How to Make Modeling Chocolate with Candy Melts

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Modeling chocolate can change your life! If you haven’t tried it, you need to. It is simple to make, easy to use and tastes great! It holds up better than fondant and stays pliable longer giving you more time to create the masterpieces you dream up.

Supplies for making modeling chocolate

Here is what you will need to make modeling chocolate:

  • 20 oz. Candy Melts, chocolate or chocolate chips
  • 6 oz. Corn Syrup
  • Microwave safe bowl
  • Spatula
  • Shortening (used for melting the candy melts, if needed)

Lauren Kitchens, gives a slightly different recipe in her Craftsy online cake decorating class, Intro to Modeling Chocolate, but if you convert the units, it is almost identical. However, she does show in great detail how to make modeling chocolate and what not to do, which is incredibly helpful and I would highly recommend her amazing class!

Measure Candy Melts

Let’s begin! First, measure out your candy melts and melt them according to package instructions. Then learn how to melt candy melts here.

Make Modeling Chocolate

Once your candy melts are melted, measure out your corn syrup.

Corn Syrup

Pour the corn syrup directly onto the melted candy melts, then using your spatula stir making sure to scrape the sides and fold inward.

Pour Syrup for Modeling Chocolate

The corn syrup will seize the chocolate or candy melts and turn it into a soft clay like sugar dough. It is incredibly important to not over mix the modeling chocolate, it will separate and fall apart. Lauren Kitchens says that you do not need to mix any more than about 20 times before you are finished mixing.

Corn Syrup Candy Melts

Once you have finished mixing, take the modeling chocolate out of the bowl and wrap it in plastic wrap overnight. It needs time to cool and set up.

Chill Modeling Chocolate

In the morning, unwrap it and knead it to turn it into a soft dough. Remember, heat is the enemy of modeling chocolate, not air. If your modeling chocolate is getting too warm in your hands, set it down and let it cool before continuing to work with it.

Now you are ready to create new and exciting cake toppers, innovative designs, modeled figures and flowers. Your limits are endless with this amazing medium! Come back to the Craftsy blog tomorrow to learn how to color your modeling chocolate.


  1. vicki says:

    Just wondering what the UK equivalent to corn syrup is? Thanks

    1. caramel ruffles says:

      glucose or golden for the uk , however when I was doing my shopping online , Tescos have started an American grocery section with corn syrup and crisco !! albeit a bit expensive but its there ! whatever next ? rice crispy treats lol

  2. earthmothermo says:

    Today I have learnt something new. Thank you so much . will try it .
    but what is the equivalent to corn syrup in the UK?
    Have a blessed and bright day
    Earthmothermo x

  3. Suzanne says:

    Try using Golden Syrup, it’s generally close enough. Corn syrup is just a sweet syrup, but Golden Syrup should be fine, maybe even taste better.

  4. Nadine Kirkpatrick says:

    Use glucose syrup instead of corn syrup. You can get it in the supermarkets

  5. Jacklanna says:

    glucose syrup can be used to replace corn syrup.

  6. Symantha says:

    As long as you don’t over mix this comes out perfect every time. I make this very often!

  7. kathryn says:

    TRhis is my new best friend, Made some cute animal cake toppers out of modeling chocolate and it was a dream to work with. The cake is for a baby shower on Saturday. will post pics soon

  8. Kim says:

    You can buy Karo Corn syrup on

  9. camilla says:

    Asda does glucose liquid would this be a suitable substitute?

  10. Heather Clements says:

    Please tell us that is not a wooden spoon you’re using in the photos! Wooden spoons and melted chocolate just don’t mix, so to speak! Residual moisture in the spoon will cause the chocolate to “seize”, or solidify into a ruined hopeless mass. Voice of sad experience, here!

    1. Wendy says:

      That is a silicone spoon, not a wooden spoon:) You do make a good point and I appreciate it. Thanks!

  11. Brianne says:

    Just wondering how much modeling chocolate this recipe yields or what you have been able to create with just one batch? Thanks!

  12. Christina says:

    :( weighed all of my ingredients, only mixed 20 strokes, big greasy mess. No bueno. Maybe too much corn syrup, maybe the candy melts were too hot, not sure, but I’m totally bummed!

    1. Wendy says:

      It could be that your chocolate was too hot. Here is a link to a recent Craftsy article to help troubleshoot problems with modeling chocolate. I hope this helps! Good luck!