A Very Sweet Deal: Hourglass Wrap Pattern and Yarn Kit

Talk about an amazing and fun deal! This Craftsy exclusive is inclusive in that it has the pattern AND the yarn!

The Hourgalss Wrap is nothing short of beautiful, and this package gives you what you need to know how to make it, plus the yarn that you'll use to make it with. The 20% discount is certainly not bad, either! But you've got to hurry because our supplies are limited. This is your opportunity to pick up four skeins of Universal Yarn/Wisdom Yarns Poems Puzzle in 301 Embers colorway PLUS Knitters Magazine 105, Winter 2012 featuring Erica Patberg's Hourglass Wrap pattern.

Take advantage of this deal now!


chris brooks

Love the look of this hourglass wrap, need the pattern!

jo forbes

would like to buy the pattern and the yarn. Colors are beautiful and the wrap looks soft. Jo

Rhoda Weyr

I’m trying to create this pattern with knitting in the round, rather than with infinite lengths of I-cord. Right now I’m trying alternate 3-or-so-inches of stockinette with the same in reverse stockinette, on the theory that that will cause some bulging and rounding. Each set of alternate stockinette and reverse stockinette is in different colors. In case you think I’m trying to use up stash…… um, yes…. If anyone has a different approach I would LOVE to know. I just know I’m not going to do miles of i-cord (and then SEW them together…..!)

rosalie blue

I like your idea.. and I would like to know how it turned out. I would not sew strips together either. ~Rosalie~


Please publish an App for this it will make it easier for us IPod users


Rhoda, the beauty of this pattern is it’s simplicity. The yarn (Poems Puzzle) is actually a preknit, super bulky I-cord. The seaming technique used cleverly saves time by picking up 2 sts on each side. You could easily finish the wrap in a weekend. Not to mention the yarn is so cozy. It really is lovely to cuddle in to!

Good luck with your project! And happy knitting!
Erica Patberg


This pattern calls for Poems Puzzle @ 60m/200g and yet the Diamond Yarns website (Canadian Distributor) has it as 30m/100g. Anyone know why?

Shawn Schumacher

Hi I just bought this pattern and I am trying to figure out what it means by picking up the stiches and the decrease… Any help?


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