The (Free) Craftsy Block of the Month Starts Now!

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you’ve saved at least one bottle of bubbly from last night’s festivities, because we’ve got something else to celebrate: The Craftsy Block of the Month! It’s here, it’s free, and we’re ready to register your enrollment!

 Instructed by Amy Gibson, The Craftsy Block of the Month is a year-long class in twelve segments, each one posted on the first day of each month. For the first ten months, you’ll learn to create two of the most versatile, eclectic, fun and creative quilt blocks. Then, the last two months of the year will be dedicated to binding, backing and finishing your quilt. So that means the Craftsy Block of the Month will give you a total of 20 blocks plus a ton of techniques, and by the end of the class, you’ll have a COMPLETED quilt!

You probably know Amy already from her site StitcheryDickoryDock or her iTote Workshop right here on Craftsy. She’s got some serious quilting skills, but she’s also got the teaching skills to match. So you’ll find learning from her is fun and easy. Plus, she brings a whole new level of coolness to quilting. As with all our classes, feel free to ask her questions as you go!

So pop the cork, break out the stash, and enroll in The Craftsy Block of the Month today!

As a special treat, we've created the gorgeous, automatically self-updating Craftsy Block of the Month badge that you see in our right sidebar!  It's the perfect thing to add to your blog or website, to let everyone know that you're participating.  (Even if you're not, it's so cute you'll want to post it anyway!) Click here to get yours.




Hi, this is Josh from Craftsy… the fat quarter bundle used in the Block of the Month will be available from Craftsy next week. If you are enrolled in the class, we will send you an email when the fabric is available with information on how you can purchase it.

Mary Jane Campbell

Great way to start the New Year!
Can’t wait!

tracy lange

sounds fun. I’ve been teaching myself with books & free videos. I’m ready for some instruction.

Margaret Erb

I am not able to join. What am I doing wrong. I really am interested in this. thanks

Marlene LaRose

I’m glad that Josh commented oh how the fat quarter bundles that will be used for this series will be available. I was searching every part of the Craftsy website wondering how to order the fabric. Now I know what to expect.


!!!! im ready to go cant wait getting my fabrics togeather what a treat!!!!! question how do i download the the instrations?what a way to start the NEW YEAR!!!! thank you …..


Happy New Year.
What a great way to start the new year, sooo excited, can’t wait to start.
Amy is a great teacher so easy to follow.
Thank you Val


I’m so excited to get started! This will be my first BOM and I’m really looking forward to it! The only “problem” I’m having is deciding what fabric to use! lol


Finishing up some small projects while I wait for the FQ Bundle I ordered (not the one used here) to arrive 🙂 I’m so excited to start this! Thank you so much for this!!! 🙂

Granny Franny

I’ve already signed up, watched the 1st lesson and have made two mini-block versions of the blocks Amy taught. Super easy. Super cute and thank you for this free course. It is an opportunity to see how lessons on Craftsy work. Looking forward to possibly taking other courses!

sharon mothiram

Hi I am trying to sign up for your free craftsy block of the month, unsuccessful please help

Dianna Wiggers

I am interested in the block of the month, but would really like to see what it will be before I commit. What size quilt is it and how much will the supplies be? Can you give me any details?

Jane Chresta

I’m retired and live partly in Australia and partly in Europe (Denmark and Switzerland).
About 5 years ago I started quilting and am lucky to have a great quilting group in Australia,
where I spend most of my time.

shirley & Frede

happy new year

let us try to get in contact again

I am looking for your mail adress



I am really excited about this block of the month;) this is my first time doing this and I’m going to be able to finally make a quilt for myself! I’m new at quilting,
This year will be my third year and I’ve given 17 quilts to family for Christmas<3


I haven’t quilted for eight years. ( since my stroke) I’m excited to start again.

Joshlyn Lloyd

I am looking forward to this year of crafts. get ready .!!!!!!


I have made both blocks. I think the first one has way too much material in the center.

On the second one, I had to adjust my seams to make it align, so I must be doing something incorrectly???

I am going to try making two more just to see if I can do better…….

Stefanie Japel

Hi Sharon, These are great questions / comments for you to post to the class itself. You can start a discussion at any point in the class and Amy or other students will answer you. Give it a shot & see what happens! 🙂

Nancy Pankratz

Starting on block 1 & 2 today. Using some of my stash. Will make 2 of each block and 3 of 9 of the favorites for a KING SIZE with black borders. Hopefully get rid of a box of stash!!!! Really looking forward to trying some different blocks.

Helen Stitt

I can’t get the video for the block of the month to work, which is disappointing. I will keep trying.


I am looking forward to learning new techniques. I only have I- phone, no pc. Is there anyway I can get supply list? … Fabric requirements? I know that a yard and half was mentioned for background on Jan lesson. Is this total? Or just what you were working with? Thanks for your help in advance.


I’m like the other girls , I want to know how hard it will be for me to work out as I haven’t had to much experience

Iris Gilbet

Have lots of fabric and am ready to start. I have the instructions for the first two squares so will get going-I am not experienced so here goes!

Julie Black

Haven’t started yet but I think I want to try purples and greens for my color choices, need to find the time to go through my stash first before I go purchase new fabric. Can’t wait to get started.

Michelle Allen

I would like to participate. Please let me know where & when it begins. Thank you do much. Do I need to bring my own machine? Any other items I need to bring with me?


I love this idea. I just moves so right now all my sewing “stuff” is organized. This is a great time to do this!!!!

Laura Birch

I am not too sure where I am suppose to sign up at, but am looking forward to meeting quilters as I am just a beginner myself


Looking forward to sewing this quilt, it will be my first time (fingers crossed)


cant wait for february for the next ones! great instruction thanks so much!


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