Free Pattern Friday Quilting: Free Machine Quilting Patterns and More

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As if Fridays weren’t already great enough, now they’re even better! Each Friday, Craftsy brings you a batch of free patterns. Today, we’ve got a fun batch of free quilting patterns, including a fantastic free machine quilting pattern. Check these out, download what you like, and make sure you stop by next Friday, when we’ll have a whole other round of free quilting patterns!


Free Quilting Patterns
Star Block Quilting Pattern

This free Boston Star Block pattern from the Eric Homemade Design Studio is positively striking! We think it’s perfect for a wall-hanging, a bedspread, or table runner. Or anything else you can think of!

Free Quilting Pattern
Free Machine Quilting Pattern

This free Placemats with a Difference machine quilting pattern by Stitching Times is the perfect way to quilt something to adorn your table! It adds warmth to modern furnishings and depth to traditional/antique ones.

Free Quilting Pattern
Free Baby Quilt Pattern

Here’s a wonderful free quilting pattern for you quilters who love babies (which would be, roughly, all of us)! It’s the lovely free Charming Pachyderm Baby Quilt pattern from Happy Dance Quilting. It’s whimsical and fun, and just as exciting as a storybook!

Free Quilting Patterns
Free Paper-Piecing Quilt Pattern

Quilt something that pays homage to quilting itself with this free Classic Sewing Machine pattern by Sewhooked. What a tribute!

Free Quilting Pattern
Free Easy Block Quilting Pattern

If you’re looking for a super-easy, super-fast pattern that makes something that’s, simply, super, then you should definitely consider this free Free-Form Five Patch pattern by Doe’s Designs.

There will be more free quilting patterns next Friday, so be sure to come see us again!


  1. Scheri Manson says:

    I would like to thank these very generous designers for their free friday patterns.

  2. Rosalee says:

    Great patterns, thanks so much!!

  3. Lillian Tucker says:

    love your quilt patterns.

  4. Gloria B says:

    It is really super to have these free patterns for us new quilters as it helps us to be able to buys the tools we need to get going and your classes are the best! Thanks so much.

  5. Romah says:

    Love looking at the patterns. I only do hand quilting and these give me ideas!

  6. Romah says:

    Love checking out the patterns. I make my quilts by hand quilting.

  7. sarah says:

    Lovely to get something free

    thanks a bunch!!

  8. Gerri says:

    Thank you to these generous designers for the free Friday patterns. Looking forward to next week!!