Join Craftsy’s Frightening Halloween Contest!

Craftsy Halloween Project Contest

There are few things scarier than Halloween without costumes and decorations. And October 31 is just around the corner! If showing off your Halloween creativity isn’t reason enough to get started, we’ve got another: the Craftsy Halloween Project Contest!

The rules are the same as with other contests: You make a project (no matter what your craft) that is inspired by or for Halloween, and upload it to Craftsy with the words “Halloween Contest” in the title. The project that gets the most hearts by Halloween (again, October 31) wins. That project owner will get a free Craftsy class!

Wrack up those hearts by inviting your friends and family to Craftsy. For someone to “heart” your project, all they have to do is be a registered member. So show us what you’ve got, and help us put the fright back in Halloween by uploading your awesome projects! Don’t forget to put “Halloween Contest” in the title (or we won’t know it’s a submission).

Upload your project now!

To view current project entries and “heart” your favorite projects, click here to see our Halloween Contest entries!