Cat’s Corner- What is Your Inspiration in the New Year?

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Click here and comment below to enter for a chance to win a lovely box of inspirational yarns to help you get started on a New Year project! Keep reading below to learn more.

The New Year always brings with it introspection, redefinition, and prioritization. We search within and decide which behaviors we want to change or create. We look in the mirror and decide we want to make physical changes. We may decide to quit doing things that are unhealthy and instead begin to improve our health. We sign-up for classes, we buy new books, we clean up that “one” closet (you know the one)- out with the old, in with the new. We hope these changes will make us happy, more appealing to others, brilliant, and add longevity to our lives.

Cat's Corner New Year

I’m not one to make resolutions, as I rarely keep them and then feel guilty, but this year I have a few things I would like to take on. I’d like to get to the gym one more day a week, spend less money on apps for my iPhone, relearn and begin to use my college German, and finish the six crochet projects sitting next to my chair in the living room. The one big challenge I’m going to take on this year is learning to knit (again). I tried it a few years ago and after two weeks had a scarf that was about 4 inches long. I think now that I’ve mastered crochet, Tunisian Crochet, and Bosnian Crochet it’s time to tackle knitting. I want to make socks and shawls- beautiful, lace shawls. It’s time and now that I’ve said this to all of you, maybe it will actually happen. I’ll keep you updated.

So, Gentle Reader, what is inspiring you right now?  What moves you to begin a project? Is it a new skein of yarn? A Mystery Knit Along? Does the cold weather prompt you to cast-on a sweater? Just what is it that moves you to craft?

I’d like to motivate you to begin something new by offering three of you a special box of yarns that I love. Click here and please leave me a comment about what inspires you to begin a new project to be eligible to win a lovely box of inspirational yarns to help you get started on a New Year project! Happy New Year. I hope that 2013 brings you joy and lots of extra time for crafting!


  1. Estelle says:

    Everything inspires me to start a new project. I love to start projects. It’s finishing them that I need extra inspiration for.

  2. Emily says:

    The cold weather inspires me but the most inspiration I get is from looking through patterns and finished projects. I see so many that I want to do myself and when I find one I love that I have the yarn for I am so excited to cast on!

  3. Karen L Walker says:

    My inspiration for knitting, in the new year, is the cool weather, a new sweater idea or pattern, a shawl pattern ,and a luscious yarn for a sweater or shawl. Knitting is so relaxing and centering.

  4. Kimberly says:

    I am always inspired by nature. The seasonal changes evoke a need to connect through craft.

  5. Melissa Fritz says:

    Usually I am most inspired to start a new project when I meet a designer and they are very nice, wonderful human beings. It makes me happy to support them. It also helps if I can go to a trunk show and try the pieces on. Like when Stephen West was here and I tried on the Gyllis shawl. It was a big cozy yarn hug. That is a project at the top of my list right now!

  6. Becky Sherbanenko says:

    The materials textures and colors inspire me.
    I see something and think “I have to make something with that!!!”

  7. Leener says:

    I get inspired by podcasters talking about what they are working on. So, I go to various sites and look at the projects to see if I can manage them. I am a very visual person and get so excited that I want to do everything. Occasionally, I get the urge to join a KAL and CAL as I have this year. Primarily, I have started working on Christmas gifts already so I don’t stress at the end of the year and I am sprinkling in eye candy as I go. And, of course, I have my Craftsy classes as well.

  8. Pam says:

    I am inspired by needs. I needed a way
    To have all my ribbons in one place instead of in every drawer and box in every room! I made a ribbon four panel screen so now all my ribbons can be seen at a glance AND are in one place. Now I need a yarn one.

  9. Elke says:

    I’m always inspired to work with new yarns and knit new patterns

  10. Monday M says:

    We’ve been having several weeks of below zero weather, and cozying up in front of the fireplace with crafts has kept my daughter and myself entertained and kept the cabin fever at bay. More yarn = more projects to keep us busy. :)

  11. Maryanne says:

    I’m inspired by all the patterns I’ve seen recently and all the yarn I have stored up! I have so much yarn begging to be used that I’ve decided I’m going to use it all up this year! People better get ready because I’ve already knit a lot of different things as gifts and as things to store up for people who want certain things.

  12. Carkye says:

    Pretty yarn with texture changes and vibrant scrumptious color.

  13. Jessica says:

    Beautiful colors of yarn get me excited to start a new projects or making something for someone else to enjoy.

  14. Vernell says:

    Being around other knitters and wonderful yarn inspires me to knit! I love seeing people wearing their finished projects. Makes we want to start and finish a project too.

  15. Amanda Outland says:

    What inspires me is my family, and nature.

  16. Liisa says:

    I have always wanted to go grocery shopping dressed as a jedi. So this is the year I learn to sew!

  17. Dorothy says:

    New babies

  18. Kristina says:

    Here’s what inspired me — I was approached by the events director of my local library and asked to lead a craft class once a month. I have recently presented my first class, have the second one ready to go and am working on coming up with ideas for my third and fourth. Such fun!

  19. Lisa says:

    I love learning new things and the accomplishment of a new skill is what motivates me to keep going and keep trying. This year I plan to finish my first quilt with the BOM and make my own soap!

  20. Sally says:

    Yarn! Pretty yarn inspires me…when they’re being cooperative & telling me what they want to grow up to be! When they aren’t I just sit & pet them until they do. ^^

  21. Megan says:

    I’m inspired by many things, but lately it’s been cute things – toys and stuffed animals. I see something cute and want to make my own version :)

  22. Sarah Mahan says:

    I’m always inspired by looking at new patterns and by going to my local yarn shop and seeing all of the gorgeous new yarns. My knitting group inspires me too. Finishing a new project gets me excited to pick the next few I want to work on.

  23. Tina says:

    I’m inspired by books, magazines, and my crafty class. I’m still a newbie at knitting but I absolutely love it. Wish I had more time in the day just to sit and knit.

  24. Nadia says:

    It has been years since I picked up the needle and yarn but this year I felt a strong creative urge to learn how to make more than the Afghans I usually do. I ventured into the world of Beanies and have made a beanie for everyone one I love. This has been an exciting time, I even sold some of the kids beanies I’ve made. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I complete a pattern that I have never tried before. Learning to create things with my hands gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and joy!

  25. Jackie Murton says:

    I am inspired by yarn itself. Colors and textures always spark creativity.

  26. Cecilia Umbarger says:

    I learned to knit when i was probably ten, went a few years without it and picked it up one day. I thought it was like a bike. Once you know, you never forget. But the only problem was, I never had the patience to finis a scarf, i would start one and it would become a cloak for my beanie babies. My mom had tried to teach me crochet and I just couldn’t get it. Last year i leanred using youtube and I really wanted to learn amigurumi more than anything. Just before 2012 ended, my best friend’s mom taught me how to make these little juggling kitties. And so once again i went to youtube and learned how to make something, I learned an octpus and now i couldn’t be happier. My goal is to make everyone important to me their own little stuffed animals that suit their personality and use their favorite colors

  27. Karah says:

    This year my New Year’s resolution is to finish IOU’s and then to knit something for myself. It has been at least 4 years since I have. I also want to knit more socks this year. I haven’t knit myself a pair of socks either. So I think I should do just that.

  28. Kelly C says:

    Lately I’m trying to get inspired by my own yarn stash. 2013 is the year of the yarn diet!!

  29. Maxine Miller says:

    Looking at beutiful patterns inspires me to want to start a new project. I usually have several going at one time, so takes me a while to complete the project. Most of my projects are large, like an afghan or curtains. But they all get done at one time or another.

  30. Evelene Sterling says:

    I joined a challenge in December to make 12 preemie hats for my local NICU and that has inspired me to continue to do more projects for the new year!

  31. Rosetta Beck says:

    my children and grandchildren and their families inspire me. I make all my Christmas and birthday gifts as I can’t affored to buy them. I knit and crochet all year, so I will have gifts for everyone. Cloche, scarf, gloves, leg warmers, socks, and the ever popular, grandma’s slippers, by popular request. Every two years or so , I am reminded that it is time for more slippers.each time I make something new I try a different technique, pattern or try to learn something different each time. I seldom do something exactly alike twice. Each new grandchild or great grandchild get a blanket and sweater with booties from grandma. this box of yarn would be a blessing on this old lady. right now I am making granny squares out of my stash so I can eliminate the small amounts of yarn on hand. I don’t throw anything away and accept any donations given me. I also teach anyone who wants to learn to knit or crochet. Thanks for being here, I also love all the classes .

  32. Trish says:

    I see pictures and get inspired. So… i guess it’s greed in part.

  33. Rebecca London says:

    I am focusing on simplicity and allowing that to softly nudge me. I have been in transition for a few years with many of my belongings in storage here and there and although this is challenging at times, it really forces you to realize what you can and can’t live without. This year I am committed to using canning jars for drinking glasses, using cloth napkins, learning to dye fabrics and fibers and to master one crochet project. Until then, I will embrace my wonky, uneven stitches and count my blessings.

  34. Kim G. says:

    My inspiration for crocheting is to keep my hands busy because if my hands are busy crocheting, they cannot be busy putting food into my mouth. :) Working on my fourth scarf project, as well as a crocheted shrug at the moment, and always looking for new projects and new yarn!

  35. KcScamp says:

    I am rather with ESTELLE here…I am great at starting new projects…as I love colors, the brighter the better. I have chosen My OneWord for the year….ADVANCE. That means all my crafting, sewing, quilting projects MUST be worked on, ADVANCE to the finish line!!

  36. Jennifer says:

    My mom taught my eleven year old to knit. My eleven year old now wants to teach me to knit. Not sure exactly how the passing on of the craft got all topsy-turvy , but crafting and passing-on of crafts is such and awesome way to connect with loved-ones. Can’t wait to find the time to sit down with my daughter and let her share with me, the craft she has come to Love !

  37. Traci says:

    Honestly, sometimes a new pretty skein of yarn just inspires me to start a new project! Sometimes you just know what it would be perfect for!

  38. Nikki says:

    My inspiration is to make a sweater in my favorite color green…..

  39. Andrea says:

    Pinterest has been inspiring me lately. Getting a weekly (or daily) dose of tantalizing and tempting photos has encouraged me to find small projects (or big projects I can break up into small segments) that I can fit in around my work and two energetic toddlers.

  40. Lini says:

    What inspires me the most is looking at different colored yarns and patterns that I find online.

  41. AutoFill Samantha Kessler says:

    I’m inspired by a chance to get new yarn, so 2013is about destashingand finishing thegreat American afghan.

  42. Amanda Peterson says:

    I am inspired by new patterns that challenge me to learn new things..

  43. BeckyR says:

    I am inspired by so many things….a new pattern, a lovely shade of color, a soft yummy yarn, a good challenge. But the best challenge is when all of those things come together in one project. ;)

  44. Carolyn P. says:

    It’s hard to say what makes me want to create, but inspiration can come from anything and everywhere. Colour, touch, pattern of shapes seen in leaves or flowers or building or anything, that starts me thinking “how would that look in fabric, or markers, or needlework?” Sometimes it is the need to try a new technique, or to learn a different skill. Usually it is to keep my hands busy so I stay out of the fridge at night!

  45. becky says:

    free yarn? really? how wonderful it would be to win. the lovely fluffy stuff to make!

  46. Looking through knitting pattern books and seeing the new fashions arrive in the fall/winter get me inspired to pull out my yarn and needles. I’m the opposite of you. I can knit but need to perfect crocheting.

  47. Natale says:

    The thrill of trying something new, learning a different technique and creating something beautiful. These are my inspirations.

  48. Brandie Horne says:

    Beautiful yarn inspires me! I love finding that wonderful yarn to make a special gift for someone and myself (of course!).

  49. RaeLyn Weaver says:

    I am crocheting to make myself a scarf. I would also like to learn how to make some gloves as my hands are very cold this winter.

  50. Patti S. says:

    Reading this blog and other crafting blogs makes me want to try new things. I am not a very skilled knitter/crocheter I always want to learn!

  51. maak says:

    Most of my knitting are gifts so I get inspired to cast on if I see something that’s perfect for a certain person. Another inspiration this year is the 12 Shawls Forever group on Ravelry.

  52. Lisa from New York says:

    I’m inspired by the beautiful work that so many share on Craftsy. I make it a part of my day to browse through the project sections and patterns offered by these very creative and talented people.

  53. Julie Gmehlin says:

    I am inspired by simple things around me…beautiful things, they could be in my home out in nature!

  54. Chris says:

    My children inspire me! I’m eager to drape them in a wardrobe of natural fibers.

  55. jin says:

    I get inspired by my kids. I use them as a bbackdrop to my projects! anything I think would look cute on them or match something they have inspires me. Especially having two girls they inspire me to make them accessories for their hair.

  56. DeTraie says:

    I am inspired by seeing what other people make, patterns that are new, and the yarn itself.

  57. Christy Hatfield says:

    My new daughter-in-law made me a beautiful scarf. She is such a treasure to us. She has inspired me to crochet again and to learn to knit.

  58. Suzanne says:

    I’m generally inspired by seeing something beautiful that I want for myself.

  59. Amanda says:

    I spent all of last year knitting for friends and family, so this year I’m really inspired by knitting things for myself that I’ve put off or things for other people just for the sheer joy of it rather than a deadline or money.

  60. Candice says:

    I’m finding a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, other blogs and old magazines I’ve dug up. My problem is that when it’s really cold and wintery out all I want to do is curl up on the couch. Since the weather has been really nasty for the last month I have all kinds of ideas just no drive to get up and execute them! I have been working on using up my stash and not buying anything new (it’s a resolution from last year!)and it’s still going strong:)

  61. LisaS says:

    The New Year inspires me to knit. It’s a fresh start for all the unfinished projects,all the mishaps, dropped stitches and plain yuck why did I chose this pattern? This year my inspirations are birthdays, the month of the person’s birthday is the month I knit their Christmas gift. I hope it works, so far so good.

  62. Cynthia Stevens says:

    Beautiful yarn is always a reason to find something to knit! So are my grandchildren who all wanted new hats with matching scarves. Their exuberant joy over the things I knit for them is always motivation enough! And of course my Craftsy courses keep the inspiration juices flowing! In fact, I’ve been collecting new classes like I collect new yarn! I’m just binding off my first beaded lace scarf! I’m so proud of myself! I’m knitting things I never thought I could and now I can thanks to all that I’ve learned from my instructors on Craftsy!

  63. Lela says:

    Thank you for the chance to win. such pretty colors

  64. Jess says:

    my friends & family inspire my knitting, because it’s always gifts for them

  65. Cat says:

    I love the way nature seems to have a such a stunning but casual approach to beauty. Color and form just HAPPEN outside the door without any thought about HOW it should present itself. I can only dream of being that good!

    I always talk myself out of projects because of expense or time and end up doing something serviceable but not really what I wanted. I’m not going to do that this year. This year, I want to make lots of things with color and shape, things that I normally talk myself out of saying it’s too nice or I’d never be able to wear it. And then I’m going to give them to myself and my friends as gifts because we deserve nice things. I think that will be my inspiration this year: Making things I’ve always secretly wanted but were afraid to ask for. I can be a little selfish this year, right?

  66. Emily says:

    My kids and their friends always make me want to make stuff for them. . .however, they’re also the forces that keep me from doing a lot of crafting (2 years and 8 months, they keep me quite busy!)

  67. Wendy W says:

    I am inspired by all the wonderful yarn out there. I love seeing and feeling a yarn. Then I love thinking about all the possible uses for it, and who I could make something for out of the awesome yarn.

  68. Brenda Nash says:

    I have been fiendishly knitting or crocheting from one item to another for the past couple of years. I have learned how to knit (self taught) and have since made a fair isle vest, lace shawl, many sweaters, socks, hats, etc. I seem to be a sponge for learning new techniques right now!

  69. Ellen M. says:

    The thing that has inspires me most lately is watching my daughters get inspired and create. My older daughter is now heavily into crochet (making many gifts), and my younger daughter is showing an interest in sewing. Gets my creative motivation going!

  70. Ginger says:

    There’s lots of things that inspire me, but now the main thing that’s inspiring me is knowing that I’m pregnant. I can’t wait to start making sweet things for baby!

  71. Dani says:

    My mother-in-law passed in November, and while organizing her things I’ve come across some interesting bits and pieces, small objects from her life that will make a lovely mosaic in remembrance of her. My main craft is knitting–I’m constantly knitting something new–but I’ve always wanted to learn how to make mosaics…now I’m inspired to do so.

  72. Debbie S says:

    Color is inspiring me right now. Just dyed some roving in teal, turquoise & emerald green. Such vibrant colors for a cold January!

  73. Roberta Winsby says:

    A new skill to learn, and a new exciting yarn always helps!

  74. judy applegarth says:

    The new thing that I want to learn this year is freeform knitting crochet peices. It is going to be a challenge to let loose and not follow patterns.

  75. Janice says:

    I’m inspired as I was taught by my mother and when I’m working on something I feel close to her. I started crafting again after she passes as I was at a memorial service and the minister told us that that was the way to honor them – by doing the things they taught us.

  76. Michelle says:

    I find myself inspired by things I see all the time. Sometimes it is a pattern, yarn, sunset or a bird.

  77. Susan Bourgeois says:

    I am starting to make things for Christmas 2013 presents , so learning new techniques on Craftsy is making this goal easier.

  78. Connie says:

    I recently received an unfinished afghan project from my mother-in-law which I was able to complete just in time for her grandson’s wedding. This has inspired me to complete a beautiful heirloom afghan for each of my adult children and their spouses.

  79. Patti says:

    I hadn’t done any knitting for several years, and then got inspired to try some toe-up socks and now I’m in love with it again!

  80. Geri says:

    I am inspired when I look thru my stash and realize I finally have the perfect pattern to go with the perfect yarn!

  81. Carrie says:

    I find inspiration several ways: 1) doing my utmost to avoid a needed task, anything creative wants to happen [not my favorite, because it drives me nuts], 2) Pinterest, newsletters, blog updates, all catch my eye and lead me into creative tangental flights of fancy, 3) Organizing my fiber, magazines, books, and patterns… I love order, and while I’m making things ordered I get to SEE what I have on hand and remember why I loved it when I bought it and what I wanted to do with it [sometimes-lol]. Playing with my yarns and with things I’ve already made inspires me too. I want my little piece of the universe to reflect me and what I can create, more and more.

  82. My inspirations comes from my late great aunt who crocheted so many items for me. I want to carry on her craft and make things for my children, nieces and nephews. When I make a baby blanket I love hearing from the mother’s that it is their baby’s favorite! It warms my heart!

  83. 'Mergatroid' says:

    Inspiring…. now?
    The fact that my daughter said, “Gee mum you must be bored to do crochet”( with a roll of the eyes) to “Wow mum is that hat for me”? said with a big smile ;)
    Now it’s “This is a nice jacket, can you make it”? said of course with an I’m your darling daughter who loves you very much flutter eyelashes in innocence look(she’s 23).
    So inspiration, at first it was just purely something to satisfy myself (a whole new World beyond childhood stitches)and have something great to wear without trying to impress others but it does feel good knowing someone else appreciates it.
    Maybe there could be another next generation convert in the wings watching.
    However it pans out, thanks for the opportunity but I’m not quite sure you’ll post to Australia.

  84. What inspires me to begin a new project? Easy…, luscious yarn! :)


  85. Julianne Sparks says:

    My soon to be 4, son and new born daughter is my inspiration! I love to knit for them. They can feel my love when I am not around.

  86. Sharon Lichter says:

    I am inspired to start a new project when I see some of the beautiful patterns on Craftsy.

  87. Michelle Short says:

    Lovely prize!

  88. Rebecca Lindsey says:

    My crafty habits were inspired by my grandma Grace who crocheted and tatted lace. I have some of her tools that I inherited. Nowadays I get inspired surfing the web, looking at magazines and going out to the shed and looking at all the yarn I planned to do something with at the store and never got ’round to making. Then I have a new idea and I create something awesome. Craftsy is just one of my inspiring places but a very welcome addition as without new skills and honing old ones I could never make those musings into reality.

  89. Sherri914 says:

    I love a good challenge! I am Inspired to try new patterns, new projects, and to create something I haven’t done before.

  90. Pamela Adam-Smith says:

    Once upon a time, when I was very small, I knew an amazing lady, Mrs. O’Brien, who carried her knitting everywhere she thought she would be sitting down for more than 5 minutes. She had this light weight, wooden framed/fabric, stand alone contraption that she’d open and draw out her project and begin to work while talking to the other grown ups in the room. I was always captivated by her ability to what we now call mulititask. I carry my crochet in much the same manner. On my 2013 wish list is finding a vintage bag/stand like the one Mrs. O’ Brien carried so I can continue the tradition.

  91. Helen Lord says:

    For me it’s either seeing lovely new yarns, new colors or new fabrics OR finding a wonderful new pattern that someone has created. It gets my fingers itching!

  92. katrinka booth says:

    I am inspired to knit new projects with my daughters hand dyed and handspun yarn. I want to teach as many people to knit this year as I possibly can. I will be teaching classes at the local womens shelter.

  93. katrinka booth says:

    I want to teach as many people to knit this year as I possibly can. I will be teaching a class at the local womens shelter. Knitting is a peaceful activity and I am sure they can use this new skill to bring some peace and joy in their life.

  94. Two things inspire me lately; other artists and nature. There are so many amazing artists creating amazingly beautiful things that simply looking through their works gets my creative juices flowing. Nature offers colors and textures in combinations I would have never imagined on my own. With the beauty of other artists creations and nature herself inspiration comes easily.

  95. Lynette O says:

    I’m inspired by learning new knitting skills. This year I’m going to tackle my first sweater and improve my lace knitting. I also want to learn socks & cables and maybe work down some of my stash. ;)

  96. Donna Longuillo says:

    All the amazing patternsI am finding online. I will never run or of things to do.

  97. Bonnie says:

    Cold, snow & unfinished projects, with new ones on the horizon, is what inspires me.

  98. jessica says:

    looking at pictures of amazin gprojects!

  99. Nikkoal says:

    I love to try new and challenging techniques! They definitely inspire me!!

  100. Grammamikki says:

    I am most inspired by by browsing patterns and shopping for yarn. I only returned to knitting two months ago and have proudly completed several projects (simple ones) and am about to finish off my biggest project to date, a knit shrug. My new years resolution is and has been for several years now, to not have more than one project going in any one craft at the same time. By having a knitting project, a crochet project, and a sewing project going simultaneously, I minimize the boredom factor and actually get my craft projects done! My other resolution is to not buy yarn until I’m ready to begin the project the yarn is for…a lost cause I’m afraid. I think I love yarn and the possibilities each skein represents, more than the actual crafts themselves!

  101. JudyAnn says:

    I’m going to learn entrelac, finally, by setting aside some time to take my Craftsy class!

  102. Maureen says:

    Seeing a new book or a magazine (knitting) and they have great patterns. I also do not like to sit around at night doing nothing so I usually will start a new project then. Also when I am on an exercise bike I have been known to knit some shawls. If I see a great new yarn too that will inspire me to look for a pattern and then I will purchase both and start a new project.

  103. Victoria says:

    I’m very new to knitting, and learning a new skill can sometimes be very slow-going and frustrating at times. I keep myself inspired by looking at pictures of knitted projects that I can look forward to knitting, once I acquire the skills I need, through continued practice.

  104. susan mccarthy says:

    Cat, you put that so lovingly that we are all encouraged to let our creative juices flow again. I would like to learn to crochet. I made a caplet last year, but really didn’t ‘learn’. I just did what the teacher told me to do. Now, I would like to really learn and make a beautiful poncho. Susan

  105. Jennifer McGee says:

    Right now, my over-flowing yarn box is inspiring me to get knitting! I have so much yarn, I don’t know where to keep it all. I will be knitting loads of hats to give away to charity and to friends, and I promised myself (and my husband) that I won’t buy anymore yarn until it all fits in one box.

  106. Amanda says:

    I’m inspired but the art itself. Every time I see a beautiful pattern, I think about the time and skill it took to create the pattern and finished piece. I am just a beginner crocheter but I already love to challenge myself with more difficult patterns and love the feeling of working through the pattern and seeing my finished results. In such a hectic world, crocheting is the only thing that calms my mind down and relaxes my body.

  107. Margaret says:

    I’m inspired when I look at other crafters work. I love looking at projects on Craftsy or Pinterest, and planning my own take on it. But I too need to make a dent in my stash…and soon!

  108. KATI says:


  109. Amy says:

    What is inspiring me right now is looking in my closet and thinking “mehh…” I need a little color splash in my closet! So, after looking at sites like, I’m more inspired to sew and create!

  110. Hannah G.W says:

    What inspires me? The want to learn new things and skills. And using those skills to create something new, personal and beautiful. :)

  111. Sharon says:

    I am inspired to start a project when I complete a project. Also, when my work is completed, it just makes me want to start another project.

  112. Chris Groatman says:

    I love crafting of all kinds. Currently I am working on 3 quilts and 2 Afghans and several cross-stitches. A basket of supplies would be better than Christmas!

  113. Shirley says:

    Sometimes I’ll see someone wearing something and think, “oooh! I can make that!” And I’ll run around looking for materials to do it, discovering a new pattern, learning a new stitch. A life event-nothing got my needles and hooks going quite like discovering my sister was expecting! There’s a whole mess of things that get me inspired!

  114. ruth says:

    What inspires me:
    yarn color texture
    pattern a new stitch


  115. Sharon M2 says:

    I’m easily inspired to start a new project-seeing ideas in books, or online, or hearing a podcaster mention a pattern makes me run to look. Right now, what I actually start depends on what I have in my stash.

  116. Xaja Mykil says:

    I am inspired to knit to help the homeless have something warm for the winter, I donate 80% of my knitting to the local homeless shelter.

  117. Krystal L. says:

    I’m inspired by pretty much anything. Stuff on Pinterest a lot of the time will end up in my “To Crochet” list. Though, I think a lot of my work is inspired by the colors & types of yarn I come across. :)

  118. Xaja Mykil says:

    I am inspired by the yarns i have available. i very much like the combinations of purple and deep green, but also love variegated colors too.

  119. Xaja Mykil says:

    i am almost out of yarn so winning these would come in handy.

  120. Aura says:

    The question is how to finish all the projects I am inspired to begin! Too many unique, unusual, clever designs…

  121. Connie says:

    Yarn inspires me to start something new….every time I see beautiful fiber, I want to make something from it!

  122. SherryG. says:

    I enrolled in several Craftsy classes because I get inspiration from seeing a beautiful handmade item that is loved and worn by the recipient. Boxes of yarn would be a wonderful start to these projects.

  123. Andrea Sward says:

    Everything inspires me to start a new project… what inspires me to finish. I think that is the larger question! Right now, it’s knitting for peace; using my skills to assist others. Loving it on all levels.

  124. Darlene Romero says:

    Inspirations for project come from everywhere. For me it comes from my 3 year old who is always finding new ways to be “creative” and my family who are always pushing me to take my creativity to the next level.

  125. Daphne says:

    I’m always inspired by my many surroundings and to work with lots of different yarns.

  126. sweetie3480 says:

    My inspiration stems mostly from who I plan to create the item for. From colors and textures they would enjoy, to current interests and needs. I recently made an alligator scarf for a boy in love with pirates and ‘Tick Tock’ from Peter Pan. My sister is getting married so I have several projects in the works for this monumental step in her life. New yarns and pretty colors can get the creative juices flowing too but the greatest projects are inspired by their recipient.

  127. Kara I. says:

    I am inspired by new yarn, especially when it means I can look for a pattern to show it off.

  128. Miranda Barker says:

    What inspires me to start a new project this year is the fact I get a my feeding tube of a year in a half out and becomeing a new healthy me. Also the fact my long time friends’ child just had her first birthday and is having coclear inplants in a few months. So what is inspiring me to start a new project is my being able to crochet my friends daughter an outfit along with a crocheted anmial to have after the surgery.

  129. Katie says:

    I don’t know if this is too late, but I pretty much only need to see a pretty yarn or just the way the wind blows through the trees. I am new to knitting and am addicted!

  130. Sybrina Westmoreland says:

    beautiful yarn would love to play and touch with such yarn I understand if it is to late have a great day everyone.

  131. Mattie says:

    What motivates me is the beauty of what I can create and the novelty of creating patterns and finding out what I can do with the yarn.