Win this Baby Blanket by Craftsy Workshop Designer, Sheila Z!

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Sheila Z (aka Creative Design) is the designer and instructor behind the Craftsy workshop Classic Cabled Cowl. She just contacted us to let us know that she’s running a giveaway, and wanted to do it right here on Craftsy. We loved the idea, and we think you will, too.

Here are the details straight from Sheila herself:

I am happy to announce my first giveaway right here on Craftsy! Win this beautiful Crocheted Reversible Baby Blanket:

Perfect for any baby boy or girl! This beautiful blanket is perfect for the stroller! Baby stays warm, protected and the blanket won’t get caught in the wheels! It measures approx. 30″ X 30″.(76cm x 76cm) Great size for the crib or toddler bed as well!

It is hand crocheted, lovingly by me in a yummy chocolate brown! Very chunky, cuddly and cozy as I use a great amount of yarn!

The cotton fabric side is a great depiction of hand drawn pea pods in chocolate brown with the words “sweet heart”, “sweet pea” and “little pea pod” scattered about on a soft yellow background! April birth flower is Sweet Pea!

It is meticulously hand sewn to the thick yarn side with strong button thread.

Bits of yarn are hand tied to keep the two sides of the blanket together. This blanket is thick, chunky and warm! A wonderful year round gift for newborns to toddlers! A must for the colder weather and very useful for the chilly air conditioned spots as well!

To win this Creative Design blanket, all you have to do is leave a comment why you love Handmade Crafts and a winner will be chosen at random! Be sure to add your email address or Craftsy name so I can get in touch with you! Giveaway ends 3-3-12! The giveaway is for USA residents only. I’ll post another giveaway soon to include our Craftsy friends across the sea!


  1. Sue Peterson says:

    I love Handmade Crafts because they represent someone’s love and caring. I also like that they are unique – no one has something exactly like it because it was Handmade!

    1. Jackie says:

      The gorgeous handmade baby is a tribute to all of us who knit and sew! I would love to honor the newest baby in our heartstring family–a little baby in japan conceivedduring the awful earthquakes and tsunamis that we’ve almost forgotten about…since my vision has deteriorated greatly this year, I would be thrilled to pass alone a heart sister yarndancer’s work and spirit.

  2. Jennifer Pesetsky says:

    I’m OrangeJennifer on Craftsy. I love handmade crafts for so many reasons. I love the peace it brings me to craft. I love being creative and thinking about what I want to make. I love giving handmade gifts because they are one of a kind and truly personal. I love crafting for my daughter because she is at an age where she loves everything I make for her.

  3. Amy W says:

    Handmade gifts are not only great because they’re unique, but by buying and/or making gifts it takes support away from mass-producing companies that often use cheap/child labor! Of course, handmade is always more adorable than store-bought, but that’s a given :)

  4. Phyllis Crossett says:

    Love to make and give hand made items, whether its to family or friends. As far as I’m concerned it shows how much you really care. Always looking for new projects to make and if I don’t win, I’m still going to try making this beautiful quilt.

  5. I love handmade crafts because I enjoy making things to give away. When I am on the receiving end, I love the thought that someone has put a piece of themselves into what they created, love. It is a good feeling. Your quilt is such a neat idea, love it. Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. Melba says:

    Hand made gifts are crafted with TLC and that care lasts forever. My grandmother made a baby quilt for my son, now his daughter has it to cherish. You baby blanket is lovely.

  7. Jamie says:

    Handmade crafts are so special because of the thought and love put into every inch. This blanket is amazing! The colors are great! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Ashley M-A says:

    Handmade crafts come from the heart. It comes from the enjoyment of making something beautiful, and the thrill of giving it to someone who will love it as much as you loved making it. =) I love handmade gifts because they are more authentic than store bought. And I appreciate the love someone put into making the craft.

  9. Debby, Chester NY says:

    I love handmade gifts because they truly come from the heart. Time is more precious than money, so when someone puts in the time to make something handmade it holds much more value in my opinion.


  10. Katie Coon says:

    I love handmade crafts because each one has within it a part of the one who made it so
    not only do you see the craft itself each time you look at it but you also see a part of the person who made it.

  11. Judy LeVang says:

    Handmade gifts have so much love and care in them, It makes the recipent feel special! Each handmade project is unique because it is handmade.

  12. Nadine B says:

    I love handmade gifts. I think they are so much more personal than generic item #5 you can pick up from wal-mart. I am currently in the process of making things for my upcoming nephew and I know that when I see those on him that they are from me. And when he and my niece (she has many handmade things from me already) grow up and see those pictures, they will know that their aunt cared about them.

  13. Leisa says:

    I love Handmade Crafts for they keep me sane

  14. Rhoda MacMaster says:

    I love homemade gifts. They wear well and are a keepsake.

  15. Christina Parrish says:

    That is beautiful. This is the first one I have ever seen. You are very talented.

  16. Sharone W. says:

    I like homemade crafts because they are personal. I still have the quilt my grandmother made me when I was 3 years old. It is worn and tattered but the memory that she made it with me in mine will not allow me to let it go. I am now 37 years old.

  17. Mindy says:

    I love handmade gifts. Especially for babies. My first grandchild (a girl) will be joining our family in April.

  18. Susan says:

    I love gifting handmade crafts because they represent something of the creator/giver and of the recipient. Their meaning is timeless…the love and warmth of handmade crafts is tangible. The process of making handmade crafts is just as important as the end result! And handmade crafts create community, and what’s not to love about that? :)

  19. Joanne says:

    Anything one can do with their hands is something I do not take for granted. We are so very blessed to have the learning capability to learn a craft. I know I always appreciate it when I get a handmade gift because I know a lot of time, caring, and love has gone into it!

    And if you are not able to hand craft a gift there could still be a lot of time, caring, and love put into it :)

  20. Natasha langston says:

    I LOVE anything homemade, I try to make as much as I can for gifts because making thing like this is a dying art that I want to carry on! It would be nice to recieve something homemade myself :)

  21. Christine Hermes says:

    I love hand crafted gifts. When I craft something for someone there is love in every stitch I make. When I receive something handcrafted it’s cherished in my home and I hope to pass them along to my children.

  22. Rosa M says:

    I looooove Handmade crafts!! It inspires me to do more & gives me great ideas. Who doesn’t love a handmade gift?!

    -Rosa :)

  23. june wetzstein says:


    1. David says:

      Hi June! Did you mean to post this in the “sewist” blog post?

  24. Kerri says:

    How beautiful and inspiring this is :) I have a neighbour who is having a baby in five weeks and this would be a beautiful gift! All I have to do is make a little teddy bear hat to go with it. I love the uniqueness of handmade crafts! Things are never the same. God bless!

  25. Gayle J says:

    I love homemade stuff. Mostly I love making stuff, but I have been busy and this summer I will have 2 new grandchildren to make something for. So if I win this one I will only have one more to make. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. Kathleen Kellenbenz says:

    I would love to win this blanket it is beautiful, one of my grandbabies would love it

  27. vicki richey says:

    I love handmade because of the Love and care that goes into each piece. And to see the joy it brings to others when they know it was made special just for them!!!

  28. Wendy Coulthard says:

    original one-off items made for special people to use and keep forever as a memory from the one that loves them forever and always

  29. Carrie O says:

    I love handmade crafts because they are a reflection of our authentic selves. We aren’t all the same and what we create is never the same twice. They are as beautifully unique as each of us. And to share them with others is to share our unique authentic selves.

  30. Dara says:

    I love handmade crafts bc it shows the individuals love and dedication in each project finished :)

  31. michael border says:

    I love Handmade Crafts because they truely a gift from the heart!!!

  32. Kay Moss says:

    I love handmade items..I love making and giving them because they are from the heart and made with love! I would love to receive handmade things..tha blanket is beautiful..thanks for the giveaway..also I love Craftsy!

  33. Sister Lori says:

    I prefer handmade crafts and products because of the time and effort put into them and the quality is far superior to the manufactured, cookie cutter, automated assembly line product. The warmth and passion of a handcrafted item shows in every stitch, every angle, every creation.

    God be with thee!
    Sister Lori

  34. DEBBIE ZEGALIA says:

    I love handcrafted items…They are a sign of love…I know how long it takes to make something…and if someone gives me a handmade gift…I know they were definately thinking of me with all their heart…

  35. Sandra Hutchinson says:

    Love, Love this blanket. so pretty and sweet.

  36. Darcell brown says:

    It keeps me sane and I love to create and work with my hands.

  37. Linda Curutchet says:

    Handcrafted items are the best to leave a legacy to all our grand & great grandchildren of how much we cared for them..And they last forever so now they have something to pass down to their own children that was moms or dads when they were young!!

  38. Maria says:

    I love the meaning behind the crafts. We take Si much time and effort and especially make them with the love that person inspires in us.

  39. Rose says:

    This blanket is very beautiful. The colours make it ideal for boy or girl, plus living in the wet and grey skies of the Pacific Northwest it would keep my new grandson warm on his moms daily walks. (They live at the coast). So this grandma would just love to give this wonderful blanket to him with great pride. The workmanship was very good. Thank you for the posting of giving me the chance of winning something that would become a lovely blanket that could be passed in my sons family.

  40. Sarah G says:

    This blankie is adorable! I love handmade gifts. I love bragging to all my friends that “so and so made this” and it makes me feel loved because I know they took time away from their busy day to think of me!

  41. Barbara Pelzer says:

    handmade gifts show your love, my daughter ,grandson and new baby on the way live in england- its easier to send money or a gift card. but when i make something for them they can wrap themselves in it and know that i’m giving them a hug whenever they need it. they can see & feel the love no matter how far away they are.

  42. Beth says:

    I love Handmade Crafts because making them gives me something fun and useful to do. Receiving them is wonderful too because it means that someone spent time making something special that I get to use.

  43. Lindy White says:

    I love hand-made crafts, especially those of a vintage nature, because whether the giver or recipient, the craft becomes a time-machine and transports you to another time and place and allows you to experience a by-gone era, if only for a brief moment. PRICELESS!

  44. Kelbi says:

    This is a beautiful blankey! We will not know the sex of our baby until the big day so it’s the kind of thing I’ve been on the lookout for. We have always treasured Hand-made gifts, so much more so than anything manufactured and store bought, because you can FEEL the love in them!! And unless the maker is just a perfectionist, they are always unique to themselves with the little ‘flaws’ and idiosyncrasies in them making them so special.

  45. Shoham says:

    At first sight you know someone put a little bit of themselves into a handmade project. And that is why I love handmade and always seem to have to handle the item and share in their energy and creativity.

  46. karen Hampton says:

    I love handmade items because they are each individual and unique, just like us. We are all different in our own way, and deserve to own a beautiful, handmade unique gift, made with love and care…

  47. beth says:

    I love Handmade Crafts because they are handmade crafts that may or may not be perfect which makes them makes them absolutely perfect !

  48. sandi davis says:

    i love hand made items and make a lot myself. i have a rather large family, kids, grand kids and great grandkids, so i am busy a lot making things. plus the toys i make for the kitties and my puppy. handmade is always better then boughten, as it shows love and careing

  49. elaine powell says:

    A handmade gift shows you took time and did it with love for the recepient. You can complete crafts in colors that compliment the decor of recepient. i enjoy seeing a finished product and knowing that I was able to do it.

  50. Karen Kenyon says:

    I love handmade crafts because it shows the person cares to take the time to make it, not just run to the store and grab something. Crafters are unique people. They are always thinking of how to make things, very creative. I for one feel more alive when I am creating something by either knitting, crocheting, sewing or painting something. I love to make gifts for my friends and family because I feel like I’m giving part of me.

  51. Sue says:

    I belong to a group of great ladies who meet every week. We all are addicted to handmade crafts. We just sent 16 crocheted/knitted scarves to Special Olympics. Our next project is chemocaps for 2 hospitals in our state. We will be donating a quilt to the local YMCA to help them raise needed funds. Through handmade crafts, we have become a close “knit” support group who think of each other as sisters.

  52. Toni Schilz says:

    I love home made crafts because they say LOVE. Whoever gets the item knows that it was made from love. It’s always a good thing to share love.

  53. Myra Duhon says:

    I love handmade gifts. They are truly from the heart. I made an afghan for someone that I had trouble connecting with. Each stitch was carefully crafted with prayer. By the end of the project, my attitude toward that person completely changed and our relationship was much more positive and rewarding for us both.

  54. Handmade things are the absolute best! I am a crafty person and I love to share my crafts as well as others. It fills me with such pride to share something that someone made with such love.

  55. Corrina Ricke says:

    I love hand made gifts. When I am creating a gift for my children, friends, or family, I feel like I’m going back to my roots, to the days of my grandparents, where making gifts was the norm. I feel so wonderful when I see the things I created being played with, and used by the people I love. My baby was born on Feb. 10th. When she came home, she was wrapped in a blanket I had sewn, and a hat I had crocheted was on her head, keeping her warm. I felt and feel so blessed.

  56. Marie C. says:

    I love handmade crafts because they are a tangible, physical way to see the love and care that goes into a project. When I receive a handmade craft, I treasure it because someone thought of and cared for me or my children to make it. I love seeing and feeling someone’s special talent with materials.

  57. I love Handmade Crafts because they bring me JOY as I put items together a stitch at a time!

  58. Bonnie says:

    Hi Sheila,

    I love handmade gifts for many reasons. With one being that it makes you feel special to know that someone thought of you and took the time to make something just for you. I also love the idea of handmade gifts, crafts becoming a family heirloom to be shared by generation after generation. As I sit and crochet it brings back many memories of watching my NANA crochet and share her beautiful afghans with family members. And then as I got older to teach me to crochet, its a memory I can hold dear now that she is no longer here. I love to think of new crafts that I can use to share with my friends and families. Handmade gifts jsut make you feel special and makes you feel like you are sharing a part of yourselves with others. If God has blessed you with a gift , you should use it to make someone else smile.

  59. Vicki says:

    What a great baby blanket! Homemade is this best for quality and creativity.

  60. Celia Erickson says:

    Handmade Crafts are so special…and so inspiring to me. The blanket is darling. Thank you for posting and giving me an opportunity to have one of my very own!!!

  61. Diana says:

    I love handmade things I make them myself or I buy handmade things, but this very beautyfull I would give this to my next grandchild and hope this Blanket keeps on going on.

  62. Judy says:

    I love hand-made items! I would rather have a personal gift from the heart than something picked up at the last minute. I love this idea and am glad you shared! Even if I don’t win, I would like to try this for my kids! thanks!

  63. Heather says:

    I love handmade crafts because you can make it however you want it, and it will be unique. I think they make great gifts too! It shows you took a little extra time, and thought to make something unique. It’s extra special!

  64. Vicki says:

    I love handmade things. Never to a kind! Love this baby blanket too.

  65. Pauline says:

    Handmade items are memories. When I think of the handmade items I have from my childhood they include mittens and hats from my Gran, a Raggy Ann and Andy dolls from an Aunt .. Christmas oraments… and a hooked rug I helped my Grandmother complete. I remember she had labels to sew into items .. Handmade by Grandma with love. I adore making baby booties, hats, and blankets for the babies in my family. I want them to have the special items from me that can’t exist from something purchased off a registry.

  66. Barbara Martin says:

    So few people have the time or inclination for homemade crafting these days. I learned to crochet 40 years ago – gave it up when my child was young – and am now – in my retirement – enjoying it again. I love to see how creative other people are. I would have never thought to add a backing to a crocheted blanket. This is so clever and so nicely done. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  67. Becky Ball says:

    I love handmade crafts…especially knitted or crocheted. It brings me such pleasure to snuggle on my couch with a soft ball of yarn in my lap, and needles ready to disappear into my own little relaxing world. Each project that I complete is a part of me, and brings me such joy to share that with someone else.

  68. Linda says:

    Handmade gifts say love !

  69. Juliana T says:

    I love hand made crafts because they are all unique and show the love put into them.

  70. Nicole Morrison says:

    I love Homemade Crafts because it leaves a legacy for my children. I still have crocheted blankets from my grandparents, and treasure them more each time I use them.

  71. Fara Kaufman says:

    When you make something by hand, it is something that people will fondly remember you for long after you are gone.

  72. SK says:

    I love handmade crafts simply because there is so much thoughtfulness and love put into each object made.

  73. PAT OVERDORF says:

    I love making & giving handmade crafts to my family & friends. Over the years I have made 100+ baby afghans , along with crochet towels & coasters as gifts. What a great rewarding enjoyment.

  74. Pam Spell says:

    Handmade Crafts come from the heart. The soul and spirit of the artist is in each stitch. When you are a craftsman, people tend to not share their handmade treasures with you. I worked at a wonderful needlecraft shop here in the great state of Mississippi for years, sharing and comparing notes, correcting mistakes. I felt as if I had a part in every piece of work that left the store. They are indeed treasures!

  75. Di Brown says:

    I love crafting. It gives me pleasure to produce something unique and original with my own hands.

  76. diane britten says:

    Craftsy is the place I go to when I am tired of all the “automatic” things of this world.. Everything on this site is a reflection of someones true soul. I have gotten new inspiration from a lot of people on here to add to my list of things to do when I retire. Right now I am a crocheter and expecting both a grandbaby and a great-grandbaby this summer and am looking forward to making things for them,which I am sure a lot of ideas will come from here.I am so glad you have this site.

  77. Becky Watters says:

    I love handmade crafts because they show that someone cared enough to take the time to make something just for you (your baby, etc.). I love that the items are unique and something to save and/or pass on. The memories handcrafted items bring back about the person who made it, are irreplaceable.

  78. Lbyrn says:

    Handmade gifts are love, and boy would my new grandson love this!!

  79. Debbie Sowers says:

    Creating a crocheted item for for some one gives you as the creator of the item a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Giving that item a sense of great joy. Seeing the happiness in the face of the one receiving it. For in each stitch, you weave love into it. To know that that baby blanket you made for your own child is now using that same blanket for their own child gives you a feeling you cant describe. and to know that that same blanket will be passed down their baby and so on, you know you will always be remembered and not forgotten.
    There is nothing like giving a gift that gives a part of you to the person receiving it.

  80. Lorraine Strohkirch says:

    I would love to win this wonderful blanket for my very first granddaughger. Only sibling out of 5 and had to wait 37 years..but she is beautiful…thank you sharing this as a gift for someonel Lorraine

  81. Sandra Love says:

    I love Handmade Crafts because they are personal and made with a whole lotta love.
    Good Luck ALL!

  82. Peggy V says:

    Handmade crafts represent the days gone by. So much of stuff is purchased without thought of what it is or the effort put into it and we are losing the art of handmade for the convenience and instant gratification of store brought. Handmade crafts as gifts become so much than just a gift, they are individual works of art that convey to recipient that not only did you think of them, but spent time for them.

  83. Brenda Moffitt says:

    I love crafts because they are so personel. One of a kind to keep forever:)

  84. Shannon Rasmussen says:

    Handmade things bring me back 30 years, when my grandma taught me how to crochet. I’m teaching my 10 year old now. What an awesome thing.

  85. Therese says:

    I love handmade crafts because they reflect the love that went into it. Almost no one ever makes me anything because they think I can make it myself, which may be true, but I think I also appreciate it more because I know the effort that went into it.

  86. Gail H. says:

    I treasure anything someone takes the time to make for me. My grandmother used to apologize for giving me homemade gifts instead of bought ones because she couldn’t afford to buy something. I still have everything she made me today in my home. She taught me to love making things, especially crochet. Being a crafter myself, I know better than many the time that is put into making something and the love that goes with it!

  87. Michelle Olson says:

    I love to gift Handmade Crafts because it is like sharing a part of yourself with the recipient. Usually there is an inspiration behind a handmade gift and it becomes part of the “story” of the piece.

    Beautiful blanket, by the way..looks like it would be really fun to make…you know, if you wanted to do a class or something (hint, hint) … :)

  88. Dawn says:

    I love handmade crafts because it shows that person put their own love and time and efforts to make it for someone special to enjoy. Putting a person’s time and thoughts into making something for someone is a precious commodity. It’s like putting your thoughts and love into it. Not to mention making handmade crafts is very enjoyable and therapeutic and fun to do with others.

  89. Stephanie Grantham says:

    I love handmade crafts because when I’m knitting it reminds me of my grandma, who taught me to knit and everything is made with love. I enjoy seeing the joy in someone’s face when they receive something I have made that they know was made especially for them. You just can’t buy the quality you get when you get a handmade craft and sometimes a one-of-a-kind item.

  90. Brenda Moffitt says:

    Love Crafts Personel and last a lifetime…

  91. Roni Nitcher says:

    I love Handmade crafts because you can personalize the same pattern in so many different ways. When you receive a handmade gift you feel you are special, It is so much more personal than grabbing something off a shelf. I love making things and thinking about the person you are making something for. It is a good way to reflect on how important those people are in your life.

  92. Donna Salinas says:

    Handmade crafts Rock! I love giving them and some of my most treasured possessions were made for me by talented, loving friends.

  93. WyoNana says:

    We all know how busy everyone is and nothing says love and caring like the gift of time. Knowing someone took the time to create something special for me makes the gift even more cherished.

  94. Verna Coleman says:

    I love home made gifts. I love getting them and making them. I have never tried a double blanket like this, but it looks fabulous !

  95. Dawn G. says:

    Why you love Handmade Crafts: I love the uniqueness of handmade crafts. They cannot be mass-produced, and if they are, well, the quality lacks. I love other’s crafts because it teaches me that something unique is possible for me to recreate, and I love my own crafts because I love putting love into them.
    Craftsy Name: Bronowyn

  96. SHERYL MATTE says:

    This blanket is so cute! I love to crochet but never thought about putting a cloth backing. God gave me the talent of crocheting and so I pass my creations on as much as I can. I pray while crocheting that who ever gets this item will be covered with prayer! I will have to try and put some backings on my blankets. Thanks for the idea! God Bless!

  97. Mary-Ellen Wiggins says:

    Simply put…Homemade Crafts say LOVE and I haven’t met a person yet who wouldn’t love to have a homemade item…it’s made with the recipient in mind and that speaks volumes..

  98. Libby Bays says:

    I love homemade items because they are made with love and better made than mass manufactured items. Our family done an all homemade gifts for Christmas and it was amazing what we all could do!!!

  99. Beth says:

    I found out recently that I’m going to be both a grandmother to one and a Great-grandmother to twins this year. So I would love to make them all special things. I love to do crafts but with my disability( RSD) I can’t do things like I used to. I takes me forever now to make anyhing with my left hand and arm not working right and numb and hurting. Bu I just have to do things a little bit at a time and finish when I can. That afghan/blanket sure looks beautiful…I would love to have directions!

  100. Tammy Basden says:

    I love hand made crafts because So much more thought and love goes into them. Anyone can go to local store and get something but. Luvmade crafts are the best

  101. Susan Darling says:

    Because you care enough to give the very best…a part of yourself….every project incorporates a part of the person who makes it.

  102. Jolayne Cooper says:

    I have 3 grandchildren and I love to make things for them. I love this blanket idea and am already thinking about how I will do my next project. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  103. Kay Black says:

    I’ve loved home-made crafts since my mother sat me down beside her and taught me how to do the “loving things” (i.e. sew , embroidery, quilt, can, knit, crochet) a mother does for her family. Those times together and the items we made together are a cherished treasure that would mean nothing to a stranger, but the world to me. Thanks Mom for caring and for giving me a tradition to pass on to my own children and grandchildren. :)

  104. Denice says:

    I love homemade crafts. To me it shows how much care was put into a gift. anyone can purchase a gift, but a handmade gift is from the heart.

  105. Marsha C. says:

    February 24, 2012 at 8:08am

    I would love to win this beautiful blanket as I have a new little grand baby that would fit perfect in it in her bed or stroller. Handmade gifts come from the heart, they show love and time spent creating it. They take many hours to make and are a beautiful gift coming from love. They are a treasured gift that can be handed down from generation to generation or just loved by the holder of the gift. Thank you for making such a thoughtful gift to share with someone special.

  106. Valeria says:

    Este cobertor e maravilhoso!!! E gostaria de ganhar este cobertos porque serei avo daqui 5 meses.
    Eu amo artesanato, em primeiro porque me tira o stress, depois porque sei que o que fazemos e unico, e uma criação nossa mesmo copiando de alguem ou seguindo uma receita… com nosso toque e unico.
    Muita Paz e muita Luz,

  107. JULIAKBURNS says:


  108. Lexi D. says:

    I absolutely love homemade crafts of any kind. The message that comes with a homemade craft is unlike any other. It’s a testament to the genuine love you feel for whoever you had in mind while making it. There is nothing in the world that compares to designing, creating and giving a gift from your heart to another! It is truly a blessing to make or receive homemade items.

  109. Mary Ann Martin says:

    Handmade gifts are such a treasure for a baby. My new granddaughter would love this!

  110. Nicki G says:

    Because so much time and effort and LOVE have gone into them. Making them more precious than any store bought item.

  111. Cindy says:

    I love hand made gifts because they are made with love just for you, or whoever you give them to. A one of kind special gift!

  112. Latisha Ruff says:


  113. Freda McCarty says:

    Being a Mom, Grandma, and Gr-Grandma, my family appreciate my Hand Made Crochet Gifts. One Grandson declared to me to start a Baby Blanket to announce their pregnancy; who also emailed a photo of literally a “Bun in the Oven” ( a yeast bun, that is). HOW CUTE!

  114. Dolores Gornick says:

    Doing crafts has always made me feel good about myself. Making something for someone who will know that I cared enough to give. It has this personal thing that is shared, a unique and one of a kind thing that will bring memories, and passed on, it’s an ORIGINAL…

  115. Davina says:

    When I am making an item, I think of the person I am making it for. So there is time and effort expended. It all generates a warmth that is tangable. Honestly there is more happiness in giving than in recieving.

  116. Debi says:

    Handmade = love. Whether it’s my love crocheted into every stitch or my love in selecting something real that has taken someone’s time and energy and attention to create, love is shown and given.

    Also, our daughter delivered a beautiful daughter last night – Elowen Dove. This would make a lovely blanket for her. We have discussed the nickname “sweet pea” for her and I made her a shirt with “sweet pea” embroidered on it in green and pink and brown.

  117. Susan Guerrieri says:

    I love this blanket and all hand-made crafts because I know that someone took the time to make this with loving hands and heart. I think of the warm loving hugs someone is getting from this blanket besides the typical warmth it brings by being a blanket. I imagine loving arms also comforting the baby besides your own arms. Thanks for your time and love making this!!!!!!

  118. Carol L. Stille says:

    Handcrafted items touch my sense of who I am and a desire to know the person that made the item. It’s personal, it’s love, it’s a caress.
    I don’t respond to sweepstakes and such, well because… I live in Iowa, this blanket is beautiful, warm and cuddly, and my grand babies are in Florida. But today found out daughter is interviewing for a job in Chicago and the crowning touch your entry deadline is 3-3-2012 just 44 years since my wedding 3-3-1968. Voicing a whole lot of hope and happiness in one sentence. Thank you Lord for my wonderful husband and children.

  119. Crystal Bell says:

    Handmade crafts are one of a kind and so much love goes into them.
    Handmade crafts are the best gift to give.
    Handmade crafts are so beautiful.
    Handmade crafts can be made specifically for the person
    Handmade crafts last forever.
    Handmade crafts are the BEST and I love making them and receiving them.

  120. Melissa says:

    That is sooooo cute. <3

  121. Melody Walls says:

    I love to give and receive hand/home made gifts because the person put their personal time and effort into making it. Every time you see it, you see LOVE.

  122. Lois Blandino says:

    Because so much love and time goes into a project! It is a labor of love!

  123. DawnMarie Helin says:

    I love Handmade for the simple reason that someone took the effort to create from the heart. I just found out that my first grandchild is on the way, so it’s handmade fromhere on in!

  124. Trisha Burkhart says:

    I love homemade crafts because it shows just how important a person is to someone to have spent the time to make something just for them. I think it shows more love than words alone can say.

  125. Carol McEvoy says:

    I LOVE handmade crafts because I know all the seeds of the soul of the artisan that are planted into the item to grow for the recipient. A connection is made in the effort, creative endeavor and giving. It cannot be measured in words or numbers but in pure love.

  126. Ingrid E Senter says:

    I crochet baby and big people afghans, and I love to do it. Many friends have enjoyed getting these gifts because they have my thoughts and prayers worked into them.

  127. joyy says:

    Hello, lovely blanket I must say first. My Craftsy name is joyy. I try to give homemade gifts as often as possable, they show that alot of thought went into them and they are from the heart. This would be a wonderful gift for my future Grandson, do to arrive in a few months.
    zthank you for the chance!!

  128. maria benitez says:

    i like handmade made proyects because it come from the deepest part of the heart for the ones you a mom and a grandma and just to look at there beautifull faces fill with joy ,thats what really matters

  129. Carol Stephenson says:

    I just love it! I have crocheted probably close to 150 baby afghans since my husband is a pastor and we give them to new babies in the church. To me, ANYTHING that is handmade means more not only to the recipient but to the giver. I pray for the little ones and their families while I crochet!

  130. Violet Lauderdale says:

    I’ve been knitting and making crafts since I was eight years old. I enjoy being creative and making items for the people I love and care about. They enjoy it too and request items over and over again. I have handmade treasures from Grandmothers and Aunts. I know blankets, clothes and other items I have made have become family treasure as well. Handmade crafts are always a great way to express your love.

  131. NANCY ISAACSON says:

    I love homemade things because i am also a crotcheter and love to make and give away things i make and see the love and appreciation on the persons face who recieve them, they know it comes from your heart and with much love.

  132. Robbyn says:

    People who make things by hand do so for at least two reasons, they love what they are doing and they care about the person they are doing it for. Therefore the item they produce will not only be infused with that love and caring but will also be of much higher quality than any store bought item. Mass produced things are poorly made and of very poor quality and are only infused with the greed of the company producing them. That is why I cherish anything handmade, from the intricate item made by the experienced crafter to the clumsily made item by the novice.

  133. Lauren Draplin says:

    My creativity Inspiration always has a jolt after a visit or three to CRAFTSY!!

  134. hope owens says:

    My new granddaughter would look beautiful wrapped up in this gorgeous blanket

  135. hi Sheila .I like handmade crafts and I love this one but I am sure I will not win this baby blanket because I am from Iran.however I like craftsy club and other workshops.

  136. Kathy Downs says:

    I love the colors. Homemade items made from the heart are so special. They add special touches to a childs’ room.

  137. Rachelle says:

    Handmde crafts connect us to each other. My energy is kn everything I make, connecting me to the recipient.

  138. janice says:

    I love hand made items. I knit for friends but not for me. Also I cannot crochet so I really appreciate crocheted items.

  139. Nicole says:

    I love handmade crafts!! Not only are they of super high quality, but someones love goes into the item and you are able to gift that love to another! <3

  140. Trish Monday says:

    Mostly love the crochet side of crafty, but also sew, and like being creative in any way, get lots of ideas here. Would like to win blanket and donate it to hospital for children or baby ward, or someone needy, maybe Freecycle.

  141. Marianna mazzuccato says:

    They represent love and care. In
    My case they also represent my roots when my Italian grandma thought me how to knit and crochet. I hope to pass this to my kids.

  142. Helen McCaughey says:

    Homemade crafts are a keepsake made with love.

  143. Anita Dahl says:

    Oh I Love, Love handmade gifts that come from the heart. I love receiving them as much as giving them. When making something handmade to give to someone I always think about that person while making it. I also think about if that item was being given to me how much I would appreciate and love it. Just makes a person feel so warm and thought of when giving and/or recieving a handmade gift all the time they took to make it special just for you! Can never have too many blankets and I would Love to have one of yours. Thank you!

  144. Leslie Fast says:

    I love handmade crafts because they are not only made ny loving hands, but loving hearts as well!!

  145. Nancie Prisco says:

    I would love this blanket for myself!

  146. Karen Meharg says:

    Handmade crafts have always meant presence to me. I think people especially value handmade things, not only for their creativeness but also to have the person who made them close at hand always. I think that is why we keep handmade items and cherish them more often than machine made assembly line items. They are visual memories of those who make them.

  147. Gloria Christman says:

    I love doing crafts. I crochet many baby and regular afghans. I give all away. I kept one for my self. I made all my grand children and Great-grandchildren ones.
    My Beautiful 22 year old Granddaughter died a month ago yesterday. We buried her with the Garden of Flowers Afghan I made her. It was lovely, and I know it will keep her warm. She wanted me to make her one for her children, but that won’t happen now.
    Making things for people make me happy. I make hats for new born and premie babies. When we /had the private service for DeAnna, the funeral home gave her two little brothers afghans,folded up to pillow size with a note that said about a hug for them.
    This was called the Lionel Project. This is a great idea. Thought I would share it with you. I am going to sign up to do that.The more you give the more blessings you get I believe.

  148. Crochetcaws says:

    I love making and giving handmade crafts. I am able to match the gift to each person so that it is personal

  149. Nancy Mays says:

    Your blanket is lovely and looks so warm and cozy! I have thought about backing a crocheted afghan with cloth but never tried it! It is a wonderful idea! I would LOVE to win this blanket…have a great nephew coming in a few weeks!

  150. Gloria Christman says:

    I love doing crafts. I crochet many baby and regular afghans. I give all away. I kept one for my self. I made all my grand children and Great-grandchildren ones.
    My Beautiful 22 year old Granddaughter died a month ago yesterday. We buried her with the Garden of Flowers Afghan I made her. It was lovely, and I know it will keep her warm. She wanted me to make her one for her children, but that won’t happen now.
    Making things for people make me happy. I make hats for new born and premi babies. When we /had the private service for DeAnna, the funeral home gave her two little brothers afghans,folded up to pillow size with a note that said about a hug for them.
    This was called the Lionel Project. This is a great idea. Thought I would share it with you. I am going to sign up to do that.The more you give the more blessings you get I believe.

  151. Lori says:

    Luv this adorable blankie! Homemade crafts are simply a perfect way to express love ~ to anyone!! And this lil’ blanket would be a great expression of love for our 6th child, due in July, a sweet baby boy :)

  152. Christine Herbert says:

    I have Stage IV lung cancer and after I was diagnosed I got busy making everyone in my family (I have a very large family) a special afghan, so they will have a piece of me when I am gone

  153. Cheryl Terrel says:

    I love handmade craft items because they are one of a kind. No two items are exactly alike and each item has its own little touch of love made into it. Also, the quality of the handmade craft items are so much better than the store bought items. It gives me great joy to observe the appreciation of my friends and family members when I create an item that is beautiful and of great quality for them to cherish for many years. I still have a set of quilted potholders that my grandmother had made me 30 years ago and they are still as good to use today as they were 30 years ago. Handmade craft items just have more meaning to them–it’s like saying “I made this just for you”.

  154. Esmeralda says:

    I love handmade crafts because it takes longer to plan out and make the item than to just walk into a store and pick something out.

  155. Rosie says:

    I love making handcrafted things to give to my love ones. They are special to me and while I am making something I pray for the person receiving my gift. “A little reminder of me and my love for them.”

  156. Chloe Edlin says:

    I’m a crafter and the reason why I love giving and getting homemade crafts is that it is always one of a kind. Everything is better when it’s unique!

  157. Rosie says:

    I love making things for my loved ones. I feel that it is a little reminder of me and my love for them.

  158. Darla says:

    Why I love homemade….there is nothing better than receiving something that a person with their own hands…. you can almost feel the love they have put into what they have made

  159. Rebecca Dole says:

    Nice, You did a wonderful job =D I hope I win!!!!

  160. Jennifer Floyd says:

    Handmade gifts are full of LOVE! They take thought, and lots of time and effort to produce. I love making gifts for my loved ones and love receiving them.


    I love handmade gifts. To give them is such fun! People are so amazed that you made it yourself. And to receive one is so special , to know the time and love that goes into the gift.

  162. maura says:

    I love hand made crafts because I cannot afford to spend lots of money on big expensive gifts, but I can afford to give my time and my efforts. I get to think about the person I am making something for: what they like, what they need. I am blessed by helping someone else.

  163. Melanie Hayes says:

    I believe that there is no store bought object that is as nice if it can be handmade. Handmade means that time and love went into something that is to be cherished.

  164. Sue says:

    I love handmade crafts because they allow me to be creative. Love the idea of material along with crochet on your blanket!

  165. Ann says:

    Things handmade are like little bits of love passed from one to another….

  166. Mary Scott says:

    Handmade items shows the heart and sole of a person. It shows that they are a caring and loving person. It takes patience to produce those wonderful homemade items. LOVE, LOVE,

  167. Jill says:

    Due in September, I will be needing blankets. This is so cute!

  168. Kim Marquis says:

    There are so many great things to say about handmade crafts!! The love and thought that go into each piece is the most important! I can’t imagine that as you were making this gorgeous blanket, that you weren’t thinking of the many cuddly days and nights for a precious baby, the floors it will be drug over, the spills and messes that mark the growth of a child…they are all things I think of…even if I don’t know the person my handmade craft, also crocheting, is going to!! Thank you for giving me a great new idea too!!

  169. Darla LaComb says:

    I am a crochet fanatic!!.I love crocheting baby items. Giving a handmade crochet gift is the most heartwarming gift you can give or receive. Every stitch is made with love! To know someone took their time to make you or your baby a special gift is priceless. A wonderful keepsake. Beautiful item Shelia. Thanks

  170. Diane Surber says:

    I love home-made crafts because I know from being a “sewist” and crafter just how much time and love goes into each project. When you give something you have “made” this is just so much more special than picking up a gift at a store!! To me…HomeMade means LOVE in my book. I love CRAFTS and very proud to be a part of this wonderful world! Thank you!!

  171. Notthecoolmom says:

    I love handmade items because you always have a one of a kind item (no quality control here)…and you know someone cared enough to take the time to make it.

  172. I love not only to give Handmade Crafts but also to receive them. It shows how someone cared enough to take the time and effort to make something special for someone they really care for. This baby blanket would be perfect for my next great-grandson due this June.

  173. Mary Wilkin says:

    I love handmade items because I know they are made with love and very often passed through the generations. My daughter who has Chrons disease is expecting her first child and we are so thrilled for her. I have made booties with lots of love and this would be perfect to add to her basket of handmade goodies that I am trying to put together.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win

  174. Trishda says:

    I love homemade crafts because the loving energy that is infused in the item can be shared with the user of the item. I may not get to see the family member I’m making an item for but I know they feel my love when they wear the item I’ve made. Great contest, thank you for the opportunity to win the beautiful item. Trish

  175. Jami Tira-Jackson says:

    I love handmade crafts for many reasons, mainly is because they are always made with love and seem to last a lot longer. I always enjoy seeing how talented people can be with what they make, and how much beauty comes out of their hands.

  176. Dottie says:

    Reminds me of my childhood. And my mother was so proud of the things she made

  177. Liz Tomlinson says:

    I love this site because of the kinship that it promotes between all those who crochet. I crochet as did my Mom and my Grandmother and her Mother and her Grandmother. Generations and generations of women all passing on their skill, their love, and their knowledge that in doing so they have made lasting forever memories.

  178. Linda Brandau says:

    My granddaughter would love this (and so would I!)

  179. Carol Abbott says:

    Loving hands have made the craft item, and that love is evident in every stitch, making it unique and different for each repeat of the pattern or project. That’s why everyone wants to own a handmade item. The love, the time, and specal care, that goes into making the project makes it one of a kind.- You can’t fake that. It’s genuine, LOVE! Spread some love today.

  180. Rebecca says:

    I love this idea and the blanket!

  181. Paula Mildon says:

    I just had back surgery and would love to give this to my new great-nephew born on Feb.5, 2012. He has a big brother, so this would fit perfectly!!! Peas in a Pod Brothers!!!

  182. Tammy Thomas says:

    I love handmade crafts because their design is more authentic to their use. Craftsy user sherides100

  183. Avelina says:

    I love handmade crafts because they come from the heart. Almost every product today is commercialized and has gone through a production line. But the real work of homemade projects are made from two hands.

  184. Carri Benson says:

    Handmade and homemade are wonderful for gift giving. It shows forethougth, care and concern for others. They are unique and are filled with love. Most important they do not become “throw aways”. They are cherished always and passed on for generations. I really appreciate the combination of yarn and fabric. Cute blanket!

  185. Delores Jean Dyjak says:

    Home made crafts means that it was made with love. A little bit in every stitch. And that means we are very special to someone.

  186. Ana Johnson says:

    I love handmade ctafts, because is like in each one them you give a little bit of yourself. What a better way to show you love someone.

  187. Tina Moser says:

    Nothing says love better than hand-made items. Someone didn’t just go shopping, but they also gave their time and loving thoughts in the making. It’s like a great big hug!

  188. Kathy starr says:

    When I gave my mother and sister the quilts I had made for them, I’m not sure who was happier, them or me. Each time I go to one of their homes I see those quilts and it inspires me to make more for the ones I care for. Nothing says ” I love you” more then something you make with your own hands. I come from a family of crafters and my home is filled with things made by family members. Each item is so much more personal then anything I could ever buy from a store. Each has history and a story to tell. I can see my great grandmother sitting and handsewing the quilt that I now own, or see my grandmother hammering out the beautiful copper plate that now graces my entry. I see my father hand carving the ducks that sit at my fireplace and the pictures of my children that my sister took and framed for me. Each sock I knit, each quilt I make, everything I hand craft is a story; a story of love and home and tradition.

  189. Danette Peach says:

    Handmade crafts are an expression of love and caring. When someone takes the time to complete a special item, you know that it comes from the heart. Monetary value is irrelevant, a handmade gift speaks to thoughtfulness and timelessness. No matter what a future holds, a gift specially made will remain filled with memories.

  190. Lori Dillon says:

    Handmade gifts are all made with a touch of Love. Each gift are like angels, no two are alike. It just means more when someone passes a handmade gift,than a store bought one. Love this idea for a baby blanket!!!

  191. rosemaryclarke says:

    your blanket looks gorgeous i crochet blankets for my family and all my nieces and nephews new babies as they come along but i have never put a back on them you have given me anew idea which i will try in future yours looks alovely chunky pattern

  192. Shelley Keating says:

    I love homemade crafts because I think when you give them as gifts the person who receives them knows you took the time to think about them, make something just for them and put time/effort/heart/soul into creating something special for them :D

  193. Lynn says:

    I love handmade crafts, because I crochet & know how much time & love goes into them!

  194. Vicki says:

    Hand made gifts show that you thought about that person. It shows you looked and looked for just the right thing. Also you gave time to complete the gift.

  195. Francine Brown says:

    Craftsy has introduced me to the wide open world of many miscellaneous crafts. My favorite of which is knitting and crocheting. I can’t wait to retire and dig into other crafts available and what better way to do that then through experienced crafters like Sheila Z! The giveaway baby comforter is a good testimony to her talent and a wonderful potential gift to a little “sweet pea”. Thanks for your generosity!

  196. Linda says:

    I, too, like to crochet. This blanket you’ve made is unlike any other I’ve ever seen. Very beautiful. Making things for others is a way of showing love and caring. There’s something very special in giving or receiving a handmade gift.

  197. Vickie says:

    What a beautiful blanket! Love how it’s cloth on one side and crochet on the other. Handmade gifts not only can be tailored for the receiver and show the care of the maker, but also let people have a way to give a little of themselves along with the gift. I love it because it lets me be me, and share that with someone I love!

  198. phyllus cota says:

    WoW amazing job. You are so blessed to have the skills that you have. I love crafts and always try to do my best at what the lord as skilled me with. Im just learning. And want to learn more i would love to win this blanket for my son and daughter-inlaw who r trying to have a baby. Thank you for sharing your work. God bless you.

  199. Giving a homemade gift, to me, represents that you care enough about the recipient to not only take the time to make the gift, but to take the time to get to know them well enough to know what they would like to receive. It reflects the closeness of the two people – the gift giver and recipient – and reinforces that fact to the recipient.

  200. riTa says:

    I just found out another grandbaby is on the way. I am always making something crafty, mostly knitting.

  201. Edith says:

    I”ve been doing home made crafts for over 60 years, but always come back to crocheted items. I’ve passed along many baby blankets, scarves, shawls and afghans. Nothing is better than handmade. I made a lap blanket for a friend with cancer. He said everytime he used it, he felt the love that was put in to it. Nothing beats the love in handmade.

  202. Elizabeth M says:

    I love handmade crafts because it’s so special! Nearly every one I know receives a handmade by me afghan for their new little bundle. I can’t even count how many afghans I’ve made not including the ones I’ve made for myself. I pray for each baby as I make their afghan.

  203. Cathy Shull says:

    Home made gifts are great to receive because of the time and love that goes into it. What a wonderful prize to give away! Thank you Sheila Z.!

  204. Tracy P. says:

    I think handmade gifts show how much you love and care for a person. The fact that you took the time and energy to make something special for someone reflects a lot of love. Plus it’s an item that no one else will have, it was made specifically for that special person. I love to receive handmade gifts.

  205. Darla LaComb says:

    I am a crochet fanatic…I love crocheting baby items…Making and giving something you made is priceless. Every stitch is made with LOVE… A cherished gift for many years that is handed down. Recieving or giving a gift made from the hands is LOVE, and heartwarming whether you are on the reciving or giving end….

  206. Wehaf says:

    I love handmade items because they seem so much more real and substantial than mass-produced ones; they are infused with meaning.

  207. Colleen says:

    Theres nothing more special than opening a handmade gift. Whether its a handmad baby blanket or sweater or and afghan. It’s always extra special. It says you took the time to think of the other person.

  208. Minka says:

    Pretty soft yarns, rhythmic movement, poetry in motion…
    Quiet solitude while deep in thought and sweet devotion.
    Hours counting, measuring, anticipating glory…
    Every stitch, crochet, and knit, they tell a story.
    Imagining happiness on the receiving person’s end —
    These are why I love handmade crafts, my creative friend.

  209. Carleen says:

    I love homemade crafts because it means they put a lot of thought of a gift. It comes from the heart a little bit more.

  210. Theresa Bigler says:

    I love that handmade crafts bring ideas to life!

  211. Melanie says:

    This blanket is beautiful! I am a grandmother with my youngest grandsons at 11 years old so I don’t need a baby blanket – but if I did win I would donate it to my mother who would use it for a lap quilt. It looks so warm and cozy. It is absolutely beautiful. I love handmade crafts because they are personal. I make rag quilts and find that everybody loves them just because I made them with them in mind. What better way to say “I really do love you” then a handmade craft. I also prefer to buy handmade crafts over store bought items because of originality. They are wonderful. Good luck to all who entered this contest!

  212. Susan Smith says:

    Handmade means you care!!

  213. Pamela McBride says:

    I like to give hand made crochet items for gifts also as I do quite a bit of crocheting for my family and friends.

  214. Debbie says:

    I like handmade crafts because the quality is not compare with produced items. Handmade items are made with caring & I enjoy giving the things I make to family &friends & see them enjoy something I made for them.

  215. Sheila Tatton says:

    I absolutly LOVE making, giving and receiving handmade gifts. It’s something that you know comes straight from the heart. I have been having fun knitting and crocheting for my first grandson who arrived in August 2011.

  216. Jean Andreas says:

    I love handmade gifts……….that means love. The blanket is gorgeous! Love the color!

  217. Teresa Cochran says:

    I make and give Handmade Crafts to express my love for that special person. When they wrap up in one of my quilts, or throw on a hand-knit hat or scarf, they know it was made especially for them with love in every stitch!! And a few prayers too!

  218. Catherine says:

    Great idea to line the blanket with fabric. Beautifully done. A great baby gift for my second grandchild coming mid year. Or for any other baby in my life. I knit (though I don’t crochet) and find handwork of various kinds very relaxing as well as productive. And well made handcrafted items are always special for the recipient.

  219. Merilyn Hardy says:

    I love the website most for the fantastic yarn deals, but love the tips and classes too. I love to knit and crochet and I have really enjoyed Craftsy.

  220. McAdele says:

    Every baby should have a beautiful handmade blanket! Handmade Crafts are such fun to make, give, and receive!

  221. Cheryl says:

    I love to knit handmade items for family and friends but my greatest accomplishment is being a member of the Chester County Hospital Knitters. We knit baby hats, blankets, chemo caps, pink breast cancer scarves and red cardiac scarves for the patients. Very rewarding. I also make afghans for Project Linus and scarves for Special Olympics.

  222. BRENDA says:

    I love homemade crafts because it has adds a personal, emotional touch to the item being created.

  223. Karen aka Iris says:

    I love putting a measure of my love with every stitch. I knit, crochet, sew and macramé …. Anything to do with emitting love. Thanks for your kindness.

  224. Judy Quick says:

    I love handmade items because of the uniqueness of them! This would be another heirloom for my new grand-daughter, Marley!

  225. madeline says:

    i so enjoy creating something/anything out of a skein of yarn. it amazes me what a hook or pair of needles and some loops can create. i have been knitting/crocheting for about 30 years and still love it. i am in a knitting group where some of the members (including myself) are knitting for others: leprosy bandages, prayer shawls, project linus, chemo caps, hats for the homeless, and special olympic scarves to name a few. i also enjoy seeing what others are knitting/crocheting. the yarn and material on this blanket looks very soft. i will definitely think about putting material on the back of my next baby afghan. thank you for the idea!

  226. Sheri Potts says:

    I love giving homemade items. It’s something that you made with love and care and thought about just what each person could use or how to decorate it for each person. Nothing can ever purchased with that type of care or love.

  227. Jennifer Cole says:

    I love homemade crafts because they’re made from the heart. Mass produced items never fit that bill.

  228. Judy says:

    I love homemade crafts and would Love to win this blanket. It is adorable! My son and daughter in law are expecting the first baby and I would love to give this blanket to them for their little sweet pea!

  229. B Lippenga says:

    I love hand made items because they come from the heart and it is like they are giving you a little bit of there self along with the gift.

  230. Brigette says:

    I love handcrafts because I appreciate the tender time it takes to put something special together. The thought process for someone special means so much in the end. My mother was a seamstress and over many, many, years made me gorgeous dresses for school and special occasions as well as all sorts of creations. She taught me embroidery so now 40 years later, handsewing is my special craft. I am obsessed with knitting, crocheting, and of course, embroidery. Everything I make is for someone special to me and presented with lots of love n’ hugs.

  231. Peggy says:

    I think handmade gifts are truly gifts from the heart! They say to the recipient that you really care about them to take time to make a gift rather than just buy a gift. Every time I cover up with a warm soft handmade gift of an afghan or shawl, it reminds me of the person who made it especially if that person is no longer with me. I feel wrapped in their love especially on a tough day. A handmade one of a kind gift is a work of love more than a work of art and cannot be replaced like other gifts can.

  232. Patricia L Beason says:

    I love handmade things because it reminds me so much of my late grandma whom i loved very much.

  233. Maria Cromer says:

    Homemade gifts are much better to receive because you know someone took the time and made an effort to make a special Project just for the recipient! Love them!!

  234. winifred carnley says:

    Handmade gifts are truly unique. Even if crafters use the same pattern, finished items never look the same. Differences in color choices and variations in individual craftsmanship make each gift one of a kind.

  235. Sarah says:

    I love hand made items. I think that things made by hand show a true labor of love. I recently hand crafted 50 baby shower invitations for my sister. This took me ten hours, but the results were amazing. I am new to crochet having just finished my 5th baby blanket. This weekend I hope to start a new baby blaknet for the sister the invites are for. I love the whole pea in a pod theme and would love to make her something similar.

  236. Lyn G says:

    I lobe both giving and receiving hand made gifts. They are always from the heart!

  237. Danica says:

    I love handmade crafts because they allow us to give pieces of ourselves to friends and loved ones. To me, it’s a beautiful blend of creativity and selflessness.

  238. Sue Rosenbalm says:

    Handmade gifts come from the heart. Just knowing someone took time to make something special for me is makes the gift all the more cherished!


    PS….This blanket is soooo cute!

  239. Janet Luttrell says:

    Would so much like to give this blanket to our little Necie, Molly who is 10 weeks old, at Vanderbilt Children Hospital in Nashville, TN to under go chemo. She had her first treatment last night starting at 10 PM ending 2 AM this morn. She will be going on for year…she has a family love and support from all over. A Facebook and a Cambrige site has been set up for her. You may check it out, Molly Hankins. We love this special little Molly, we can tell she is a fighter. She has a rate of 10 percent. Thank you for letting me tell our story.
    Janet Luttrell

  240. Susan Shreve says:

    Handmade gifts are the best. I used to watch my Grandmother make blanket all the time and I know each item was sewn with an overwhelming amount of joy and love.

  241. Paula Corman says:

    I love handmade items, they come directly from the person(who makes it) heart. It means more when you receive it as a gift or give it as a gift.
    I would be honored to received this beautiful baby blanket………………………….

  242. Michele Oles says:

    I love Handmade crafts because they are personal. The things that are created come from the heart and are made with love.

  243. Michelle Sifuentes says:

    I love handmade crafts because it shows me that I am important to the person who gives it to me because they took their time to make it for me. I love giving handmade crafts because I always include a card which reads: every stitch was made with love, hope and prayers that the person receiving this gift will be blessed with. I also love handmade crafts because many of the crafts I have are a representation of the history of the women who came before me and when ever I see the things they have made and I have been given or inherited I am reminded of their loving spirits.

  244. Pamela Gades says:

    There is nothing like receiving a gift that has been handmade by the giver. It just seems more personal and something that they have spent the time and creativity to make for you.

  245. CONNIE says:

    When I was little my Grandma before past away she use to knit designs and her initials in everything she made. And in watching her it inspired me to learn to knit and crochet. Now I love making things.

  246. Debra Miles says:

    I would love to win this blanket to give to a young single mother in the town where I live. She will need everything and this is something I can do to help her out. Her life will be hard enough as it is as she will be taking on this new phase of her life with little to no support. Her family will try to help as much as they can but there will need to have so much more help as possible. I hope you will think so too and help her out.

  247. lucille shaver says:

    Receiving a handmade item is receiving love from the heart. It is the most personal gift that a person can get from someone. I love and appreciate anything handmade by someone.

  248. Jane Weeks says:

    There is nothing like handmade whether from a child or adult. It comes from the heart and and in my house is kept forever. Handmade or crafted shows someone took their precious time to make something for you. Time is the thing you cannot put a price on when creating.

  249. Cheryl says:

    I love homemade crafts. My grandchildren enjoy getting them. So everyone is happy. Also have grandchild number 12 on the way and would love to give this blanket to the baby.

  250. Handmade items are the best! Both in giving and recieving. It is so fun to make a gift for someone to show that you care. So much hard work, effort, and love goes into making a gift. To receive a magnificently made gift is great too, knowing someone put forth the effort and time into making you something special.

  251. Mary Pennington says:

    I love handmade gifts because they are usually better made than by some company machine, from the heart and as much fun to give as they are to receive.

  252. Edna Isaza says:

    Homemade is another name for TLC. Handmade things are made with love.

  253. Linda Jennings says:

    I love handmade items because of the love that goes into them. I love making and giving them to family and friends. I learned to knit and crochet from my mother and I am now teaching my granddaughter, so she can carry on the tradition. The baby blanket is beautiful.

  254. I love handmade items because of the love that goes into them. I love making and giving them to family and friends. I learned to knit and crochet from my mother and I am now teaching my granddaughter, so she can carry on the tradition. The baby blanket is beautiful.

  255. Melody James says:

    I love this idea. I just made an afgan for my Dad and I think I’ll add material to it. Love it

  256. bea fortin says:

    This is a cute baby blanket and i know just the baby i will give it to. Her name is Kylie and she is not born yet. She was good enough to let her mother do all her test in college and now we just have to wait till the little angel is ready to come into our great world. this beautiful chocolate blanket is made just for Kylie. thank you

  257. Kelli says:

    I love seeing all the different designs and styles. Homemade things are just beautiful!

  258. Marcia Rooks says:

    Things that are handmade are usually made with love and tender care. People that receive these items are more appreciative of the gift because someone has taken the time and thought of the gift even if it wasn’t the person who made it. Handmade items bring us back to our roots of long ago where things were past down from generation to generation to which some people still do this today. Let the tradition continue!

  259. tina sam says:

    BECAUSE our crafts are truly one of a kind; our family members love and appreciate our work and gifts and mostly it relaxes me and keeps me grounded and the end result is gratifying. Crafting has always be my alltime favorite pasttime! Thanks to my mom, who taught me lovingly and patiently.

  260. connie says:

    I for one have been giving handmade gifts for years. First it was because it was always more reasonable to makes something. Now I do it because I feel something that’s is handmade says “I care enough to spend the time it takes Romans something rather then running to the store.l

  261. Kellie M. Kendall says:

    February 23, 2012 10:43 p.m

    It reminds me of what my grandma passed down to me:) Plus When u celebrate a newborn or want to give gifts it gives comfort to the little one,or loved ones<3!

  262. Lora Linn says:

    I love handmade things because it shows someone’s love. Tender feelings come in homemade gifts!!

  263. Maribel Steinemann says:

    I love handmade crafts because I put all my creativity, my love and my time making something very special and UNIQUE for someone as a baby, may be my husband or some relative.

    I remember when I have made a blanket and other clothing in my school. Later, I said myself “I will keep it until I have my first baby”…but I didn’t wait because I had a neighbor who delivered her baby and I wanted to show my appreciation to her giving something….really, it was a little tough to me because I was thinking for my future baby and I wanted to keep it for me…but I said, the baby needs now, so I gave him.
    When my pregnant (2010), I was making a blanket but I didn’t finish and really I wanted to have something handmade for my little one.
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this “contest”. God bless you :)

  264. jane brown says:

    I love handcrafts because I usually never keep what I make, I give mine as gifts. The recipients know I have put my heart into their gift & it was made just for them. Means so much more than something bought. Usually lasts much longer too. Often become heirlooms if the receiver is sentimental.

  265. Sandy Kramer says:

    Such a Beautiful Baby Blanket! I LOVE making Handmade Crafts. Only thing is…I give away nearly everything I make. It’s OK…I sew enjoy the looks on people’s faces when they see I’ve made something just for them. I’ve made tons of flannel baby blankets. I’ve recently made a blanket for my new next door neighbor who has just had a little boy. She doesn’t speak English and I’m not too good with Spanish, but she clearly understood I made it for her. She got so excited! That made me very Happy! I have a favorite quote, (don’t know where it comes from). “Find Your Gift in Life and Then Give It Away”. My Gift is Sewing! :)

  266. Valarie Smith says:

    I love giving and receiving HandMade Crafts because it allows me to share my passions with my family and friends!

  267. Amy says:

    Oooooh! I love this little blanket. I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope so dearly that it becomes mine. Well, some little person’s who’s close to me, that is. I love Handmade Crafts because of the creativity and pride they bring to my life and the lives around me. (Craftsy name: ahearta)

  268. Yvonne says:

    I love handmade items! To receive them as a gift you know they were crafted for you and are unique. To make/create them, when I crochet I think about the person who will receive them the whole time I am making it! Somehow it makes me feel closer to that person. Made with Love!

  269. Susan Steadman (SusieNurse) says:

    Handmade Crafts are one of a kind; even if two are made by the same crafter, each one is different and special. I believe that when an item is personally created, it carries personal energy with it. It took someone’s effort to make it, and then send it out into the world; whether it be as a direct gift, or sold for someone else to give. Handmade Crafts speaks to the core of meeting needs, and the needs of others. Someone needs a scarf, or booties for a baby on the way. Crafters secure (crochet, knit, glue, tie, stamp) communities together. Although it could be cheaper to mass produce things, those items do not meet the MOST BASIC of all our needs; that is the need to have someone care. Thank you to all the gifted souls who have created items for me, and for all the generous sharing you do that has helped me learn to create and give in a “Craftsy” way myself. (Hugs)


  270. Jo Ann Morgan Anderson says:

    I love the creativity that goes into the project. The love that goes into making it. I am making a ton of handmade for my twins on the way and I think about them every moment of the making and I hope they feel that love when they use these handmade items.

  271. Venita says:

    I love giving and receiving handmade things. They truly represent the love between giver and receiver. This baby blanket is so sweet-coziness of the yarns and smoothness of the sweet pea fabric-darling!

  272. Cissy Kendrick says:

    I have been following your page for a long while. I love everything you do and it inspires me to challenge myself to try new ideas!
    Keep them coming! I have crocheted sincecI was in high school ( many moons ago). I have recently learned to knit and am excited to try some projects for my granddaughter and 2nd grandchild on the way!. Thank You, Cissy Kendrick.

  273. Alice Watson says:

    Oh, boy! Would I love this handmade baby quilt….I also would love to make it, because giving a handmade gift to a loved one is like giving a gift to God! Warms my heart!

  274. KATHY LONG says:

    I love homemade crafts because they represent the person who made it. It is a work of art with our own stamp on it including the imperfections. When I have a little mistake I always feel that is a part of me in the craft. I always appreciate the homemade craft as it takes time,energy and love in the making. It is one of a kind.

  275. Jackie Warren says:

    I love handmade items. So much love and time is put into each project. The person who receives it knows that they are loved. The baby blanket would be perfect for our first great-grandchild who will be born in June. Thank you for the chance to win.

  276. Anne says:

    I love handmade things because they are such personal items for my children that no one else will have, and because every time I look at the beautiful things they have received, I think of the maker who created them with such love.

  277. Rain says:

    What a beautiful blanket! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! I love handmade items because they are perfectly unique and inspire me to craft on!

  278. Kelly says:

    My mother sewed all my clothes when I was little and my grandmother knit our sweaters. Handmade crafts reminde me of those days. My daughter just had a baby last week so this would be perfect.

  279. Tonya says:

    I love Handmade crafts because they mean more to me than something just purchased off a shelf. The time someone puts into making them mean a lot. Homemade crafts are
    also made to last and to pass down in the family for generations.

  280. Mary says:

    Handcrafted items are always better than purchased because of the love that is worked into it. Handcrafted BABY items are even better because everyone I know is having grand-babies!

  281. Snaysner says:

    Love this blanket. As a new grandmother who is always knitting , I appreciate someone else’s work!

  282. Kelly says:

    I love homemade anything! Every homemade gift I give has been planned and thought out for the individual I make it for. I love to make homemade gifts to compliment the one i give it to. Homemade gifts are made from my heart and hopefully will bless the heart of the person it is made for. Homemade gifts also show the receiver the love and care of the giver.

  283. Carmen says:

    Handmade crafts are wonderful because people put individual time, effort and love into their creations.

  284. Mary says:

    Handmade items are special and unique. There is so much thought and time that goes into handcrafted products. This blanket is adorable.

  285. Joyvonne Chapman says:

    I love making and giving homemade gifts. Because they are more personal then giving
    a gift card or something your buy at a store. I put a alot of thought in what I make for that
    special someone gift. It’s something they keep and pass down in the family. It’s also something that is memory of someone passed away and someone in the family cherishes.
    Thank-you for the wonderful giveaway.

  286. Cathy K. says:

    I love handmade things because it takes a little more thought and care than storebought. Love this blanket, the colors are lovely together, and the print is just adorable. Thanks for the chance to win!

  287. Pam says:

    Handmade gifts require more thought and effort than a store bought one. Best they are one of a kind like the recipient.

  288. Katie Temple says:

    I love handmade gifts because they are a special gift from the heart. My mother taught me many years ago to crochet and it has been my love and passion, since she went home to be with the Lord 17 years ago Crocheting is a way of staying connected to her. I recently had surgery on my arm and cannot crochet anything for a while, we are expecting a new grandson in June and I hope I can get back to my crocheting soon.Got lots to do.

  289. Katie Temple says:

    I love handmade gifts because they are a special gift from the heart.They express your love so uniquely. I recently had surgery on my arm and cannot crochet anything for a while, we are expecting a new grandson in June and I hope I can get back to my crocheting soon.Got lots to do.

  290. Linda Thompson says:

    I love making handmade gifts because it allows me to focus prayer on the person I am making the gift for. I love receiving handmade gifts because I appreciate the time and love that goes into the gift. Having 4 young grandchildren, I appreciate even less than perfect workmanship gifts that have lots of heart.

  291. Nancy says:

    I love handmade crafts because it shows the person you really care about them. You choose the item you know that they will love. You work on it for countless hours. You sweat over it, frustrate over it and sometimes even bleed over it :) It’s just so much more personal then going into a store and picking something out that may take all of five minutes. I have handmade items from my Grandmother, who is gone now. But every time I use them I think of her. She has left a part of herself here through her handmade craft, that she lovingly made for me.

  292. Rebekah Armstrong says:

    The main reason I like handcrafted items is that they show thoughtfulness. Very often when I am making something for someone I ‘ll think about what their favorite color is, what style they might like or how they could use what I make. even though the thoughtfulness might not be tward the other person, thought always goes into what yarn you’ll use for what project (I knit and crochet) or how you’ll do a pattern just a little bit differently than before. These types of things always mean more than something you just buy in some store somewhere because they show you care.

  293. Hind says:

    Hand made crafts are extra special in that they are unique and they ate custom made for the recipient.

  294. Ruth says:

    I love handmade crafts because they can be embellished to fit the person you are making it for;and it lets the person know it was made just for them with lots of love,

  295. Maggie Miller says:

    Handmade crafts say something very special to the receiver. They say “I was thinking about you the entire time I was making this just for you.”. I don’t think there’s anything nicer you could say to someone than that. I know every time I’ve given a handmade gift, no matter how small or how insignificant the time spent on making it, the person who received it has always enjoyed it more than anything I could have purchased. For that reason, I’ll keep making gifts for the people who mean something to me.

  296. Allice Howe says:

    I love the quality of handmade items. They carry the heart and soul of the crafter in them. I am waiting the birth of my first grandchild, and what a treat this would be.

  297. I love all that is handmade because it is created by people who are passionate about they do…

  298. Mary Ellen Reimers says:

    I love Handmade crafts because I grew up with a very creative/crafty mother, who instilled the love of all things handmade. This is a beautiful blanket!

  299. Ginny says:

    When something is made by hand, the heart of the maker is in the finished project. I know they made it because it is a craft they enjoy, materials that “called” to them in some way and a design they created or just loved. This kind of heart just doesn’t exist in mass produced items.

  300. Kim Struthers says:

    We just got blessed with our 5th Grandson! This would be perfect for him! You do beautiful work too! Kim

  301. Janet R says:

    I’m a knitter and I’ve been knitting baby blankets for my friends and loads of other things for many years. Homemade is the best – a physical reminder that someone cares.

  302. Deb says:

    I love handmade because the receiver of your gift knows that you took the time to create something special…and then gave it away.

  303. msmalapert says:

    I love homemade crafts for so many reasons. They represent my love and caring for the recipient. The crafts offer me a mental challenge to learn new skills and patterns, which I find fun. They give me a chance to relax and unwind, while creating a lasting piece of love!

  304. Amanda says:

    I love handmade crafts because of the personal touch that is added to them.

  305. Sharon Smither says:

    Hand made gifts are gifts of “TIME”….a rare commodity these days! So very many people are so “busy” with lift events that they do not make time for the truly important—-giving of one’s time to those who truly matter to them. :( I love Craftsy because it shows that there are still people in the world who know and commit to what is truly important—giving of ones time/self to another in love.

  306. Fran Little says:

    I love handmade crafts because it is an individual’s “footprint”. It comes from within, revealing as person’s creativity and ability. One doesn’t need to know how to do it, “Creativity is in the doing”.

  307. beverly paquin says:

    i have not seen this blanket before. i like it. :)

  308. Kristina says:

    I love handmade crafts because…
    - they keep me busy and they do not allow sad thoughts entering my life,
    - they allow me to learn more and more every day (I love to knit, crochet, sew, quilt, scrapbook… and when I see something new and amazing – I am open to learn new things),
    - I can make somebody I love and care about happy with a handmade gift that would have a personal touch and a lot of meaning!

  309. Nadelka says:

    Handmade crafts capture the love they were made with, the genius design of the creator and the uniqueness and originality that no one else will have it.

  310. MOLLY FREDERICK says:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!!!! This is a beautiful blanket you have made and so wonderful of you to give it away! I love all handmade items! I think it very special to receive a gift from someone that has been handmade, knowing how much time and effort was put into this. I do quilting and all my projects are hand quilted. I also crochet. It is such a feeling of accomplishment when a handmade item is completed. Thank you once again!!

  311. Diane Rizzo says:

    I love to receive and give handmade gifts. It is a honor to receive a handmade gift because it speaks volumes to me. It means that the person making the item for me considers me worthy of spending her/his time and effort in the making of the gift. I enjoy giving handmade gifts because I feel like I’m am giving a little piece of myself in the process. It’s the journey that is represented in the final piece.

  312. Suzanne Holl says:

    I love hand made items especially as gifts because to me being hand made means the recipient is so special that the get a lovely gift and the hours of time put into it. That’s special!

  313. KatieQ says:

    We all seem to be in such a rush nowadays; a handcrafted item represents the gift of time. The fact that someone would use their time to create something unique makes the item a treasure.

  314. says:

    Absolutley beautiful blanket. Handmade gifts are the best, they are so unique. It’s something you can hang onto for years and years and pass down. I am lucky enough to have a quilt my grandmother made and a bonnet that my great grandmother made out of feedsack (they used to have pretty patterns on them so people could reuse them).

  315. Melissa says:

    What a beautiful blanket! I do not think there are words to explain why I love handmade crafts, but I will try. There is such a calming affect with crafting, it is very therapeutic & relaxing. I would love to craft all day every day. Handmade crafts are personal and filled with love. I do not think there is any gift greater than handmade. Thank you for this opportunity. My craftsy name is MelissaV

  316. teresa l haaland says:

    i love HOMEMADE CRAFTS because it reminds me of a time when people cared enough about there products to put time and love into them….

  317. Catherine says:

    I love handmade items! I am leaning toward buying from crafts people more and more. We have to support each other in our pursuit of creativity. Handmade items tend to be handed down generation after generation. I have handmade linens from my grandmother that I cherish and will pass down to my children. I would rather pay for one handmade item then purchase 5 fabricated items in a hurry to just show I can give. Handmade item = priceless!

  318. Carol Storm says:

    My mom didn’t do any crafts or handmade items – but my grandma could do everything! I used to tear off paper from her paper piecing when little and didn’t even know what I was doing at the time. I’ve take a few classes to learn knitting and basic sewing, other than that I am self-taught. I love all things handmade and think the home is richer that has a crafter creating. My new grandchild born 1-26 would enjoy your beautiful warm blankie. Thank you for making and listing it for us all!

  319. Susie says:

    I love handmade crafts because you receive satisfaction and happy excitement in the making, completing, and giving (or keeping)! It does not have to be perfect so you can let your creative side go free without the pressure of perfectionism.

    What a beautiful blanket!!

  320. Lorna says:

    I love handmade! A little bit of the maker’s heart and soul is in each piece, a treasure of great value.

  321. Handmade crafts are so personal – both for the maker and to the receiver or user. The maker loves her craft, loves the materials she uses, and puts a lot of love into the product as she makes it. The receiver of the product knows that this item was produced by a person, not a machine. She can see that care was taken in the selection of materials and in the construction of the item. I love handmade crafts (making, giving, and receiving) because they are filled with love and care.

  322. Sydney Gray says:

    I love handmade crafts because they come from a person who really cares about the item being made and the person it is made for.

  323. Lora Taylor says:

    I am retired after working 40 years as a full time RN. I crocheted some earlier on in my life but soon ran out of time once my three daughters came into our lives. Once widowed and then retired I picked it up again and have loved it. So I guess you could say that I have a selfish reason for loving handmade projects. I love the satisfaction I get in creating beautiful things for my grandchildren and friends.

  324. Randi says:

    I love to give and receive handcrafted items. There is always something ‘extra’ special in a handcrafted item that lets the recipient know that they are ‘extra’ special to the giver. They are personalized and one of kind and carry part of the crafter with it. Always a pleasure to see what other crafters create!

  325. Justjan says:

    Handmade is loving being passed down generation to generation!

  326. Dawn M. says:

    I love homemade crafts, because I know someone put alot of time and thought as what to make. I know that that person put love and a personal touch to that project.

  327. Judy McIntosh says:

    I love making baby hats and afghans and giving them away. I make baby hats for the hospital and afghan for family members. Also started making hats for cancer patients. Would love to win the one you made . What a neat idea.

  328. Elvira says:

    I love homemade crafts because they make me happy when I make them and happy when a give them. So a two-fer.

  329. Pamela Karr says:

    Handmade crafts let the recipient know that you put your time and love into the gift. The beauty of them lasts for years. Nothing is more satisfying than having a gift, given years ago, still be around in the present.

  330. Bonnie B Elber says:

    I love Handmade crafts because, to me, they are made with love and someone put their precious time and energy into the handmade item. A Handmade craft says much more than something I would go out a buy ready-made; the recipient has a lifetime connection with another human being even if they don’t know the crafter – their spirits are then connected.

  331. Stacy says:

    LOVE this blanket! A lot of time and talent and it shows! Excellent job!

  332. Tandi says:

    Handmade crafts represent the rich and beautiful history of craftsmanship that has been handed down from generation to generation. In a world filled with technology and mass produced inferior quality products it is amazing to see the beauty and richness of handmade crafts that represent a time when life was simpler and a lot of love and care went into everything that was made. When I see crocheted blankets or handmade quilts or other items they remind me of my grandmas and all the wonderful skills they taught me. I love how handmade items keep us connected to generations past.

  333. Karen says:

    Handmade crafts are hugs and kisses from the crafter to their loved ones!

  334. Trish says:

    There’s nothing I love more than a handcrafted gift, be it from my children or from a crafty friend. The time and care put into a handcrafted gift is far more valuable than anything that can be bought in a department store. I LOVE this blanket and it would be perfect for my little man. :)

  335. Barbara says:

    Homemade expresses love and caring. I love to give and receive homemade treasures.

  336. Kellie Carter says:

    I like handmade things because they r unique. & part of u z n them.

  337. sandy klekowski says:

    I’ve always loved giving and receiving handmade articles – but giving them is just so rewarding. The look on the faces of a new mother or so-to-be is most gratifying. I’m not a grandmother but I given many away to those who can’t afford the “special” things for their new babies. Thanks for thinking about us.

  338. Molly Beichner says:

    Handmade Crafts are personal, warm, and (almost) always exactly how you want them. They have more meaning to both the giver and receiver, and handmade crafts are rarely forgotten. This is why I love them so much.

  339. Laurie Dumont says:

    I just love homemade over store bought because I think it is way more personal. I have been crafting since the age of five and I have passed this to the grandkids. The six year old boy wants to knit


  340. Janis Gerner says:

    I love Handmade crafts because they bring you closer to the person who created it for you every time you use it or look at it. All the time and love that goes into something especially for you that will last for a long time and be a reminder of what you mean to someone else.

  341. Anne Shetty says:

    I love handmade crafts. Anything handmade is definitely made with so much love and thoughtfulness. I beleieve that the maker, while doing the craft is constantly thinking of the receiver making sure the person is happy. Handmade is more than special. It’s a memory that lasts a lifetime. I just started knitting for my baby coming this spring and it brings me so much joy how a ball of yarn becomes something so beautiful. I can’t wait to tell my baby, mommy made something for him/her and there’s more to come. Enjoy , have fun and add so much love to all crafts you do!! :-)

  342. Kenyetta says:

    I love handmade items because they are unique! I love all the love and attention put into them
    BTW, gorgeous blanket!

  343. Cheryl O says:

    I love this simplicity of the blanket. Reminds me of easy quilts my grandmother used to make.

  344. Anjana Talapatra says:

    I got interested in handmade crafts solely because I’m going to become an aunt for the first time ever in May and I want my niece to feel my love around her as she is growing up. :)
    My craftsy name is anjanatalapatra.

  345. Susan Bryant says:

    I love handmade crafts because I like to express my creativity through making them & I normally donate or give the projects I make to friends or family & I love to see the expression on their face when they receive a handmade gift!! When you give a handmade gift away, there is so much time & love that goes into making it that it means so much more than anything you can buy!! Also, I think handmade crafts are made so much better & sturdier than store bought!!

  346. Erin says:

    I LOVE handmade gifts because they mean that I value that person (If I am giving the gift) enough to spend the time to make them something…something unique, and special just for them. Not that bought gifts are not special but taking the time out of my/our days is not easy nowadays…and that tells the recipient that they are special to me. Not to mention the sentimental value …. and to receive one?… warm fuzzies!!!… tells me that person feels the same about me.

  347. stefanie says:

    I love handmade things. I’d much rather make something than buy something to give. It says “I care” so much more.

  348. Patrice says:

    I love homemade crafts because they have so much of the creator heart in the projects. They also give you so much self satisfaction that you are able to create something beautiful.

  349. CatherineGS says:

    I love Handmade Crafts because they hold so much more meaning to both me and the recipients, because they know each project is an extension of my love for them. I particularly love this baby blanket because the theme for my daughter’s baby shower was sweet pea. :-) My Craftsy user name is CatherineGS.

  350. Lynn says:

    I love handmade gifts and would rather receive them than anything else. They keep traditions alive for future generations. Thank you for the giveaway.

  351. linda furman says:

    i love crafting! My mama sewed clothes for us, quilted for us, and loved to crochet, which she past on her craftiness to us, too. my trouble is i’m a jack-of-all-trades sort of crafter and a master of none…..just enjoy the relaxation and fun creating it brings.

  352. Kathleen Rouse says:

    Handmade crafts, like hand-made food dishes, say that you cared enough to take the time to make them. They impart a very personal message that will mean a lot to the person on the receiving end! I am joyously expecting my 8th grandbaby, a boy, at the end of March and would love to win this beautiful blanket for him!

  353. Bobbie Coulbourne says:

    What a lovely gift this would be
    For my very own cutie sweet pea

  354. Eileen Sayler says:

    I love homemade gifts. I can feel like I am doing something for myself by sitting and relaxing while I take care of my family (my 81 yr old dad lives with us) and I can make something that makes others so happy.
    I would treasure this blanket because it would feel like someone made it just for me!

  355. S Bastine says:

    I love handcrafted items. They can express love and creativity.

  356. Viola says:

    I love that home made crafts are from the heart. They are the things I like to give the most. Would love to have more time to make things. Thanks for the give away.

  357. oneangelonly says:

    I love hand crafted items because they are made with loving care. My mom used to make things for me and my sisters and now I do it for my kids and grandsons (no granddaughters yet :)!

  358. oneangelonly says:

    I love hand crafted items because they are made with loving care. My mom used to make things for me and my sisters and now I do it for my kids and grandsons (no granddaughters yet :)! Handcrafted items are very, very special and usually last longer than store bought, fit better and have love in every stitch!

  359. clynsg says:

    To me, handmade crafts are a way to show my love for my friends and family. I have pictures of various sweaters, coats, afghans, etc,. that I have gifted to my children and grandchildren, and they always remember the enjoyment they had in receiving and using them, while I remember the reasons why I picked those particular patterns and items for that loved one.

  360. Susan says:

    I love Handmade Crafts because they remind me of my grandmother and aunt, and because they represent someone’s own memories, time, creativity, and willingness to share their handmade gifts with the world.

  361. oneangelonly says:

    I love hand crafted items because they are made with loving care. My mom used to make things for me and my sisters and now I do it for my kids.

  362. oneangelonly says:

    I love hand crafted items because they are made with loving care.

  363. Renee says:

    I love making hand-made crafts because I can express my creativity and share in someone else’s (as I follow their pattern). I also appreciate the time and thought others put into their hand-made objects!

  364. Mar says:

    Homemade Crafts are the opportunities to create and to inspire and to share love and affection. They contribute to the quality of life by sharing the spirit of the maker with the receiver.

  365. Teckla says:

    Beautiful project! I love hand crafting gifts because it allows me to personalize a gift. I enjoy thinking about what the person would like, could use, and what colors and crafts he/she enjoys. If I am the lucky winner, this lovely blanket will go to my nephew and wife who lost their first babies (triplets). Her boy colors were chocolate and white; she would love this when that next bundle of joy arrives safely! Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiring us to share ours.

  366. Merle Mann says:

    In a time of rush, rush, rush it is so special to be the receipent of a gift that is homemade. It’s then that I know that you loveingly put not only your time but your heart into crafting a special gift for me.

  367. Andrea O'Neal says:

    Crafting allows you to release your inner artist and feel of sense of accomplishment and pride.

  368. carol1934 says:

    I have been knitting for 70 years. As a mother of 5 and grandma of 8, there have been many handcrafted items going through my fingers. I especially love to knit afghans as wedding and baby gifts. As I knit each stitch I envision the recipient, so I am sending much love through them. Giving handmade gifts is very special – you give a bit of yourself with each item.

  369. To me handmade crafted goodies are a true gift from the heart. I have been crafting all of my life. Some of my first memories are of me making little doll furniture, curtains, decor, and doll clothes from scraps of fabric, paper and cardboard. I remember watching my mother sewing, and learnt to embroider and crochet from a very young age. I have been sewing for over 53 yrs.
    My daughter is expecting our very first grandbaby . (its a little girl) this April. I am sooo excited. I affectionately call her biscuit till she is officially named. I have been sewing up a storm. I have made 5 fitted crib sheets, 6 receiving blankets, curtains, crib skirt, burpees, washclothes etc. Plus did the same for her friend who is having a little boy 2 weeks before my daughter.
    I have been in full production for my daughters baby shower which is coming next weekend. Hand crafted 50+ little owl invitations, paper covered pencils, 20+ huge paper pompoms, 20+ huge paper accordian wheels, painted memo boards for displaying photos. Games, centerpieces, decorated bird cages, clothes lines of her baby clothes from 26 yrs. ago, tablecloths, etc. and of course the menu. Little vintage paper cupcake toppers, and favour bags for little pink iced animal cookies. Wheww.
    I have been widowed for over 15 yrs., and money can be tight. But crafting lets me express my love for my family & friends. Every crafted item is a one of a kind, unique and personal~ It is something I can do, and I love it. It makes me feel so wonderful!!! My heart just swells up with pride when I am creating and giving. It sooo fulfilling.
    The one thing I regret is that because of my carpel tunnel, arthritis and tendonitis in my hands I have NOT been able to crochet in the last 2 years. So I have not been able to crochet a baby blanket or little sweater n’ hat. So your little blanket would be so welcome and loved.
    I have to say; with todays modern technology it is so wonderful to see such a revival and apprecitation for crafting. Isn’t it great to be able connect with other crafters, to see their handiwork, and search and find inspiration. Craftsy is an example of the rebirth of handcrafted traditions and the dedication of crafters.

  370. Janel Karrle says:

    I like homemade gifts because they are so personal. It means so much more, I think, to give or receive a gift that a person actually put time, thought, effort, and love into! I love the blanket! I loved the one at Stitches West also! It’s perfect for my first grandbaby, (a little girl!) that is due in three weeks!! Thanks!

  371. Karen says:

    Handmade gifts say I am willing to give time and LOVE just for you!

  372. CRob says:

    Handmade crafts are lovely and I think they take gifts to a more personal level. In my life I often have more time than money and with a handmade craft that I know my friend can use I feel like it is both practical and loving all rolled into one. The person then uses something that I’ve made and remembers that I care about them each time they use it. I’ve made a baby blanket before and actually had the receiver tell me that it is their favorite blanket and that they often receive compliments on it. She says that it just looks like a blanket made with love.

  373. Dori Frana says:

    I love homemade gifts because it is made with love. With the hands of someone who cares enough to put time and love into making it. I don’t remember my great grandmother but she stitched a prayer that I look at even today and think wow such love to make this handmade prayer. It is not perfect but that is the thing about homemade items it doesn’t matter. If there is a mistake the love hides it or makes it a special one of a kind item and it is yours to cherish forever though the family.

  374. barbara pruitt says:

    Beautiful baby blanket

  375. brenda says:

    I love that every piece is unique and special. Also the colors are exquisite.

    (Bcastiel at Pacbell dot net)

  376. Barbara F says:

    I love handmade gifts because they show you care.

  377. Elaine Jenson says:

    Handmade crafts remind me of my grandmothers and aunts and great aunts. I have many wonderful memories of them either doing crafts with me or of their lovely finished products. Recently I took a knitting class to see if I could remember how to knit so I could finish two scarves started by my aunt who is unable to finish them herself. I am also thrilled to be able to teach my daughter crochet and continue the fine tradition.

  378. Sarah G. says:

    I love handmade crafts because they represent a lot of time and love that has gone into making them. It’s so special to receive AND to give a handmade item!

  379. Jennie Rominger says:

    I love handmade items because, for me, each design is chosen for a specific person before I ever make the first stitch. Each stitch is an expression of love when it’s handmade.

  380. Mary says:

    Besides the obvious awesomeness of giving a little bit of your self when you give someone a handmade gift, I love handmade crafts for the challenge of learning a new craft or a new technique of a familiar craft. And as someone who has severe craft ADD (oooohhhhhh, look – something new to try!), I love the personal accomplishment of completing each project. It is very satisfying and rewarding to see the final outcome.

  381. Sheila says:

    To have something that someone put their heart and love into gives you the best feeling …
    The time and effort to make something is sometimes forgotten but the love is not .
    A family tradition can start with one handmade item to be passed down generations.
    Love any handmade item ..

  382. Julie Smith says:

    Our grandson would enjoy this texture and color!

  383. Sandra K Neville says:

    Handmade crafts are: My heart and mind working together. A memory of my Mom in the 60′s making lady & gentleman plates, with fabric glued to small platters, to hang on the wall. Knitting tells my story, I stitch almost every day. It’s my center, my calm, my lpassion.

  384. GranneyG says:

    Being handmade with TLC is always special but when you know that it will last & be in the one’s lives for a very long special. It’s something that can & probably will be passed down for generations. I have one that my grandmother made & i cherrish it. I’ve made afghans for 3 of my daughters, ages: 38, 35 & 28. You give & make them with love in the hopes that they will feel that love every time they use them. The uniqueness of evey one that I make always has a special prayer attached to it’s stitches.

  385. Sara says:

    I love the satisfaction of making something special for people that I care about. I hope that they will treasure it forever!

  386. Cyndi Evans says:

    I love your site..I love seeing handmade ideas. I also love givng handmade gifts. YOU Inspire me!

  387. Deb Bojko says:

    I love hand made crafts because they are unique and made with so much love.

  388. Laura Miller says:

    Your blanket is so beautiful….and my sister just came by my house a few hours ago and told me that she and her boyfriend are epecting a baby =) He is in the marines and she just lost her job last week, and could really use a pick-me-up…..considering the situation with her work. They are hoping for a baby girl, seeing as how they both have a boy =) This blanket is beautful, well crafted, and you can tell that every stich was done with love. What a wonderful gift you are offering to others….blessings to you!!!!

  389. Judith Biehl says:

    I love homemade crafts becuse they are so cozy, comfy and cuddly. Seriously they are a hug made tangible.

  390. Denise Buonaiuto says:

    Hand mades crafts, especially when they are given as gifts, show the person you are giving the craft to that you care enough about them to spend time, a precious commodity these days, doing something just for them.

    There is no nicer gift than a hand made one.

  391. DAWN GRACE says:

    I love any and all handmade gifts for two inseparable reasons. One – that someone thought so kindly of me that they would take the time and effort to make something personal for me. Now that`s love!!! When I knit a baby blanket for my great nephew, his mother told him that it was a very special blanket because there was love knitted into every stitch. He is ten now and it is still his favourtie blanket especially when he is sick. And secondly, it will be one of a kind that will last forever. No other person will have one exactly the same nor with the same memories attached.

  392. Mary June Lenouvel says:

    I love handmade crafts because they are unique and transmit a little of the creator’s love and personality. They are the very best we have to offer.

  393. Mari Gildersleeve says:

    Handmade gifts are priceless. From the beginning of the project, until it is complete, the person making the item invested their time and love to make the item. Handmade gifts are as cherished for the item as the giver is to the receiver. The level of appreciation for a handmade gift is not measurable, and cannot be duplicated by a purchased gift. A handmade gift gives the receiver more than a craft item, it gives them a feeling love and devotion, of worthiness, of being special in a way that cannot be purchased. A handmade gift has a story to tell.

  394. Kate says:

    I love handmade crafts because they are unique (you won’t see them in every store) and you know that the crafter put so much time and thought into the item. I know when I make something homemade for someone I think about everything from the colors I use to the packaging when the craft is done.

  395. Erin Kenney says:

    With every piece that I craft, I put in a caligraphy card that reads “No matter the shape of this piece, it is made entirely of circles. Circles of Love to surround you each time you use it, wear it, or cuddle underneath it. This is a total creation of my love for you.” I have a grandchild that is supposed to arrive on March 23rd, and because I had surgery recently, I haven’t been able to knit, crochret or paint. It has always been my tradition for the last 30 years, on holidays, birthdays, and birthings, to give of my love through something I’ve made for that particular event. This has not been the case with the coming of my grandson. My daughter tells me it’s no big deal, but it is to me; for I cannot start his life with the Circles of Love, that I have with my other grandchildren. (Quote I use is copyrighted).Thank you for the opportunity to possibly give Dominic a start to his life with a Circle of Love. As I have done this since I was 24, I feel disappointed that the tradition will be broken, for it is my heart and soul that goes into the crafting.

  396. Maddy Cox says:

    I love handcrafted projects because you know that some put their heart and soul into creating it. There’s also the bonus of having a one-of-a-kind item that is yours alone.

  397. CheVon Bell (Mamayir) says:

    I love handmade crafts because they give you the freedom to be creative and express yourself. Handmade crafts are also a great leisure time activity and can be a great money saver when it comes to finding that “perfect” baby shower gift. ;-)

    My Crafty name is Mamayir and my email is

  398. Jennifer Jett says:

    I love handmade crafts and always have. My grandmother taught me as a young girl, 5-6, crochet, needlepoint and knitting. As a young adult I wanted to learn each aspect of needle art and became proficient in most. I love to quilt, knit, crochet, cross stitch, Hardanger, sew, and make bobbin lace. I give most of what I make away. I think that a well made, hand made gift is made with lots of love. They usually become favorites. I know that many of my cherished items have all been hand made by some one special.
    I have been embroidering flannel baby blankets for new mothers and they are always great hits, usually with a request for more. I think I have made over 35-40 of them now, and counting.
    I love your idea of mixing fabric with crochet in one baby blanket, beautiful! Thanks for the give away also! My email is

  399. KathfromOz says:

    Handmade is love-made. Love of self (as in: blowing yourself a kiss in the mirror and saying “Have a beaut day, you deserve it”). Love for the receiver, love of using your hands to speak your heart, love of…oh, lots of things!

  400. I love handmade crafts because it comes from the heart.. it last long and taken care of… it will be more appreciated and cherished … i always give my friends and family something that i made; specially things that i crocheted… they always love it… like what the saying says : “it’s the thought that counts.”

  401. Linda says:

    Handmade Crafts are unique in that the crafter puts his/her own spin on the pattern. No two people crochet/knit/stitch the same. I love the fact that someone put a part of them-self into the project, be it a small stitch change or just the love imbued by the crafter.

  402. Melanie Mitchell says:

    Handmade crafts are an important part of my life. When a handmade gift is given, you are sharing a part of yourself for the benefit of another. To me, it shows that person that you care enough to spend time with them in mind while making the piece.

  403. Lydia202 says:

    Homemasw crafts show that you are thinking about the person so much more. When I am making something for someone, I’m thinking of them the entire time. I think that shows in what I make.

  404. Sarah M. says:

    I love handmade crafts because they are a way to show others through your hard work and time how much you really care. To me, nothing says, “I love you” better than a handmade gift. Anyone can buy a trinket at the store, but handmade items are solely about the love. Love for the person receiving it, love for the craft itself, and love for the process.

  405. Susan Pierce says:

    I love hand-made gifts because they truly are a sharing of love from the maker to the receiver. I find knitting very relaxing and love to knit for my family and friends. I always appreciate free patterns.

  406. trudy pickle says:

    Handcrafted items have always been the gift of choice for me an my family. When we were younger, that was because of necessity, but as we saw the joy those gifts brought, we continued that for our family and friends. Craftsy allows us to gather ideas and add very personal touches to reflect the person the gift will be given to. My grandchildren are all learning various crafts from my daughters and myself, and that brings us hours of ‘quality’ time.

  407. mary says:

    I recently made several lovely items for my daughter in law’s friend. She had several nice showers but her baby and she love the hand crafted items I made. It is such a joy to create and hand made item for any one. I receive benefits myself, lessens my stress level and I smile often.

  408. Deb says:

    Handmade gifts carry the invisible thread of love and connection between maker and receiver. Imagine these threads made visible all around the world. This is the true image of peace in the world.

  409. Edwina Wood says:

    For the past 2 years, I have made 98% of all my Christmas presents. Wrapped them in brown paper that came in boxes that I received. I ironed the paper, and wrapped all the gifts, with red ribbon. Some of the items I made are, crocheted dish clothes, felted tissue holders for your purse. Quilted throws, quilts for my Grandchildren. Some if the items I used to make my gifts, polymer clay, paper products, jewelry items, yarns, cloth, soap making items, wood, (for little carved bears). I love making gifts for the people I care about.

  410. Dee Wolters says:

    Handmade gifts can be personalized unlike any other gifts to suit the personality of the giver and receiver. Plus, they can feel the “love” that was put into it. Sometimes costs less money too.

    craftsy, mamaof4

  411. Sharon Dlugas says:

    I love Handmade crafts because they are the best way to let people know how much you care about them. And it gives me a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when I finish a project.

  412. Carol Guymon says:

    I LOVE handmade things because they are so different from anything else you see. Also, the person making it uses so much love and care for the item and for the person receiving it. one of my future grandchildren would love it, I’m sure.

  413. Maureen says:

    The reason I love handmade baby items is because they are personal and they are made with love. Unlike something purchased at the store the item you have is unique. Someone took time out of their life and made it especially for you. It is something that can turn into a family heirloom to be passed down from one generation to another where it gains even more love and becomes a part of your familie’s history. In my family it is a christening outfit that has now been worn by 2 generations in my family and is hoping ti be worn by another one.

  414. Paula Funderburk says:

    love handmade items, mostly because I love making them!

  415. Deb says:

    I have always thought a handmade gift was the best. To think someone spent so much time making a gift makes it really special. I really like the Craftsy community spirit and hope to learn from everyone.
    I have never thought to add a flannel layer to the back of a crocheted blanket, but I think it is a great idea. Yours looks great!

  416. Dotti Thompson says:

    I love handmade crafts because they are an art that comes straight from the heart. There is so much love and patience put into each and every stitch. Knitting is such a destressor. You get into the rhythm and go with the flow. Knitting should part of every therapy session-it does so much for a person!

  417. smfsprout says:

    I love Handmade Crafts because they are so unique and can be presonalized for each recipient. I always tell my recipients that my gifts are made with more love than skill, but they don’t ever seem to mind.

  418. mzmufy says:

    Oh I just love home hand made items. IT reminds me so much of my mom. She made so much for us and my neices anx nephews. By time I startex having kids she waz getting sick and could not do as much. I am no where near as good as Mom wish I was. Would love this blanket for my friend.

  419. C GORDON says:

    I ENJoy making n recieving hand made items. i give items to ppl when they least expect it

  420. Handmade crafts are simply the best. I think it means so much more to give someone a handmade craft since it (usually) means the individual took a lot of their precious time and thoughts to craft something from their own two hands.

    This blanket it simply beautiful and I’m sure whatever baby it ends up keeping warm and snuggly will cherish it for years to come. :)

  421. Laura Kelly says:

    Handmade crafts are really a gift to both the giver and the receiver. The confidence and pride that comes from giving a gift are just as important as the love and creative expression received.

  422. Denise says:

    I love handmade items. I always look for what I am looking for from those of you are talented! I am now looking for my first grandchild for some special items. May God Smile on You for creating for those of us who wish we could!!

  423. Wayverly Evangelista says:

    I love the blanket and that i have never seen this done before!! I love new and inventive creations and this is defintely it!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!

  424. Mary says:

    I understand this is for U.S. res. only but I just had to comment.

    When I first glanced at your blanket it reminded me of my son 17 years ago….yes, he is 17 today. All the wonderful*** memories pouring into my brain brought tears of joy to my eyes. That’s what a blanket, your blanket will make some lucky mother feel one day soon. Designed and worked with love. Thank you very much for offering this wonderful blanket to that very special little person.


  425. Nora says:

    I love handmade crafts because I love the way I feel when I make them.

  426. Evelyn Diaz says:

    i love making handmade crafts (lots of crochet and drawings) because making them helps me relax, and forget my problems at the time, then I feel proud of the finished job and myself for finishing each individual piece of art. A lot of times i can’t even believe that it’s me that made it, then when I see the smiles and appreciation of the gifts, when given, everyones ooooohs and aahhhhhs, very nice, beautiful comments, I feel very emotional. I recently saw in a family photo, an afghan for a double bed I made for my grandmother Trinidad, who is now passed, my very first completed Afghan. I had been passed down to her younest daughter (My Aunt) who had given it to her first born daughter (Sara), who was using it for her son. I couldn’t belive it was still aroung and in great condition. It made me feel great ~ I love putting my little tags on each item “made with love and care from EDADiaz”. I love making handmade crafts.

  427. Freedom says:

    I love handmade crafts because they take time and distraction.

  428. Judy Young says:

    I love making crafts for so many reasons. Since I retired, my crafts, mainly knitting and scrapbooking (with a few dabbles into jewelry making), give me a great since of satisfaction. I love the idea of creating something that didn’t exist before. My scrapbooks and knitting and jewelry projects will hopefully be around for a long time for future family members to wear, hold, look at and discuss. I think with these projects, I canl, in a small way, be around long after I am gone.

  429. Tiamimi says:

    As a child my mother used to make my sister and I the loveliest lace socks. She used to make them out of necessity. She no longer knits, I believe that as soon as she had no more need for it she forgot the skill. But, she loves every item I knit for her. And, I love making them for her!

  430. Tiamimi says:

    As a child my mother used to make lace socks for my sister and me. They were lovely but made out of necessity. As soon as she could, as circumstances changed for our family my mom put down the craft. She really has forgotten how to make those lovely socks. Today, I knit things for her just for the joy I see on her face.

  431. Julianne Minnear says:

    I love handcrafted items because it shows me that someone really cares!

  432. Alice Watson says:

    To wrap up in a handmade blanket is to be wrapped up in love. I love handmade gifts. I love making them and receiving them.

  433. Janelle says:

    I love homemade items because they represent the gift of time. Not only time in creating the item, but also time in the creative process which involves thinking, planning, pulling fabrics or yarn colors, and choosing the pattern. All of these things link the creator to the receiver in an “all is right with the universe” kind of way. I would also like to comment on the “sewer”, “sewist” name thing and like to suggest “sewista” as a fun alternative. I think it has a modern sound to it and reflects the vibrant nature of our craft.

  434. Michele wise says:

    Love to make items of all kinds. I have done so all my life. I love to repurpose and create. I have taken a few classes on line and go to handmade markets whenever I can.


  435. Chevas says:

    Receiving a handmade gift is so much better than a store bought one. It means that the person feels you are special enough to take the time needed to hand make something just for you….not just go to the store and pick something up. At least I hope my loved ones feel that way way when they receive a handmade gift from me=)

  436. Mary Jane House says:

    I love homemade items because I can make them my own. MY design, my color, etc. I love the feel that I get while I’m making them and the love others feel when they recieve them. Gifting a homemade item is like telling someone that they are very special to me.

  437. Jade says:

    I had a friend ask me if having my own room to go to for scrapbooking and sewing helped to keep me sane. I told her yes. I’m working on a quilt right now for my bed (unless one of my daughters talks me out of it). While doing so I’m also planning on the quilts I will make for my grandchildren. It’s just very calming working on something for someone, or even myself. Homemade things are so much more personal.

  438. Becky says:

    Handmade gifts say LOVE to YOU. The baby blanket is a great inspiration and I would like to win one for my family. Thanks

  439. Marge P says:

    Handcrafted things are the best gifts you can give anyone. It shows the recipient that someone really cares for them. Making hand crafted things warms the maker’s soul and passes the love on to the lucky recipient. This baby blanket is gorgeous and would be so much appreciated by whomever wins it. What a wonderful way to combine one’s talents.

  440. Doris Powers says:

    For me crafting of any kind allows me to use my imagination and create a”work of art” that is unlike any other because my time and love went into creating it. When I am crafting I am in my own world creating something for others to enjoy. Almost 100% of my crafts are given as gifts to family, friends and worthy causes and there is no better feeling then to see someone’s face light up when they receive a gift that you so lovingly created. I have even passed on some of my creative ways to my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. It’s the best way to say I love you~~

  441. Mary Y. says:

    I love this blanket, it would be perfect for any baby/toddler. Do you share the pattern? I’m new to Craftsy and still learning about how it works.

    1. Hand Made Knitwear by Creative Design says:

      I do share the pattern! You can find it here

      in my pattern store!


  442. Cindy says:

    Handmade things allow us to explore our own ideas and creativity in any media we want. It helps me feel fullfilled as well, especially when I can share my ideas with other people. I love this handmade blanket because you incorporated so many awesome ideas! I love it! Great job!

  443. diane says:

    I love handmade crafts because creating things gives me PEACE….

  444. Cinzia says:

    I love craftsy because it is just that crafty and there are just so many tutorials and ideas that I can, and do, spend hours floating around.. and around.. and around here….. hmmm maybe I shouldn’t love it so much. Thanks for this giveaway also.

  445. I love hand made crafts! To receive a handmade craft, is a message from their heart to you. You are important enough in their life, that they spent hours/days/weeks, thinking of, designing and creating something that they interpret you will like. It is the ultimate gift to receive from a loved one. To make a handmade craft, is an emotional adventure, thinking first of the recipient and what they would like, and how you want to honor them. Then finding and purchasing the materials, designing and making the craft. It is a very warm feeling for all.

  446. Jodi G. says:

    I love handmade items just for that reason, they are handmade. If you receive a handmade gift you know that person has been thinking of you from start to end (usually). The pattern and fabric was chosen specifically for you. I’m sure that person was thinking of you while they were working on it as well ad worrying if you’d live and appreciate it. Alot of care, patience, thought and hard work go into making something and that’s a few reasons why I love handmade items.

    Thank you and Sheila Z., Creative Design for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win. I’ve never seen a crocheted blanket with fabric on the other side. What a super clever idea! It looks so snuggly warm and I love the colors you chose. Awesome!