Keep A Kid Warm: 10 More Days To Send In Your Hats And Blankets

Posted by on Dec 5, 2011 in Crocheting, Knitting, Quilting, Sewing | Comments

We’re counting down the last ten days of our Keep a Kid Warm campaign.  We’ll accept and deliver every single hat and blanket that you send, but would love to have as many as we can to deliver to the kids before Christmas.

If you ship your items by December 10, they should get here in plenty of time.

To read more about the charities, click on the links above.  Read this blog post to learn more about our effort to Keep a Kid Warm this winter.

How you can help: Make as many hats and blankets as you feel comfortable donating, and send them to us at this address:

Keep a Kid Warm
c/o Sympoz Inc.
1553 Platte #202
Denver, CO 80202

We will deliver all of your donations to the organizations, and present them in your names.  We’ll keep you posted over the coming weeks as your projects arrive, and let you know how we’re doing on our goal!



  1. Bertha says:

    I love all you have published on this website but I would like to learn more about crochet, is there any way I can join a course in New Year?

  2. Janis Graham says:

    I have a knitted blanket (40″ x 56″) and a couple of matching hats. Where should I send them?

    1. Stefanie Japel says:

      Keep a Kid Warm
      c/o Sympoz Inc.
      1553 Platte #202
      Denver, CO 80202

      Thanks so much for your donation, the kids will really appreciate the items that you’ve made!

  3. Tena delgado says:

    I was going to ship some hats but instead decided to take them to our localchildrens cancer ward and the local family shelter. My daughter and I have made 300 hats so far. Sorry we did not help with your cause but because of limited funds we thought that this would be doing our part in keeping children warm and comfy.

  4. tammy m. ranchor says:

    Is this only for the holiday season since i do not have enough to go round will i be able to send it out sometime during the coming months or only at this time of year.

  5. Ruth Bouchard says:

    I sent a large box of hats that I knit while traveling around the world on a cruise ship and have not heard back if you received them or not. Please let me know as I now have another box ready to be sent. Ruth Bouchard 1623 Douglas Ave Dunedin Fl 34698
    Phone 727-736-5808 E mail Thank you

    1. Support says:

      Hi Ruth,

      We did receive your box and thank you so much! The cutoff for us to get the items delivered was back in December. Do you have a local charity you can send the next box too? I’m sure they would love to have your handmade gifts! Keep an eye on our blog in the future because we will certainly let our generous community know the next time we are collecting items for donations!