

  35. Marie Gilkey says:

    Oh I see curtains from the panel, one on each side and fill in with your material for width and length. have a granddaughter that would love this.

  36. Sue says:

    I’m into making bags at the moment so I’d incorporate somehow into a big tote

  37. Sharon says:

    I would make reversible oven mitts with this panel.

  38. Diane says:

    I love making prayer quilts. I see a calming quilt here!

  39. Kgrammiecaz says:

    This fabric is really cool. I would love to use it as a table topper and as a great place to practice some free motion quilting.

  40. WyoDi says:

    I just saw a technique online for twisted rose, giving one’s project, be it a quilt or something else great dimension. I’d love to make a purse using that technique in a color that coordinates with the Right Angels panel!!

  41. Loretta O' says:

    I collect aprons. I have some of my grandmother’s aprons. I would like to make one for my daughter who has made a few aprons herself.

  42. Melody says:

    I would like to appliqué the designs from the left side of the panel onto a turquoise rectangle of fabric. I would use the right hand side for the back. I would use the unused fabric from the left side to make a corded binding. This would make a fabulous pillow and the designs would provide inspiration for my free motion quilting. Some trapunto practice wouldn’t look bad either.

  43. Thunder says:

    I would use the panel to practice free motion quilting, then I would make a tote bag with it. Ilove the colors and the design.

  44. Madeleine says:

    I’d make a quilt to practice quilting on because I need A LOT of practice!

  45. Pam says:

    I love these colors and would like to make a quilted jacket. Who wouldn’t want to wear a quit?

  46. Joanne Wilcox says:

    It is an interesting thing that we quilter’s do, take a beautiful piece of fabric, cut it up and make a quilt with it, which is exactly what I would do!

  47. Pat says:

    I love the idea of the tote. It would be fun to make and fun to use.

  48. Ann says:

    I’ve been trying to think of a graduation gift for a niece and a panel might be perfect. I could have the kids sign in the white areas at the party and then I would get to practice fmq by circling or boxing the signatures and swirling or pebbling around the shapes. And I get out of a lot of prep work of cutting pieces for them to sign.

  49. Linda says:

    I would use the Right Angles Panels for a simple central quilt top panel surrounded with negative space and wild matching pillow cases with the smaller print. Oh I can see it now.

  50. Rosemary says:

    This wonderful fabric, after filling in with beautiful quilting, would look great on an upholstered chair. One found at a flea market.

  51. Linda Fleming says:

    I like the idea of having the front and back as a panel.

  52. Donna says:

    I am determined, yet terrified, to practice machine quilting! I would start small, with a hot pad, then maybe a pillow top (it would match my bed perfectly) then on to a table runner. Eventually I would get up my courage to use this wonderful pattern for an actual quilt! I should be well practiced by then. :)

  53. Ruth Shelton says:

    Sorry, I would still have to make a quilt out of it or a bed runner. Colors are perfect for the summer and for my guest bedroom. Would also, Like to Trim some handtowels for guests to give it a spa type look. Love the colors and the nice clean lines of the geometric shapes. Thank you for a chance to win.

  54. Diana M says:

    The possibilities are endless! Pillows or a table runner or a wall hanging… I’d have to wait and see what the fabric tells me it should be!

  55. Jane says:

    I would make an artsy tote bag to carry my hand quilting. Thanks for the chance.

  56. Betty drake says:

    I would like to enter the contest

  57. Kathleen says:

    I could get some good free motion quilting practice in on this fabric and then turn the results into some nice floor cushions!

  58. Debra Lee says:

    This would be great for an improv quilt!

  59. Gill says:

    A great panel!
    I’d make a picnic quilt!

  60. margaret Schindler says:

    I would use the panel to practice learning the techniques taught by Angela in her class. Then I would bind it and frame it so I could keep going back to the designs and practicing them.

  61. kelly o! says:

    I love these panels – I’d make a picnic blanket and matching tote bag!

  62. Laura G says:

    I would make a quilt of some kind out of it since I need to practice my quilting and we never seem to have enough blankets around here.

  63. Marjorie says:

    I would make placemats for my daughters new apartment, aqua is her favorite color and the smaller project will give me a good size to practice modern quilting patterns.

  64. Josie Aune says:

    I love this so much and would quilt it as I learned from your Craftsy classes and then I would keep it and put it on my bed because I would want to see it everyday! Love your classes and all your fabrics the Spoonlower ones too!

  65. Josie Aune says:

    *Spoonflower fabrics. . Oops

  66. Geraldine Wilkins says:

    I am in the middle of making as many pillowcase dresses as I can in the next couple of weeks. The dresses are for children in Haiti who are still living in tent cities after the earthquake. The needs are great.

    I think this fabric design would make a beautiful dress. The modern quilt pattern would be the front and the coordinating print would be the back and ties over the shoulder.

  67. Jasmine Liska says:

    I’ve never quilted before (and am excited to try it out!), so I’d start with something small. Since the colours and pattern matches my dining room chairs, I’d love to use the panel to make placemats or napkins!

  68. Ramona says:

    I’m in a middle of a project for this challenge. I’m playing with hexagons made of sliced panels and solids. Thanks for the chance to win.