April Is Gardening Month!

Since April is Gardening Month---and since it's almost halfway through already---we'd be remiss if we didn't talk about it a little bit. A quick informal poll of everyone here at Craftsy HQ says that 100% of everybody in the world A) knows that gardens are awesome, and B) either has one, or, C) really, deep down (even if they don't even know it) wishes they had one. To those people (which, according to our non-scientific study, is everyone in the entire universe), we say: GOOD NEWS! Craftsy has gardening pretty well covered.

Of course, you could take an online class. In fact, we have two of them---each taught by an expert from Better Homes and Gardens. And they not only know homes and gardens, but they know BETTER homes and gardens. Better is good! (Actually, better is more than good; it's, well, better.) Even if the garden you desire is no bigger than a tiny container on your tabletop, we can show you the way. Check them out!

Container Gardening: Fresh Ideas for Creative ContainersGarden Fresh: Grow Your Own Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs

But then there are the non-gardening aspects of gardening. For instance, what will you wear when you go gardening? This is an excellent question, and conveniently, we have an answer: Check out the Patterns section. Type "garden" into the search box, and check out all the great results you get! One of our favorites is definitely this Gardening Cardigan (which almost rhymes, but not quite; and that's okay, because it's gardening month, not poetry month).

Appropriately, this "Gardening Cardigan" is green!

But enough about us: How will YOU be celebrating Gardening Month? Tell us in the comments!


James V. Guptill

I love to garden and one of the top things on my list to do is get my com post pile or worm bin com poster turned and add it to my gardens.You can almost hear your plants and flowers saying thank you.
Happy gardening everyone!!


I love to garden. This month, when not raining, I was planting all the annuals. Pink, pink, pink! I have also been cleaning up around the plants and yard. Then I began taking photos! Got some very nice ones! I am country gardening on Pinterest. I posted. Go take a look. Have a wonderful spring! Janice


I love to garden! this is my 3rd year and my yard is getting better and better!!

Ruth Scheidler

I’m not really wild about gardening, since it requires time and effort to dig holes, water, fertilize and pull weeds, Mainly I love PICKING AND EATING FRESH STUFF. But I found a solution. Each fall I shred most of the leaves that fall in our shady, cool yard, and dump those that must be raked onto our fenced in garden. When it’s still very chilly, I poke sugar snap pea pod seeds into the dirt next to the fence, under a light blanket of last year’s leaves. Later, when the earth is warmed by the lovely May sunshine, I dig holes through the leaves and into the dirt, poke in tomato, pepper, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash and sometimes watermelon and cantaloup plants. During the hot summer months, the thick layer of rotting leaves hold in the moisture, and prevent weeds. And when the sweet, crispy pea pods are but a memory, the vegetables wait for picking and eating, unless the fuzzy but rotten rabbits beat me to them.


Brilliant. I like to garden ,too, but can’t stand the low back pain of weeding. Your solution just might be the ticket!! Good luck and thanks for the idea!


Actually, April is National Poetry Month. 😉 Nonetheless, really looking forward to having a container garden this year!


This year I seem to be gardening on the warm days, and beating a quick retreat to my wool and needles when it starts snowing… Luckily my little garden is sheltered, and my seedlings seems to be surviving the erratic weather.


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