The Shopping Cart Has Arrived!

Here at Craftsy we’re always thinking of ways to make your site experience as seamless as possible. Check out one of our latest product releases, the new and improved Shopping Cart!


We’ve heard you loud and clear: you’d like to be able to purchase multiple items at a time. With our new cart, you can now checkout with as many items as you’d like! Consolidated shipping also makes checkout a breeze (and lightens the load on your wallet)!

Make multiple purchases with a consolidated shopping cart at Craftsy.


With our new shopping cart, you can also save your most frequently used delivery address for faster purchase of our great deals and course kits. Why waste time typing the same ol’ address when there’s crafting to be done?

Save your address for faster checkout.


Love something, but not quite ready to pull the trigger? Add it to your cart and come back to it whenever you’re ready. If you forget and try to buy it again, we’ll let you know it’s waiting for you.

Save your address for faster checkout.


Craftsy is unique because in addition to offering you wonderful classes, workshops, and deals, we’re also a pattern marketplace for independent designers. In the new shopping cart, there’s a dedicated space for Craftsy items, and a special section just for indie patterns.

Save your address for faster checkout.

We hope our new shopping cart makes your experience on Craftsy even more enjoyable! Have you used the new shopping cart yet? Tell us what you think!



Sheila Zachariae

Well done Craftsy team! Always improving and making for a great overall experience!


Marion (Ladymax)

This is another great feature. Is there any possibility that you have resolved shipping problems and can now ship to Canada.


I am interested in signing up for a few sewing courses but I am not sure whether they can be accessed from the iPad now.


Hi Jackie,
You can certainly watch Craftsy classes on your iPad! We also have an iPad app in the works that will allow to access all that Craftsy has to offer.


It’s so silly that I now CANNOT pay for individual classes, because I am not ready to pay for the other classes. I had to delete everything in my shopping cart and just pay for that ONE classes!!!!


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