How Craftsy Classes Work

Craftsy online classes combine the best of online learning with the best of live, in-person instruction. Professionally filmed in high definition, you get the clearest view of all the action. And since they’re online, you can watch them however many times you want, and whenever it’s convenient for you and your schedule. However, like a live class, you can still interact with your classmates and teachers. That means you can ask questions, and get answers and advice as you go along! Craftsy classes come with course materials for you to review, and the video platform allows you to take notes, which get tagged to that particular spot in the class so you can go back to it! An online Craftsy class is truly one of the most
fun and effective ways of learning!

With that in mind, let’s talk a little more about what you can do with a Craftsy class:
Watch when you want, what you want, however many times you want. Once you register for a Craftsy class, your access never expires. So you can watch it according to your own schedule; in a few long sittings, or in a whole lot of short ones---it’s up to you! You can also retake the class as many times as you’d like. You will also see that the class is broken into chapters, or lessons. Though most classes are intended to be viewed from beginning to end, you can click on whichever chapter you’d like to view. This is particularly helpful if you’ve already viewed the class once, but would like to review a particular section.

Ask questions, get answers. At any point during the class, you can ask the instructor a question. They check in regularly and usually respond to you within 24 hours. You will notice a blue box directly beneath the video screen. This is where you can type your question. When you submit the question, it becomes part of the class discussions. Thus, your classmates will also be able to offer their views. When the instructor writes you back, it will show up in your inbox, as well as in the class discussion.

Take notes and mark important spots. As you’re taking the class, you may come across sections that you find noteworthy. If so, make a note of it! In the navigational column on the left, you’ll see an item called “Take Notes.” Simply click that to take a note. When you make a note, it is automatically tagged to that minute and second in that section of the class. So when you go back to those notes, you can also go back to those exact spots of the instruction!

Download course materials. Beneath the “Take Notes” item in the left navigation, you will see “Course Materials.” Click that item to access all of the helpful course materials, which include added details, instructions, directions, photos, illustrations, and any patterns that might come with the course.

Explore all the of the online Craftsy classes by clicking the Classes tab in the upper navigational menu on any Craftsy webpage!


Alexandra Denton

Is it possible to sign up for classes if one lives outside the USA. I live in New Zealand and would be very interested in Susan’s couture dress class.

Stefanie Japel

You can absolutely take our courses from anywhere in the world with high-speed internet.

Trena Howell

just wanting to learn how to make jewelry and little sip bags


I will be out of town when the Iris S. Class begins. If I sign up for it, can I commence it when I return?

Bee Lilli

The class automatically opens where I left off. How do I go back to the beginning if I want to. The ‘lessons’ bar on the left only shows current and future lessons.

Shannon Shannon

I cant seem to find the platform or notes in Edyta Sitars class. I can print off all the materials but there is nothing else there. And she does mention the platform a few times in the class.
Maybe some of the classes do not have the platform or notes?
Happy quilting

Dana Harris

How long are online classes good for? I received 2 classes for Christmas, but I won’t be able to take them until the end of March. Will the classes expire before then?

Kristin Doherty

Hi Dana,
Your Craftsy classes are yours forever! They’ll never expire, so you can watch them on your own time. Enjoy!
Kristin from the Craftsy Blog

Carol Dharma Vincent

I want to know how to start from the beginning of a class again as a previous person asked. It just keeps going to last place which is frustrating.

Alexa Elliott

How do I purchase classes. Do I have to go through the App Store


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