Not Your Mother’s Cross Stitch Patterns

Confession: I am not super crafty. Odd, I know, coming from someone who works at Craftsy, but it’s the truth. I tend to like the idea of handmade better than actually hand-making something. There is one craft, however, that is the exception to this rule - cross stitch.

One of the reasons I love cross stitch so much is how much fun it can be to create something super personal, especially when it is unexpected and non-traditional in such a traditional craft. There is a growing trend in the cross stitch world where creative and crazy cross stitch patterns are becoming more common. Ranging from quirky to vulgar to random, there is seemingly no limit to what can be (and probably has been) cross stitched these days.

If you’re looking to try something new with your cross stitching, check out these quirky, niche, and ironic patterns from our own Craftsy members.


Gangham Style Cross Stitch
Gangham Style Cross Stitch


Craftsy designer ComaStitch taps into the viral K-Pop hit Gangnam Style with this free cross stitch pattern of singer Psy doing his now iconic dance move.

Pixel People Star Wars A New Hope

Craftsy designer weelittlestitches provides cross stitch patterns for fans of popular fantasy, sci-fi, and pop-culture characters. From Star Wars and Harry Potter to The Breakfast Club and Labrynith, there is a collection of cross stitch patterns for just about everyone.

Caffein Molecule Cross Stitch
Craftsy designer Acts of Craftiness combines science and art with cross stitch patterns of molecules and witty sayings.


My favorite part about creative cross stitching is that you can create something truly personal for your loved ones, no matter what their interests may be. With more quirky, niche, and funky cross stitch patterns being sold by indie designers, you never have to think, “If only I could figure out how to cross stich all 11 Doctors...”

Have you made any creative cross stitch? Share your most fun project in the comments!


Sharon Poole

I’m looking for funny crafter counted cross stitch patterns. can you help me?

Sharon Poole

looking for cross stitch pattern of funny knitting pics to cross stitch on totes or shirts


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