Final Step: Craftsy Quilts of Valor Mystery Quilt-a-Long!

Welcome to Part Six of this guest Quilt-a-long series from Alycia of Alycia Quilts. Last week, Alycia walked you through creating the finished inner quilt top. This week, she will show you how to finish the quilt, and where to send it when you are through. This quilt will also be featured in an upcoming Craftsy quilting class.
The last and final step!! Are you ready?

We now have the inner top set together:
Quilts of Valor inner top


We are now ready to add the borders.
The first border is a red 3-inch border. I sew my border strips together end to end, so I have a long strip.

The inner quilt should measure 36 ½ by 61 inches. Be sure to verify your measurements. I then cut the strips to size, pin and attach. I attached the top and bottom border first, pressed, then re-measured. I then cut the left and right borders, pinned, and attached. Press again.

Quilts of Valor add the border


Quilts of Valor add the border


Next we will add the final border!

You will use the blue 7 ½-inch strips that you cut. Again, I measure the top. Mine measured 41 ½ by 66 ½ inches, prior to adding the blue border.

Sew the strips together, and measure the quilt. Cut the border to fit. Again – I attached the top and bottom borders first. Press.

Quilts of Valor add the border


Then I measured, cut my blue, and attached the left and right border. Press.

And voila! – a finished Quilt of Valor top:
Quilts of Valor finished quilt


Your finished quilt top should measure 56 x 80 inches.

I hope you have enjoyed making this, and now it is time to reveal the upcoming Craftsy class that this quilt will be featured in… Machine Quilting with Templates: Creating Design Perfection with Kimmy Brunner, coming out in a few weeks! I hope you will enjoy seeing and learning how Kimmy will quilt it. I am excited to take her class and learn some new techniques. And think of the smiles and love you will be passing on to a service member!

When your quilt is all quilted and bound there are a couple of ways to get them to a service member.

  • First – you can send the finished quilt to me in Colorado. (Email me at
  • Second – you can go to the Quilts of Valor website to find where to send it. On the left side there is a button that says “request a destination.” Fill that form out, and a destination will be sent to you.

Thank you for participating!!

Again – any questions feel free to email


Thank you so much to Alycia for leading us all on this mystery quilt adventure! Share your finished quilt tops in the comments, and let us know who you are sending your quilt to! To see all the steps so far, click here. Come back in a few weeks to sign-up for Kimmy Brunner’s new Craftsy class, Machine Quilting with Templates: Creating Design Perfection.



Barbara Roberts

Thanks Alicia! This is a great quilt. It is my first experience using the Tri-Recs and I had to fudge a little. Will attempt another top as soon as these borders are on. I now have four tops to send to a long arm quilter! I am quite close to my 12 for the year. Thanks for going the extra mile to keep us all busy with our QOV’s.


Nice job, Alycia. I know of one lady from our group that is going to do this.


Have never done a mystery quilt or a QOV before, so this was a great introduction. I would like to do both again!


I checked back in my notes to find how many strips for the binding but none is listed. I would say about 8 strips in the blue to finish it off nicely.


One clarification regarding the red border…although your instructions clearly say that you sewed the red strips together “end to end,” I always connect strips with a diagonal seam and did so with all the red strips. Whoops…that ate up a few inches too many, so that I was short about 5 inches for the last side strip. I had to piece my little bit of remaining scrap to extend my inner red border strip enough. All is well that ends well, and the color impact is just fine. I need to pay attention to all the details/word usage, to maximize the fabric use!


Thanks Alycia – this was great!

I finished my top up this afternoon and while I needed to do the old ‘switcheroo’ with some of my fabrics and lay-out to accommodate the fabrics I had on hand (I just found out about this QOV Mystery Quilt-a-long last Friday and decided to do it with what I had in my stash), I’m still thrilled with how it turned out and am considering making another one 😉

Thanks again for a fantastic Quilt of Valor Mystery quilt-a-long and for ALL you do for the QOV program,


It is beautiful. How do I get all the steps to make this mystery quilt? Thank you

Marcella Magill

How do I get all of the instructions for the quilt of valor. I would really like to have it.
Thank you

T Gail

I’ve been a silent follower-alonger, but wanted to pop out and thank you HEAPS!! It’s very kind of you to do this for us and for the veterans.

Vicki Swensen

Thanks so much, Alycia, for presenting this wonderful quilt for QOVers. I had a great time doing it. If you can tell me how to upload a picture of my quilt, I’ll try to do it. I added a border of flying geese to mine. Seems I can never make a quilt top from someone else’s pattern that I don’t tweak it just a little so it’s just a bit different. I liked the effect.

I’ve been active as a QOV longarmer for many years. I’ve only pieced a few tops, though. It’s a treat to get one out start to finish! I’m looking forward to taking Kimmie’s class in a few weeks just to see what she does.

Again, thanks for your time and commitment.


I like the 6 week time frame. First time I had used the rulers, and the strips that went around the star. Took it to the long armer tonight excited to it finished.

Ruth D

Thanks for doing this mystery. The amount of work for each installment felt about right, and the length of time to complete the project was terrific. First time using the Tri-Recs ruler for me, and I like the look of the stars they produced. I enjoyed the project!

Vicki Swensen

When will Kimmy’s class be available? I keep checking and haven’t seen it yet. Just don’t want to miss it.


I have enjoyed doing the QOV quilt. This is the first one that I have done, I just happened on the Mystery Quilt here. I think that we should have been told that we would have to make a presentation case for the quilt and to add to the quilt patch on the back, “Quilt of Valor’ or QOV. I was told this when I went to the website to request a destination. After I had mine all done.


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