Craftsy Wishes for 2013

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Craftsy Wishes for 2013

Thanks to wonderful members like you, the Craftsy team has had a fantastic 2012! We know 2013 will be even better. Here are some of our personal resolutions for a stellar 2013…

…to seek and pursue new opportunities for growth in craft – whether it be knitting; letterpress; painting; or my “Craftsy Specialty,” design. – Lisa Ly, Marketing

…to learn how to sew using Craftsy’s Sewing Machine 911 and making a reversible tote with Kristin Link’s free class! – Emma Harrington, e-Commerce

…to sit up straighter and to start and actually finish a quilt. – Nicole Askari, Marketing

…to make the Ron Swanson quilt, buy less yarn, do more yoga, and enjoy every day a little bit more. – Katie Puza, Marketing

…to finish knitting my most amazing blanket (that has been a UFO for the past 13 months…) – Blair Madole, Marketing

…to be outdoors and enjoy nature more often. – Ryan Brandle, Marketing

…to do more volunteer work! – Jill Carty, Engineering

…to exercise and take short mental vacations during hectic days. – Alissa Norton, Production

…to host a dinner party once a month! – Grace Baumgartner, Production

…to either 1) make a foray into crafting with a project featuring an abundance of glitter or 2) learn to knit so I can yarn bomb something here in Denver and contribute to city beautification. – Michael Lengel, Marketing

…in the words of the late Warren Zevon, “Enjoy every sandwich.” – Lisa Greim, Presentation

…to become a morning person, and only have one dessert per day. – Lisa Anne Logan, Marketing

…to start writing. Write more. Keep writing. Cook some weekly dinners for my fiance, and keep building, making, and exploring new things. – Nate Thomas, Engineering

…to learn all my mother’s secret family recipes, visit more places on my travel bucket list, and say that I care more often. – Riva Bakal, Category Development

…to get into shape for backpacking in the spring and to finally get my sewing machine out! – Natalie Edler Einterz, Production

…to read as many books as I can possibly fit into my brain, get better at swimming, find more quality time to spend with my family, and indulge more often in cello/ukelele jam sessions. – Jane Glenn, Production

…to laugh harder, forgive easier, and take the time out of my busy schedule to volunteer with youth groups in my local community! – Lyric Healy, Customer Support

…to explore new creative outlets, find balance in my schedule, and smile as much as humanly possible! – Amy Retutera, Marketing

…to indulge in: more books, more painting, more skiing, more phone calls with old friends. – Caroline Wood, Marketing

…to visit a country I have not been to before, go out more, complete the Spartan Challenge. – Kevin Kovach, Marketing

…to hop on the Colorado fitness train and become more diligent about going to the gym. Take the time to cook the recipes I have been collecting. And to have 30 plus snowboard days this year : ) – Hailey Pohlman, Marketing

While we’re busy working out, crafting, and reconnecting, what will you be doing next year? Let us know what your 2013 New Year’s Resolutions are in the comments!



  1. Rachelle says:

    To do more garment sewing, still plenty of knitting including the vest from the stranded knitting class, do more spinngin and to make at least 2 quilts taking pointers from the various quilting classes I’ve taken. I’ll get past my birthday tomorrow first, going to make a silk slip and knit at least part of a hat using my handspun. There will also be some DIY on the house.

  2. cindy says:

    I’m hoping to make time for yoga, enjoy my family more and continue to work on quilting. I have so many quilt patterns written down, I would like more time to work on them all. Happy New Year!

  3. My resolution is he same every year….to be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend I can be! I’m also going to do more traveling. Life is a rocket, children grow up in a blink and the second half of your life goes by faster than the first.

    Also, Erma Bombeck once said, “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.”

    Keep up the good work Craftsy!

    Happy New Year,
    Sheila Zachariae

  4. Judy says:

    I would like to see some hand smocking patterns and tutorials on your site.

    1. Sylvia says:

      I agree. I have a pattern I found in my Grandmothers craft box but I’m not good with written instructions. I prefer to be shown how to do it.

  5. Linda J says:

    I would like to see FREE classes on Quilt as you go Placemats, baby quilts, table runners etc.

    I love Craftsy, I spend more time on here than I do quilting…

    Perhaps some Podcasts would be nice,,,so we can listen as we sew/quilt..

    Happy New Year Craftsy,,your Great!!

  6. Debra Lee says:

    I will try and learn to knit this year!

  7. Wanda Myers says:

    I want to finally get organized in the quilt studio. When I find a duplicate tool/book/pattern in my studio, find it a new home! Finish the purple quilt top started during the Moda BOM (in 2010??) Keep up with the TQS BOM every month. Finish at least one quilt class project!
    Hope every one has a happy and productive new year!

  8. Terri -TN says:

    I hope to finally find time to start taking some of the knitting classes I have already bought through Craftsy but haven’t had a chance to start working on yet. I so want to become a more advanced knitter and plan to make 2013 the year to make it happen! :-) Happy New Year everyone!

  9. sharyl says:

    Be excellent to one another. Party on dude!……Bill and Ted’s excellent Adventure.

  10. Cat Whisperer says:

    ………to finish all my Craftsy classes is my resolution. Thank you, all, for your talents, generosity, excitement, and inspiration.

  11. Keren says:

    My goal for 2013 is to knit Christmas stockings for 5 of my grandchildren, the youngest ones.

  12. Joyce Weaver says:

    Not so much a resolution but a goal – as a member of the Highland Art Gallery in Marble Falls, Texas, my goal is to not only revamp the “craft” room at the gallery, but to get the canvas painters to realize that there is other forms and mediums of art out there besides slapping paint on a canvas or paper! I plan to use patterns and classes on Craftsy to make some great jackets, bags, kids’ stuff and of course, dolls & bears! May God bless everybody’s new year!

  13. DebbiC says:

    • Sew with more accuracy and speed

    • Learn how to take quality photos of my projects

    • Take pictures of all my projects

    • Loosen up, practice, and improve my machine quilting

    • Learn new techniques

    • Finish all Craftsy classes to fine tune techniques

    • Work outside my comfort zone

    • Experiment with colors and combinations

    • Finish all projects

  14. Hillary says:

    My mom taught me some crocheting techniques & I’m interested in understanding more about yarn so I am going to check out Know Your Wool
    with Deborah Robson. My mother also is a wonderful seamstress & I’d like to begin learning so I’m going to try Bag-Making Basics: Reversible Tote & Zipper Pouch with Kristin Link. Furthermore, I’ve always appreciated fine cake decorating so I am going to do Modern Buttercream with Joshua John Russell. It’s gonna be an eventful year & I’m looking forward to learning new things!

  15. Sharon says:

    To be able to buy fabric from your website

  16. Jill says:

    1. I will sort through my fabric stash and find a organization solution for it.
    2. I will sew/complete at least one wearable outfit.

  17. Alice says:

    Add more raw foods to my diet, try to be more organized, work on my time management skills, market my crafts more, and learn new craft skills.

  18. glenda choat says:

    I’ve made a two page list of all the sewing projects for other people that I need to get done and I’m half way through. Happy to be that far along, but will be happier when there is a line through ALL the projects.

  19. Jo-Anne says:

    My quilting resolutions (there the only resolutions, I will write down, because I know will get them done i.e. because I love quilting so much!) — anyways. I have twelve grandchildren. I have completed a quilt for six of the twelve — therefore my goal is to finish the six quilts in this New Year 2013. All my best to all of you in this New Year.

  20. Just J says:

    To sew more quilts, to finish at least 5 UFO’s, to go back to eating healthy, to get my lesson plans done on time, to say only positive things, to let go and let GOD.

  21. Christina says:

    My goal is to complete each Craftsy class that I’m enrolled in and to see my creativity soar.

  22. Terri in Colorado says:

    My goal is to complete one UFO each month (not necessarily fabric related. I have some half done home projects too.) If I don’t complete a UFO that month, I can’t start a new project till the monthly UFO is complete.

  23. Linnda says:

    Hi everyone first all the best for 2013 This year I hope to finish my beading for my Women’s Institute. Ribbon and finish what I start. Looking forward to hearing from all at Craftsy. Also see more of Northern Ireland and Belfast.

  24. Deyanna says:

    To complete one new craft project and one random (or well thought out) act of kindness each week

  25. Chris says:

    I resolve to finish all my Craftsy classes!

  26. Sylvia says:

    My resolution… to finish the Craftsy 2012 BOM before I start Craftsy 2013 BOM. Happy New Year to everyone. xx

  27. Karen says:

    I have already given the main floor a good cleaning and mastered all the paper piles and cleaned out all but 1 file. I have 3 blocks to finish from 2012 BOM my first quilt. Now my sewing room needs a good cleaning, than I need to just keep up on all things.

  28. Karen says:

    Well, I had some ambitious plans but that suddenly changed when I broke my finger just after Christmas. Now my first aim is to get my office/paperwork/lesson planning under control and then hopefully with workrooms in order and finger restored, make myself a sweater that fits using two Craftsy classes and also a lacy scarf or two.

  29. Country crafter says:

    I plan to sew something for each family member all thru the year and not just for the holidays, also sew for those in need. There are so many charities that could use the talents of everyone and all we need to do is serch them out. Making someone in hard times smile with a special handmade gift.

  30. Judy Lemieux says:

    I don’t usually do resolutions, but this year I’m going to try three things just for me.
    1) dress nicely upon rising at least 4 days out of each week.
    2) get some form of exercise at least twice weekly with a goal to increase to four times weekly before the end of the year.
    3) make a new item of clothing for myself at least once per month (since I tend to sew things for everyone but myself).

  31. thelma hoevenaars says:

    bplease do you have a pattern to knit a a childs balaclava or it may be spelled as balaklava it a hat a scarf together just pulls over the head and only the child,s face shows thank you