Counting Down to the Worldwide Craftsy Meetup Party

Hi Craftsy crafters! There's just one week to Worldwide Craftsy Meetup Party Day! Have you RSVP'd? Have you chosen a location for your party? What are you planning to do at your party?

Don't worry if you're the first person in your city to sign up, go ahead and RSVP!  There are lots of crafters still looking for a meetup, so you probably won't be alone!

Here's a note from the craftsy meetup party in Seattle:

Our group in Seattle seems to be getting really excited about the Meetup.  We are leaving it pretty open as to what we are going to do.  I have asked that everyone bring samples of the crafts that they enjoy, and at least one project that they can work on during the Meetup.  My feeling was that this first meet up would be a great time to introduce ourselves and talk about what we enjoy and what we would like to try.

There is enough variety in the crafts enjoyed by folks that we should be able to do a demonstration or two as time allows.  We are each bringing our own beverages and a snack to share.  Carissa has been kind enough to allow us to meet at her sewing studio so there are plenty of large tables to display projects and sewing machines that she says we can use if we need them to work on our projects.

I will definitely try to take my camera with me and send you some pictures to share.

Have fun, Seattle, and be sure to tell us how it goes! We can't wait to see pictures!


Stefanie Japel

All you have to do is go check out the meetup site and see if there are already meetups in your town. If there are, you can sign up as the “host” or organizer… or message the organizer to see if you can help.

janette callaghan

Do you now if there are any of these knitting partys in england and if so where they are ?

Stefanie Japel

Yes, there are at least 5 meetups in England…just go to the site and type in your town’s name…you’ll then be able to see if there’s one near you. If not, just RSVP and others may join you! 🙂

Lynda Higgins

Checking into joining your Craftsy Party in our area. Sounds exciting!

Diane Becker

I’m interested if their is a club or what a meet up in Lakeland Fl. area for anything to do with crafts

ruth wright

we are having a sewing party in tsiigehtchic, NWT,Canada from 6 to 10 pm @ the old school


Is there a fee for the Craftsy meetup in Denver? And what is it?? Thanks for the information. I can’t locate it anywhere on the site!!

Lindsay Ostrom

Just started a party place in Grass Valley, California but we won’t be able to host a party this month as I will be attending the Craft and Hobby Association show. Can’t wait to bring back ideas from there for our first meeting in February. And… i would love to get a crafty box of goodies for February… hint, hint!!! Thanks… great idea


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