Meet Lisa Anne, a Craftsy Crafter!

Many of us here at Craftsy admire modern quilting, and our Director of Marketing, Lisa Anne, is one such Craftsy crafter. I sat down with her while we were on the road at American Sewing Expo to chat about modern quilting, new things she's working on at Craftsy, and what craft she'd like to tackle next.
Craftsy Crafters: Lisa Anne Logan
Modern Quilting

Already a sewist, Lisa Anne got her start as a modern quilter after checking out a meeting of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. She was blown away by the talent in the room, and guild night quickly became a favorite source for fun and inspiration. "I immediately loved the fresh take on respected tradition, focus on function, and balance of bold and minimal aesthetics," she recalls. Before she knew it, she had signed up for Elizabeth Hartman’s Charm Squares Baby Quilt class at Modern Domestic in Portland. Then came scouting great fabric finds like shot cotton, linen sashing, and gold lamé binding from local shops such as Bolt. Though she had a color palette in mind, Lisa Anne found choosing and arranging the fabrics to be the most challenging part of quilting. With every project since her first (shown), she loves the surprise that comes when discovering "certain fabrics are like tofu: they may not seem like much on their own, but changing what they're paired with can bring out new characteristics to create something delightfully unexpected and in your finished piece."

Craftsy Love

Lisa Anne's appreciation for sewing and quilting also inspires her in her role at Craftsy. When I asked for a favorite part of working here, she shared this story: "The past few years have seen such a resurgence in the domestic arts, as more people discover they're economically, sustainably, or creatively inspired to hand-make the things around them. Before coming to Craftsy, I spent almost a year working to open a sewing studio and fabric shop in my San Francisco neighborhood—where there was a shortage of product and education resources at the time to answer this growing interest. Although my own studio dream is on the shelf for now, one of the things I'm building here at Craftsy instead is Craftsy Connect: our retail partnership program for indie shops. I care about shopping local and independent, and Craftsy does too—so this is our way of supporting shopowners and what matters to them in the changing business of craft retailing. If I had opened doors to my own studio, I would've wanted this program, so I love that I can now create and bring it to others instead." So stay tuned to our blog for more info on Craftsy Connect for quilt, yarn, and other craft retailers... coming in October!

X-Acto Knives to Welding Torches

A crafter all her life, Lisa Anne enjoys more than just her sewing machine. After studying industrial design in grad school, she has tackled wood, plaster, and fiberglass, though she especially loves paper. If you can pry the X-Acto knife out of her hand, she would like you to replace it with a torch, as welding is the next creative pursuit on her list to learn.

If you'd like to try your hand at modern quilting, sign up for "Inspired Modern Quilts" taught by Elizabeth Hartman - the same instructor who taught Lisa Anne how to quilt!




Thank you Lisa Anne for your commentary on your career. It sounds to me like we are in good in hands with you at the helm of Marketing. Your story is inspirational. I wish I could afford to take the modern quilt class; but will have to wait as money is tight. We don’t have very many quilt shops here in Charlotte. The ones we have are far apart and are limited in variety in what they carry. So, I have become dependent on shopping online. Although, we do have the famous Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC. It is very far from me. Thanks for all of your hard work. I do appreciate the fabric deals here. Love Tula Pink and Jennifer Paganelli.

Lisa Anne

Thanks for your kind words, Susanne. It takes a whole team here, and I’m so glad we can help bring you affordable fabrics from your favorite designers given there are few shops in your area. Keep an eye out for our special sales, or maybe try the new wishlist feature to keep track of the classes you’d like to take down the road. We’ve all been in tough spots, but it’s our creative endeavors that often keep us going. So just stay true to that, and you’ll surely inspire others around you to do the same!


Lisa Anne- Thanks for giving us some info about your background. As a native San Franciscan who now lives down the Peninsula, I was disappointed when The Black Cat Quilt Shop in Lakeside Village closed not that long ago. I also have a friend in Alameda who closed her Quilt Fans Shop. Rents and taxes make it difficult these days to keep a business profitable. As a retired Home Economics Teacher I am thankful for the availability of Sewing/Quilting info now on the web since the schools in California have eliminated most of the valuable programs that help keep students in school and provide a sampling of vocational opportunities for students to experience as well as develop leisure time activities. High School Districts used to offer Adult Educations programs but also have been eliminated in many cases. Budget is the usual excuse for not offering these classes, but in my 35 years of teaching I learned that school administrators could easily find money to fund their pet projects at the expense of other programs. I recently ran into one of my daughter’s childhood friends at a Joann’s store and she reported to me that she was taking a beginning sewing class at the local community college for relaxation(she’s a Nurse) and to learn how to sew. When she told me that projects she would be making, I was surprised that the instructor would tackle these projects in a beginning sewing class and offered her my help if she needed it. I see that beginning sewing classes for all age groups is an area Craftsy could expand on as well as instruction on alterations for experienced sewists who need to adapt patterns for better fit. Every time I come across someone interested in learning some aspect of sewing I recommend they consult the “web,” but in cases where they are seeking information about subjects that Craftsy offers, I suggest they “Google” Craftsy. Keep up the great work with presenting great classes and I hope you take my suggestions.

Lisa Anne

Thanks, Rosemary! Yes, I remember Black Cat. Sadly, many traditional shops have closed in recent years, though I’m happy to see a new generation of sewists starting shops sustained with more diversified revenue models. At this point, SF is pretty much the last big U.S. city without a true modern sewing destination (education + supplies), so perhaps I’ll return to open one in a few years if no one beats me to it!

There are still a few good places in the city to find fabric or classes, though – like Britex or Satin Moon (fashion & home dec), Peapod (quilting), Discount Fabrics or Fabric Outlet (a little of everything, including SF faves like sequins and feathers), Workshop, Sew-It-All, and The Sewing Workshop (all classes). And there’s more in Oakland/Berkeley, especially for quilting: Stonemountain & Daughter, Piedmont Fabric, A Verb for Keeping Warm, and New Pieces Quilt Shop. Now that you’re down south, I suggest you check out the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild – it’s run by some great gals, is mostly south bay members, and can surely help you find the best resources in your new area.

I too wish that sewing were still part of high school curriculum, so that I could’ve found my love for it sooner. We didn’t have Home Ec., but I did take auto tune-up! Craftsy has a number of classes that are suitable for beginners but I’ll be sure to pass along your suggestion for more. With fewer programs in schools, it’s surely a growing need online.

Thanks again for your comment, and for telling your friends at every skill level about Craftsy. With at least 10 new classes each month, we’re sure to have something for everyone!


I really enjoyed reading your bio! I have dabbled in many things over the years but my favorite crafts are metal smithing and all things fiber. I have been dying silk and cloth for several years but just recently started learning to really sew. I am concentrating on garment sewing right now but plan to learn quilting when I have gained better skills. My major interest is in “whole peice” quilting but modern quilting sounds very interesting. Thank you for the inspiration!

Lisa Anne

That’s great, Doni (my fellow dabbler!) I actually promised myself a long time ago to learn a new skill each year, so hopefully I can squeeze in welding before the holidays because 2012 has flown right by. You should check out Quilting Quickly, which is a great beginner class and will get you going in no time. If you’re looking to learn more about modern quilting in particular, the Modern Quilt Guild has a thorough explanation of what that entails. Then you can come join me in Elizabeth’s classes here on Craftsy – or in any of the other modern quilting classes we’ll be bringing your way soon. Have fun!

Diane Bascle

While I am sorry you did not have the chance to open your studio/shop I am thrilled we have you with Craftsy!! If enthusiasm was all that was required there would be a plethora of indie shops across the nation I am certain. Unfortunately the finances keep many of us from following that dream. I am not into modern quilting so much but I do appreciate the varied quilting styles and others’ enthusiasm for them. The thrill of finding a new source of inspiration is a gift of immense pleasure. Enjoy!!! I am looking forward to the Craftsy Connect program. It is such a pleasure to have met you!

Lisa Anne

Yes, Diane – it takes much more than enthusiasm! Throughout last year, I attended start-up business classes, learned from my mentor shop Sew Modern and many other gracious shopowners up and down the west coast, went to the bi-annual International Quilt Market trade shows to see the latest in inventory and the industry, studied resources from the fabric retailers’ trade association FabShop, and more. It’s a lot to manage all legal, financial, operations, marketing, technology, design, real estate, inventory, classes/events planning, and more on one’s own… sadly for me, too much! But luckily, now at Craftsy, I can be part of helping inspire sewists and quilters far beyond the Bay Area – around the world, in fact. I’m glad to hear you’re excited about Craftsy Connect and hope you’ll share it with your local shops when we launch it later this month!


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