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Marie Bostwick

If you're a quilter, chances are you've heard of author Marie Bostwick, as she has written ten books, five of which involve quilting: the Cobbled Court series. Though she lives in rural Connecticut, in a town very similar to the fictional village of New Bern, the setting of the popular Cobbled Court Quilt novels, she made the time to drop by our Denver office for a chat. Read on to discover Marie's inspirations, quilting history, and all about her new book. Then be sure to enter the giveaway for your chance to win signed copies of all 5 books in the Cobbled Court series.

We think we already know the answer to this, but are you a quilter?

Yep, I've been a quilter myself for twenty-five years. I enjoy dabbling in all quilting styles but work mostly in traditional and foundation piecing.

When did you decide to pick up quilting and why?

Well I was about 24 years old when I started. And to be completely honest it was to get away from my two small children! I needed something to occupy my mind and an outlet for my creativity.

What do you enjoy about quilting?

There's so much I enjoy about quilting. It lets me be creative and artistic, even though I don't really think of myself that way. I also really love the camaraderie. I love the instant connection I have with people that I meet, whom are also quilters; right off the bat we have something we can talk about.

Are you in any local quilting groups?

No unfortunately I travel too much for that, but I do have an online quilting circle. I started it about 3 years ago, and originally we just did swaps, but it grew to a place where we now do retreats. We have now had 3 retreats. I think our last retreat had 25 people with 8-10 different states represented!

You mentioned you're taking some classes on Craftsy, tell us more about that.

I am indeed. I'm currently watching Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine and Stupendous Stitching. I really love the concept of Craftsy, particularly that you can re-watch the class anytime, and even repeat the past 30 seconds so easily- because I don't always get it on the first go-round.

Tell us about your new book, Between Heaven and Texas. How is it different or similar to the others in the Cobbled Court series?

While this book, which will be available on May 1st,  is the fifth book in the series, you really don't have to read the other books to understand and love it. It's a prequel and in that sense can totally stand alone. This story revolves around a character that has made cameos in my other books: Mary Dell Templeton. She's the best friend of Evelyn, who owns the quilt shop. Mary Dell , who I think of as "the Paula Dean of quilting and more" is my all time favorite character.  She's brassy, sassy, hilarious, and a brilliant quilter.  There's just one thing she lacks as a quilter - taste.  Mary Dell has none.  Not an ounce.  But Howard,  her adult son with Down syndrome has a brilliant color sense, and as such they are the perfect duo.
Between Heaven and Texas, set in the early 80s, goes back to explore Mary Dell's early history as she struggles with issues of love, marriage, infertility, motherhood and how to define herself as a woman, entrepreneur, and artist.  Of course, there's a whole lot of quilting going on in the story, but these broader themes are what make this book relevant to readers of every stripe.

Where do your awesome ideas for your books come from?

This is hard to explain but generally a character just walks into my head. I usually just sit with the character for a while, learning more about her- sometimes for months before I even write anything.

What do quilters say about your books?

Quilters of tell me that the experiences of characters in my books, have really played out in their lives.

So what does the future hold? Tell us more about your plans for your next book.

I really wanted to take a year off and just quilt. So I took that idea and ran with it. I'm now writing about a character that has stepped back from her life and is finally doing the things she put off. In a way I am living vicariously through this character.

Be sure to check out Marie's events schedule to see if she'll be in your town as she tours the country and sign up as one of her reading friends to receive free quilting patterns! Then head here to enter the giveaway for a chance to win signed copies of all 5 books in the Cobbled Court series. One lucky winner will be selected by April 11, 2013.  And stay tuned as we'll have another giveaway with advanced reader copies of her upcoming book, Between Heaven and Texas in April.

Update: We randomly selected a winner! Congrats Carol Martineau from New Hampshire.



I love reading books about quilting. I haven’t read these yet, so winning these would be awesome!

Mary C in WA

I have read her previous books. She doesn’t come near where I live so I’d love to have Autographed copies of them all!

Susi Boyles

Oh wonderful!!!! I would love love love one of your books:)

Glenna in TX

Thanks for all the classes and opportunities to learn. Now the chance to wind Marie’s books, what a great deal.


Just getting into this delightful hobby for the past year. I would LOVE one of her books. I’m sure the inspiration is amazing!


I made my first quilt several years ago and hadn’t attempted it again until this past year. I had several quilt blocks that my granddaughter did when she was little. I put them together and made a quilt for her for Christmas. She is now 24 yrs old and thought her quilt squares had been thrown away during the time her mom and dad moved form their old house to their new one. Seeing her surprise and how much she loved her quilt has inspired me to make quilts for all of my grandchildren. I would love to win one of your books

Rebecca Keith

love quilting series novels, have read some of your work and really enjoy it, would love to have these, I have been a quilter for a long time, started when I was a child, really got into it as an adult and now fill a lot of my spare time with quilting …thank you for sharing your talents with us.


Love this website, I have learned so much. Winning this book would be wonderful. Good luck all.

Connie Bonne

I love quilting and reading. I would love the opportunity to enjoy both at the same time.


I have to admit….while I was reading the Cobbled Court Series, I didn’t get a lot of quilting done. Couldn’t put them down. Ready for that next book to ‘give me a break’. 🙂

Sharon Kellie

Marie is an amazing author excellent writer once u start reading her books you can hardly wait for the next one I would be honored to have signed copies of her books. This grama would be overjoyed couldn’t get a better gift. Love Books especially this author one of my favorites.

Michele T

I would love to win her books… Awesome giveaway!!! Thank you for the opportunit!!

judy hoggan

Love books about quilting. I will need to look for these.

sheri Kerley

i would love to win these books. love to learn about quilting.

Cindi Pope

I haven’t read any of her books. Would love a chance to try them out. I love quilting and love reading about quilters.

Shirley in Canada

will love reading this new book!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

Mary Anne Law

Very excited to have a chance to win these great books!!!

Elaine Edmonds

Would love to have these books. I enjoy reading and anything about quilting would be great

Gwen Jaeger

Would love to win your books, Marie, and in the meantime, I will be looking for them.

joanne boston

I met Marie at JEllens House of Fabric in Cleveland, OH. She is delightful!

Frieda Christianson

That would “polish my days off” just perfectly. You know, of course that daylight hours are for quilting. The night is for reading about quilting! Frieda C.

Laurie Sanders

really enjoy your books – thanks for a chance to win 🙂


I started quilting about 24 years ago when I retired from my job.


This is a great series of books. Currently waiting my turn at the library to get book 3. so I would be thrilled to get these!

patsy main

I am still learning to quilt and love to read stories about quilters


I am a librarian and I am anxiously waiting Marie’s new book. I love them and so do lots of our patrons!

Lynda Chapleau

I love these books, they have actually inspired me to try my hand at quilting! I am on the last book in the series and I sure hope that there will be more!!

Rebecca woodworth

I’ve read a cople of the series, but would still love to own autographed copies.

Rebecca woodworth

The last comment should have read I’ve read a couple books in the Cobbled Court Series, but would still like a set that is autographed. Thank you

Inger Martinson

I read a lot but I haven’t come across Marie Bostwick’s books yet. They seem quite interesting!

susan schoolcraft

Have been waiting for the next nook in this series… looking forwRd to reading it. Series like hers and Jennifer Chiavanni’s Elm Creek series finally got me to try my hand at quilting this winter. Sure wish I had started when I was younger lol

Sherill V

I have the Cobble Court series and am eagerly waiting Between Heaven and Texas!
I am a quilter.


This series sounds like a lot of fun! Can’t wait to read it.

Virginia O'Donnell

I read a lot and belong to a Quilt/Book group where we all read the same book and make a quilt every three months that portrays some idea that we got from reading a particular book for that time period. The reveals are incredible because each persons results are so different from the others and in the last four years, the quality of the work has really grown. I’d love to get these books–perhaps at least one of them might become our chosen book.


I have read all of the cobbled court series and really enjoyed them so much I am looking forward to the new book coming in May. I highly recommend the books.

Mildred Plaskett

I am a reader and a beginner quilter. Have not read any of Marie’s books and would love to win the book set. Thanks for the chance.


I’m a longtime quilter and reader, but only recently found quilt-related novels … would LOVE to win Marie’s new book ! Thanks for the giveaway !!


I’ve not seen these books; they sound interesting. I’d love to be included.


Our library has the Cobbled Court books in audio as well as print editions. I’ve listed to A Single Thread and began A Thread of Truth immediately. The narration is excellent! They are a perfect accompaniment so I can “read with my ears” as I sew. Of course, I’d be happy to win the set in paper, too!

Rita "Mama T"

I began quilting just 2 1/2 years ago after the death of a high school classmate, Sharon, who was a twin. Both Sharon and her twin sister Susan, were quilters. When Sharon was in the hospital, she received a prayer quilt from the hospital pastoral care dept. through “Quilts of Compassion”. In Sharon’s honor, I began learning to quilt and am getting better all the time. I read the first 3 books of the Cobbled Court Quilt series and just loved them. What a delightful world, the world of quilters!


I have heard of her books, living in Tx I would be honored to read her books and to learn from them and pay it forward. I make quilts for charity as I have no large family, and these books would enhance their lives by me sharing the info, and the lovely quilts as gifts. Thank you for offering these, i began quilting about 6 yrs ago as a way to help others. My bee would enjoy these as well.

Jeanne Miro

I loved making a quilt for my first grandson and I never would have even thought to do it if it weren’t for having just read one of Marie’s book first! That one quilt is still being used but now by my third grandchild!

Thanks Marie! I love your books!


I love homemade quilts. My grandmother was a quilter so my interest was ignited early. The quilt show in Houston, Texas, is unbelievable. I remember my daughter and I attending and thinking we could see it in a few hours. You caan’t see that show in a day!

Mary Calhoun

Thank you for the opportunity. Clicked on the link above and entered the contest.

Maxie Anderson

It would be so neat to win this series. Love the Title of her newest book, living in Texas. I’ve on made two quilts, A baby quilt and a queen-sized quilt for my son’s wedding. But tho I embroidered on some of the blocks, it was a tied quilt. But, I was very proud of them. I used to watch my mother and grandmother quilt. The times I’ve tried, pricked my finger too many times. Would be having a bloody quilt. I can sew whatever as long as I can just hold it in my hand, but when I have to stick the needle through without seeing what I’m doing. But, I love beautiful quilts. Maxie

Mary Chevalier

I have never read any quilt related novels it would be nice to have one to read.

Julie Fukuda

I have just begun reading the first book through the Quilters Book Club at Starwood Quilter.
Just as a quilter can never stop with just one quilt, a reader can never stop with the first book.
I would be so happy to win even one more.

Jeanne J.

I’ve always enjoyed reading “quilting” fiction. It would be great to win five new booked!

Gladys Paradowski

Hi, Marie! Have you ever visited the quilt show in Houston. I love it!


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