Meet Cyrille, One of Our Wonderful
Craftsy Quilting Pattern Designers

How cute is this deer quilt block pattern? I love the solid colored deer against the patterned background. The white-on-blue is reminiscent of snow falling or stars in the sky.
Matryoshka dolls are such a timeless symbol of Eastern Europe. What child hasn’t held them and wondered just how many dolls are inside? The tiny one in the center is always my favorite.
I love the bright pop of plaid behind this pinecone. It’s so visually dynamic. The plaid seems to represent a lumberjack’s shirt, and at the same time, a clear woodlands sky.
Quintessential childhood! Goldilocks as depicted in this block is so pretty and looks so mischievous (!) at the same time.


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That pinecone on the plaid is fantastic! So fun and detailed. I love it.