Learn All About These Beginner-Friendly Craftsy Classes!

If you're looking to jump into a new craft but don't know how, brush up on the basics, or learn totally new techniques, we've got the classes for you! These classes require no previous knowledge or skills and are a great way to begin your crafting adventures.

Quilting Quickly 
Taught by Jenny Doan

Learn all the information you need to begin quilting! In this class, instructor Jenny Doan teaches basic quilting methods and her own tips and tricks. Quilt alongside Jenny as you make several traditional quilts updated with modern assembly methods that make it oh-so-easy to create your family's next heirloom.

Quilting Quickly II
Taught by Jenny Doan

Quilting Quickly II guides intermediate quilters through several sophisticated looks, and how to easily achieve these elegant blocks. This class is the perfect next step once you've familiarized yourself with basic techniques and tools. Enroll now to create deceptively simple quilts that are truly breathtaking.

Sewing Studio
Taught by Diana Rupp

Learn to sew the right way in this wonderful beginner class. Diana teaches all you need to know, whether you're looking to freshen your skill set or embark on your sewing adventure. Learn basic sewing skills like pinning, stitching, pressing, and hemming, while you sew with Diana to create an envelope-style pillow and a beautifully tailored pencil skirt. Learn how to follow a printed pattern, how to alter your pattern, and how to add special details along the way!

Knit Lab
Taught by Stefanie Japel

Learn all the knitting basics from knit author, designer, and teacher Stefanie Japel. This class begins with essentials lessons for new knitters, including how to choose supplies, cast on, purl, and bind off, while you make a fun and easy scarf. Learn how to make a buttonhole, knit lace, block, seam, and much more!

Crafty Crochet Embellishments
Taught by Linda Permann

Learn how to crochet flowers, lacy trims, intricate edges, and much more in this beginner crochet class, taught by Linda Permann, crochet author and designer. Add one-of-a-kind details to any project using the easy crochet methods taught in this class. Linda teaches seven simple techniques to trim, edge, and adorn.

Rigid Heddle Weaving 
Taught by Angela Tong

In this class, Angela teaches the basics of weaving and how to bring together different yarns and fabrics for a totally unique look. Make clothes, accessories, home decor, and much more with these versatile weaving techniques! Learn how to set up, use, and maintain a variety of looms, create a warp, calculate correct yardage, and much more!



I am a sewing 101 teacher and I love to refer the first time sewers to Diana Rupp’s Sewing Studio as homework for when they leave my class! It is really a great class for building up skills!

Sharon Allen

Always wanted to learn how to quilt. It is on my bucket list.

A. Susan Miller

I would love to find someone in my area to help me learn to quilt. I think that this would be great to do, unfortunately I’ve looked into some groups in Louisville and they meet in the summers when it’s inconvenient. Once school start it will help with football schedule running.

Thanks if anyone can help me.


Hi there,

I understand your dilemma of not being about to find a quilting class offered at the right time in your area. Luckily, Craftsy offers some great beginner level quilting courses that you can find at these links:
Quilting Quickly: http://www.craftsy.com/social_9
Quilting Quickly II: http://www.craftsy.com/social_18

Once you enroll in a course, its yours to watch whenever you want, wherever you want, and as many times as you want! Hopefully this will help solve the problem of not being able to locate a quilting class close by. If you have any other questions, let us know!


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