Learn How You Can Help Raise Epilepsy Awareness With Your Stitching Skills

Purple Stitch Project - Highlighter Scarf Pattern

Craftsy Instructor Vickie Howell is raising epilepsy awareness through the new charitable organization, the Purple Stitch Project. Here’s a note from Vickie explaining how the Purple Stitch Project works, who it will be benefiting, and most importantly how you can help.


Hey there, fellow designers!

As some of you may know, nine months ago my now 10-year-old son, Tristan, was diagnosed with epilepsy.  Since then it’s been an emotional roller-coaster of anti-seizure drug side-effects, alternative treatment options, academic challenges, and dealing with the emotional strife a child feels when he’s not in control of his own body. Tristan is a brave kid, though, and I’m happy to report he is getting better every day! So much so, that he’s ready to work on a project with me.

I’m thrilled to announce we’ve launched the Purple Stitch Project, a web-based charitable organization to benefit babies, children, and teens with epilepsy.

The main goal of this initiative will be a call to action for those who knit, crochet, sew, and/or embroider to make purple (the epilepsy awareness color) gifts for kids with seizure disorders as a reminder that they are not alone, that they have community support. Ultimately, I’m hoping to be able to create distribution for these items to centers nationwide, but for now we’ll work with a pediatric neurology office and seizure-monitoring center here in Austin, Texas. We’ll also respond to individual requests from parents who reach out.

When you visit PurpleStitchProject.org, you’ll see information on donating, prompts to help promote through web buttons, and downloadable gift tags to include with your handmade items. You’ll also be able to access a generously sized (I hope) archive of purple project ideas via Craftsy. Here’s where I need your help.

We need pattern donations! I’m hoping that you’ll consider donating patterns for plushies, amigurumi items, scarves, beanies, small blankets, wrist warmers, and all things that children/teens would dig. Thanks to Craftsy’s amazing infrastructure, it’s easy for designers to upload these patterns and for volunteers to download them to make items for donation. In a perfect world, the pattern you donate would be of an already made/photographed purple (or purple accented) item. This does not need to be a new pattern! It can be something from your existing sites, books, mags, wherever. Really, I’m just looking for a broad enough bank of purple projects that will attract people regardless of the cause. If I can get ‘em there for the gimmick, they might stay to lend their hands. Oh, and you’ll have my undying love — although you already have it, so that may not be much of a bargaining tool on my part.

Thank you so much in advance for consideration. See below for info on submitting patterns.


The Purple Ninja, a Purple Stitch Project that's already uploaded on Craftsy!

How to upload your pattern donations for the Purple Stitch Project

1. To upload a pattern for the Purple Stitch Project, simply go here.

2. Of course, the price of the pattern is up to you, but it is highly recommended that you make these patterns free!

3. Put “Purple Stitch Project” somewhere in the title of your pattern.

4. Pat yourself on the back for contributing your time and talents to a great cause!


Please send completed projects to:

Purple Stitch Project
9901 Brodie Ln, Ste 160 #268
Austin, TX 78748