Amigurumi Projects and Patterns: Crochet Trends

When it comes to crochet, you can make a lot of different stuff. From elegant shawls and stylish scarves to hip accessories and tasteful home decor. But if you’re looking to make something cute, soft, huggable, and sure to get people asking all kinds of questions, then you’ve got to check out Amigurumi! Japanese in origin, Amigurumi is a specific kind of crochet that has the crafter crocheting creatures then stuffing them, which results in a toy, or piece of decor. They frequently have a whimsical, almost cartoonish quality that kids and adults both love. Here at Craftsy, we can’t get enough of Amigurumi, which is why have two classes dedicated to it, Amigurumi: Woodland Animals and Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster. Apparently, many of you members of our Craftsy community share our love for Amigurumi, as you’ve been uploading absolutely awesome projects. In this post, we wanted to feature some of our favorite Amigurumi projects, and share some excellent Amigurumi patterns from our very own Craftsy Pattern Marketplace to help you get started!

First, have a look at these projects:

Amigurumi Bear Amigurumi Bowling Set Amigurumi Sleepy Fox
Amigurumi Scottie Dog Amigurumi Giraffe

1. The timeless, classic teddy bear done Amigurumi style by Jen-MA! We love it!
2. It’s not everyday you see bowling intersect with a Japanese form of crochet, but when you do, it’s pretty cool! Via KamiMarie.
3. Well, this is the snuggliest looking thing we’ve seen all day. Created by Craftsy member adorablykawaii.
4. Why didn’t we think of this?! Yarn is the perfect medium for Scottish terriers. Via ClaireSibley.
5. This particular giraffe by RobynInTucson is short in neck length, but long in cuteness!


Now that you’re feeling inspired, here are some awesome Amigurumi patterns for you to crochet. Get them at the Craftsy Pattern Marketplace!

Amigurumi Caterpillar Pattern

The big eyes are really what made us fall in love with this caterpillar pattern from Stacey Trock.
Amigurumi Elf Pattern

Elfy the Elf looks pretty cute as pictured here, but get this: the hat and shoes are removable! A lovely pattern from Sayjai.
Amigurumi Octopus Pattern

Not exactly the terrifying sea beast Jules Verne had imagined, but a fantastic octopus nonetheless- via LadyLilliput.


Remember, Craftsy has two fun Amigurumi classes. Check out Amigurumi: Woodland Animals and Amigurumi: Design Your Own Monster today!


Abby Glassenberg

These are super cute amigurumi and I’m really glad you shared them! I wondered if you might be able to add the names of the designers and makers, though. They certainly deserve the credit.


Thank you Abby! We have updated the post with the names of the designers- great idea!


These are such cute patterns! I love the little caterpillar. So colorful and those big eyes are adorable.


Hi Barb,

Once you have added the pattern to your pattern library, you should instantly have access to the pattern from you ‘Pattern Library’
Log into Craftsy with your email and password by clicking:
• Click on “Your Account” on the top right of your screen
• Click on “My Craftsy”
• On the left click on “My Pattern Library”

Hope this helps!


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