Thank You For Helping Us Keep Over 2250 Kids Warm This Winter!

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Wow! It seems like just yesterday that we sent out our first call for contributions of hats and blankets to our Keep a Kid Warm project.  (Read the original blog post here.)  The first few hats dribbled slowly in, package by package.

Week by week, the collection grew.

 …and grew

…and grew!

Josh Scott, one of Craftsy’s founders, was so moved by your generosity a few weeks ago that he wrote his own blog post to share his amazement.  His post expresses what a lot of us are feeling here at Craftsy…we are so glad to know you, and so glad to be part of the Craftsy community!

We’ve so looked forward to your packages every day, and we have loved seeing your wonderful, creative donations and reading your heartfelt notes.  We’ve kept every note and every address label, and will pass them all on to the charities.  Some of you even sent in photos of yourselves!

We’d love to keep hearing from you and opening your packages!  If this charity work has become as much a part of your life as it has ours, please continue to make and send your hats and blankets.

Keep a Kid Warm
2150 West 29th Ave.
Fourth Floor
Denver, CO, 80211

We are truly honored to be the ones to take your hats and blankets to the respective charities and donate them in your names, and will continue to do so for as long as you continue to send them in.

Thank you, Craftsy members! You are really an amazing group of kind, caring, talented people.


  1. I am so happy to see that you will continue to sponsor such a worthwile project! I am motivated to get crafting! Thanks so much <3

  2. Patricia Gibbs says:

    I have not sent you anything yet but you have inspired to use all my little bits and pieces of batting, fabric and yarn and make items for charities. I am a blanketeer for Project Linus. I intend to do more for my local area. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring!!!

  3. Johnnie White says:

    I am sorry that I did not know about this earlier. I love the fact that is a continuing project…..and I plan to take part in it and also spread the word to others who would love to share.

    Thank you for this wonderful work to keep these kids warm.

  4. Maxine Slater says:

    Just got back to crochet after years of being too busy~~made 10 hats and 4 scarves for Christmas presents, want to keep on with it and have been looking for a place to donate! May find a local group who wants my things, if I don’t, I’m keeping your address!

  5. Simone says:

    WOW this is so heart warming. I wish I could join but this inspires me to start my own here in South Africa.. Thank you

  6. Joyce Rickrim says:

    Love what these people are doing. I make quilts also for different organizations. Can you please tell me where to get a pattern for the crocheted hats with the flowers? They are so cute.

    Thank you.

  7. Anybody know places that will accept hand knitted slippers. Please email me with slippers in the title. Thank you!

    1. ella bondon says:


  8. Corlyn says:

    I,too, am so glad that you are continuing to take donations. I wasn’t able to help on the most recent drive, but will get busy with hat making. What sizes are needed?

    1. Stefanie Japel says:

      The sizes of hats can be any size from infant to adult, and for blankets they really need non-baby sized blankets. Many teens are also in need.

  9. sonya ryan says:

    I love this idea you are doing so i showed my kids and they love to make tied blankets and was wondering if you will except that kind of blanket also? i really encourage charity work with them

    1. Stefanie Japel says:

      We absolutely do. They ask that the selvedge be cut off to make the edges softer. Thanks so much!

  10. I guess i totally missed out on this. Can you send me more info? I make quilts and scarfs and would be more than happy to help out. Just email me any particulars i need to know.

    1. Stefanie Japel says:

      There are really no rules, you might want to check out the Project Linus website to learn more about the charity. We are happy to accept any donations at:

      Keep a Kid Warm
      1553 Platte Street
      Denver, CO 80209

  11. Kathy Wilson says:

    Congratulations, great job you are doing. Our Ladies Monday Night Yarn Group donates to our local Ronald McDonald House & Neonatal in Marshfield, WI. Everyone deserves some warmth this time of the year. Good Luck to you.
    Park Falls, WI

  12. angela says:

    ohhhhh I can make hats!!

  13. pam mctaggert says:

    i think what you are doing is really great. please let me know the address where to send some to you. i would love to help your charity. i have been looking for a good one to work with as i am dealing with a illness in my back which keeps me homebound. i would like to help others who also need help. thank you pam mctaggert

    1. Stefanie Japel says:

      All donations may be sent to:

      Keep a Kid Warm / Sympoz Inc / 1553 Platte Street, Suite 202 / Denver CO 80202.

      Thanks for your generous support.

  14. Peg Glenn says:

    I didn’t sent hats to you, but have made and donated 125 hats in the past year as well as 24 pair of mittens. My hats went to Beacon School at Holston Home for Children, in Greeneville, TN. It is a residential home for children and is run by the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church. The school works with both the residential students as well as day students, who are bused to the school by their home school district. These students have special needs. Having a hat and mittens doesn’t begin to meet their needs, but they are so surprised and grateful to receive them. “Do you mean I can keep this? I don’t have to give it back? Tell your mom thanks for making this for me.” Where are my knitting needles? Let me make more.

  15. Cherish says:

    Omgosh I’m so excited I saw this!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to send you something. :-D

  16. paula summers says:

    more than excited about this opportunity, can’t wait to get started

  17. Pat says:

    Donating hats is a wonderful thing too do..I made 100 hats and donated them to a elementary school in December…It leaves you with a great feeling…Its a great way to use up all that yarn you have laying around too…Will be doing it again this year

  18. Amy says:

    You guys are awesome and so are your knitter/quilters!

  19. Robyn Ryan says:

    here in New Zealand we knitted blankets …jerseys … hats … gloves & teddy bears & enjoyed every moment doing so … a container full of these items were shipped out !!!! It’s a very on going need …

  20. Kate McGinty says:

    Here, too, I was not aware of this project and I am happy jump on board and share this effort on Facebook too. Everyone commenting should spread the word – sounds like this project needs a marketing campaign.

  21. Cindy Worthley says:

    I think the abundant donation of hats and blankets is wonderful ! I hope to do some and send them in the following year! At the present time I am finishing my fourth scarf for the special Olympics. People are just so giving,it is really a wonderful world we live in!

  22. Arlene, PL-Lloydminster,Ab. Canada says:

    What the world needs now…is love, sweet love……
    It is very heart warming to see all the blankets and caps that were donated. Even though I do not participate in this directly, it’s still makes me proud and very happy to see that there really are wonderful, generous people everywhere in this world. Every blanketeer and cap creator should be proud of their efforts. Keep up the wonderful work everyone.

  23. Judy Riggenbach says:

    I began knitting some dolls to be donated to a Philippine orphanage this year, on my own, but it is slow going. I think i will add knitting hats to my list of charity projects. That way I will see more accomplished !( Though I will keep knitting the dolls) Thank you for Making us aware of this charity as it is a very worthwhile one!

  24. Debbie says:

    Really enjoy making hats for charity, a couple years ago my girl scout troop did this type of thing for a service project and I am so glad to see you continuing. Didn’t know that you had been a part of it, but now I will start to send them to this address too. Thanks

  25. Barbara Stiller says:

    I belong to a group called Fairy Godmothers in Port Huron Mi. They are the greatest group of women that crochet, knit and sew for many Michigan organizations in need. I appreciate all your hard work and am proud to help.

  26. Rita Ledezma says:

    OMG I love to crochet and knit I have some done I will send it to you as soon I am done with two I have stated i din,t know what to do with the one i done you can’t were them all great.
    I am so exited to keep knitting and crochet
    Rita Ledezma
    Carpentersville, IL

  27. Kristen says:

    Great idea! I recently started a fundraiser class teaching a small group of women to knit. I used a pattern for a sweater from World Vision, and we are going to send in the sweaters when we are done. I think I’m “seeing” our next class project!

  28. lawanda wheeler says:

    I have found several hat patterns on allfreecrochet. At the moment I am making hats and scarfs. I have found several places that have need for these, but some are very specific about what they need so this may be the place to donate. I am happy I found you and plan to participate in this program. I am disabled and have plenty of time to crochet. I do knit some scarfs and also loom some hats. In response to the the lady that wanted a hat pattern with a flower I think I found one on allfreecrochet. If not it was the crochetcrowd which is a wonderful site and the patterns are free. Ok time to get busy. God gave me the gift so I need to use it for others. God bless.