The Latest Pattern Mystery: This One Is for the “Books”!

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I believe you Craftsy members are pretty much “batting a thousand” when it comes to solving pattern mysteries (that’s baseball talk for 100%). And that’s why I present you with this one, which I believe may be the toughest one yet. This came to us in the form of a letter to the editor. Her name is Eddi, and she seeks a pattern for…a book!

Dear Editor,

Yes, I was wondering if anyone has a pattern for those children books where they teach you how to use a zipper, button a coat, or tie your shoes. My daughters had one when they were little and several people have asked if I could make their grandbabies one of those, as they can’t seem to find them in the store anymore. Thank you so very much.


Craftsy members: Can you “book” the pattern and close the case? I bet you can. Help Eddi and provide, or point her towards, a pattern to help her make a how-to children’s book by leaving a comment!


  1. Colleen says:

    These books are often called “busy books”. A while ago I did a round-up of free busy book tutorials on my blog for one of my weekly Freebie Friday posts. Here’s the link directly to the post:
    I hope that helps…

  2. patricia dunn says:

    the books are very easy to make. you really don’t need a pattern. just sew a zipper,snap ,shoe lace or what ever you want to teach the child on a piece of cloth the size you want the book to be then double it like you were making a pot holder . appl. a picture on the front . sew the book together. easy as pie.

  3. GAYLE says:

    Thought you might be interested in this website, I am going to make my little granddaughter one here is the link

  4. Raewyn says:

    I make these books using machine embroidery to make it interesting for children to discover. They are easy to do. Just use your imagination to come up with different ways to show children how to learn. My books are called My Can Do books and I have a picture of them under Decocrafts.

  5. Cindy Frantzen says:

    There are many different ones out there…”Busy Books”. I’ve seen patterns on Pinterest, Clotilde, etc. If you google Busy books you get a whole bunch.

  6. laura neu says:

    I made the “I Can Do It Activity Book” last year for my grandson. You can find the pattern at and likely other places like (sp). I had fun making it!

  7. Martha Varino says:

    I have seen them at Clotilde & Nancy’s Notions. Hope this help. I made these for my grandkids. You can also make th alphabet ones…just make your own appliques for the letters. I did these too.

  8. Wanda Loughridge says:

    Keepsake Quilting has 2 book patterns called Quiet Books Web sight
    I have made many of these books & they are fun to make. Wanda

  9. Arlene says:

    Here’s a link to a pattern which helps kids with their alphabet. Not quite what you’re looking for but similar and looks really nice.

    I have a book that was made for my son when he was born (almost 30 years ago) and I think it was a Vogue pattern and it is wonderful….A Giraffe with a zipper down his neck, a Lion with a mane you can practice braiding hair on etc….shoe tying and more…

  10. Gayle Matloff says:

    Here is another pattern

    Hope this helps.


  11. TeMP says:

    I made one of those for my kids about, um, 27 years ago! I believe I used a Vogue sewing pattern for it. Or Butterick, or one of the others… at any rate, check at a fabric store for one! Good Luck! It was a labor of love, believe me! :)

  12. Brenda says:

    I have that pattern but it is out on loan. The pattern is “SIMPLICITY #3709″ I am not sure if it is still in print if not look at the out-of-print patterns. The pages include play peek-a-boo, jingle bells in the bow tie, crinkle the wings, tie the shoe, learn to button, walk the dog, learn to zipper, look for a surprise in a nest. I also made a feel the fuzzy bear (using a cut out of a bear and fake fur), feel the the smooth window (using a clear piece of thick plastic with a photo of children playing outside or a cut out picture from a magazine.), and look at me or the baby (I used a plastic mirror from and old discarded pocketbook) this one was a hit with my other grand child and the other children that I made them for. I am going to make one in a few months one for my new grand baby, I am going to put her name on each page. Example on the mirror page I will say something like this “look at Clara, and on the front page I will say “Clara’s How to Book”. I hope this will help.

  13. Lindy says:

    I would be glad to put pix on my Blog showing the blast from the past book I made for my kids 30+years ago. We called it their quiet book and reserved it for church service times only to keep it special. The final page had treats…usually raisins as reward. Now my grand daughter loves it!

  14. Georgia says:

    Here’s a link to a a set of directiions for this book…

  15. PaT says:

    Craft Course Publishers How to Sew A Quiet Book has a book I used to get ideas for a book I made for a granddaughter about 8 years ago. It was her favorite book and could only be taken to church. I fixed it so it had carrying handles like a lunch pail. Her younger sister loved it too. Used patterns from children’s coloring books, too. Velcro has helped with making the little pieces stick and not get lost. Good luck and have fun with it.

  16. Bobbi says:

    Modest Maven offers a free pattern and instructions on her blog:

  17. Laura says:

    The Sew Baby website( )has cute baby and children patterns. If you go to their patterns and look in the sidebar there is a category for Soft Books And Toys. I think they have what you’re looking for on the last page.

  18. I’ve been working on just such a project! I uploaded a pattern to Craftsy today for a Toddler’s Activity Book featuring 8 activities on 5 pages – buttons, snaps, zipper, hook & eye, marble maze, holes maze, and laces. I hope it’s what you were looking for!

  19. Joanne Schwandes says:

    In about 1950, my mother’s first cousin, Kay Clark, published ALL BY HIMSELF and ALL BY HERSELF – books like those described in the initial question above. Cousin Kay gave my brother and me each a copy from the first printing. Unfortunately, they are long gone. The illustrations and the story line in poetry were delightful. I practiced tying a bow know in that book and loved folding the little hankie and tucking it in the pocket. Happy memories! I just googled both titles and found them available from at least one bookseller. Would love to see what other readers produce!

  20. Trudy Ruch says:

    There is actually a company in Canada that makes those books. At last look, they were sold out. I found it on

  21. Janice Walsh says:
    This company has free pattern for a fabrick book for nursery age children.All patterns are downloades in Adobe format

  22. Linda Rupprecht says:

    I have a book called “26 Lively Letters” by barbara Willaims & Carol Grunsmann and published by Taplinger Publishing Company. The alphabet is represented with appropriate items that have an action for the child to do. Maybe this will help. Might be available on

  23. Linda Rupprecht says:

    can’t type authors are Barbara Williams and Carol Grundmann.

  24. Linda Rupprecht says:

    I just went to and it is available there.

  25. Laurie says:

    34 Years ago I found a Vogue Pattern for just such a book. I made one for a friend’s first child and have just finished making one for each of my first two grand children. Here is the information off the pattern envelope: IT’S A ZOO full of teaching pets! Pattern # 1959. I have not seen it in any of their catalogues for years, nor have I seen another pattern as fanciful and fun. I doubt this will be of much help – other than to encourage you to keep looking.