Jordana Paige Introduces Its New Tool Case With A Naming Contest

This contest if over and a winner has been contacted.  Thank you.
Note: To win today's contest, you must be a Craftsy member.  It's easy and free to join!

Craftsy member and Knitting Celebrity Jordana Paige is holding a contest!  Keep reading to learn more about the contest that she's running on her blog (but hurry! her contest ends on December 12.)  She's also agreed to send one lucky Craftsy blog reader one of her adorable new organizer bags!

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on Jordana's gorgeous Cerie sweater project page:

1) Click the sweater image below to go to the project's page

2) While you're there, leave her a comment telling Jordana why YOU should win one of her adorable accessories.

We'll announce the winner (chosen at random) on Monday, December 19, so stay tuned!

Read on to learn more about Jordana's cute organizer and the contest to name it:

Almost every crafty person struggles with keeping their work and tools organized, even the most neat and tidy of them. Jordana Paige makes that task easier with its newest product, the tool case.

Store your double pointed needles, crochet hooks, circular needles, tape measure, stitch holders, stitch markers, darning needles and more in this compact, stylish case.

As a tribute to the loyal customers Jordana Paige has had over the years, she’s letting them name her newest product with a contest that runs through December 12. Click the link to visit Jordana's blog & enter her contest. The winner will get the tool case and a place in Jordana Paige history.

“Over the past few years I’ve given my handbags names that are significant to me. What could be more significant than the customer, who has kept me in business for eight years?” Jordana Paige said. “It’s about time I honor them and let them name my latest accessory.”

The six flat pockets hold all sizes of needles, while the accordion-style zippered pockets keep your circular needles exactly where you put them. And with custom tab inserts and a needle inventory chart, you’ll always know exactly what you have. A small mesh pocket secures your darning needles, stitch markers and other small items.

This case is so compact, you can carry your entire needle collection with you everywhere. And not just knitting needles; this case is useful for all kinds of crafters: needlepoint, crochet and scrapbook, to name a few. The pockets are extremely versatile for whatever craft you love. And of course, the tool case comes in four colors that match Jordana Paige’s elegant handbags: black onyx, eggplant purple, deep red, and bronze.

Jordana Paige designs have been keeping your knitting organized since 2002, and the tool case is the newest in a line of stylish handbags and accessories that have been applauded in the knitting industry by Yarn Market News, Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, Verena Magazine and more.

The toolcase is available for preorder now; orders will ship at the end of December. If you’re planning on giving it as a gift, Jordana Paige includes pretty, wrapable artwork as a promise of what’s to come. Give your crafting organization an sassy makeover with Jordana Paige’s tool case.

This contest if over and a winner has been contacted.  Thank you.


Sherrill Cross

Crochet to Go -I think would be a good name for the case.

Nancy Taylor

How about Caboodle? This is a kit that keeps all your “caboodle” in one place, and helps to keep us organized! I love this case!


I love it. All of my dp needles stand in a large goblet and I have to pick through everytime to find 4 or 5 that match, while my circular ones are even more disorganized. My suggestion for a name hasn’t got alot of oomph but does tell what it is. “needle folio” or “knitting needle folio”

freida carey

i am bedridden 2 years in bed 24 -7 and love to crochet i would name the case tootie because it was my aunt tootie taught me to crochet 50 years ago

Karen Martin

I have the perfect name:

Lost and Found Tool Kit

I love the sleeves on the sweater above – a never neat idea and I can wait to make it.

New to Craftsy and I am loving it.

Cathy Brady

I think you should name this The Paige One Organiser. It’s the One place you go to for everything you need! I would love to win this. because I need it!!

Donna W

The name for your kit case should be “SEW & Go”. For yarn “kNIT AND SPLIT”.

May Royster

Needlez Keeperz is a proper and catchy name for such a tool.

Susie Humphreys

I think the sweater is awesome! Looks like something i would try to make! I think you should name your case “THE STORE IT ALL” because thats what it really does!! I am forever taking my knitting with me, and that would make my travels alot easier!! Then i wouldn’t always be losing my stuff!!!!!!!!

Lisa Beddow

I love the organizer and I think it should be named “Hooked Together”

Linda Brosius

It should be called “My Sanity Case” It sounds like it could keep knitters and crocheters sane by keeping their tools organized!

Cheryl Wright

Love the sweater pattern! Hope to make one for each of my granddaughters,daughters and myself! Easy wear is the way to go!! What would I name your grab-n-go case?? “Must-Have” comes to mind. As does “Hands On”, “Inspiration”, “the Dreamers Case”, “Heart Logic”. I would so love one of these for my very own! Learned how to knit from my Mom, watched my best friend crochet and began doing it ‘backwards & upside down”! From there I quickly moved on to just about anything that I could do with my hands! As a military wife (now retired) we traveled the world. My one constant was/is my ball of yarn & needles/hook!

Shannon Wall

Don’t lose those small necessities in your craft work!
“KEEP IT” by using the
A compact case to place your essentials……

Peggy Kurilla

That sound great. Always looking for organizer for the crochet hooks and double pointed needles. Craty needly kit sound like a good name.

Debra Haveman

I think I’d call it “the Pod”. Small, convenient, everything in one place, easy to access, and organized!

Barbara Sisco

Such a wonderful bag! I would name it “It’s In The Bag”.

Janice Weide

Knitastic saver

I would love a chance to get organized


We all treasure our knitting and the tools that go with it…so how about ‘”The Treasure Box”” or “Knitters Treasure Box”. Considering all the treasures knitting tools my house has eaten it looks like I could certainly use one of those.

Lilian Baiza

I would call it my Crafty Needles On The Go….I carry my needles everywhere…!

Michelle Pratt

I couldn’t decide Paige Perfect organizer or Classy Crafter.

Jackie evers

Crafty Clutch might work for Joanne’s awesome organizer. I would love to be so organized!

Patty Degmetich

This is a darling little bag 🙂 I think you should name it :
“Bagit” or better yet “Jordana” would fit it great too! 🙂

Jackie Evers

Crafty Clutch works for me. I’d love to be so awesomely organized!


Here are a few…
Craft Cubby
Notions Nook
…or just Harmony 🙂

Annette Tracy

How about “Finders-Keepers” …. I’ve found it, now I can keep it all together!

Marcia Willison

I would name this wonderful little bag “Nitt’N needles” Everything in one place. Grab and go.


Harmony. Because that is what knitting brings; a harmony of joy and balance weaves into our days as the needles click out the baseline.

Verna Peterson

I would name it Grab n’ Go. No trying to find the right needles, hooks, etc. Just grab it and go.

Francine Brown

The sweather looks swell. I like the sleeves.

For a name how about what you said in your post? “Significant Other” since it can be used for other things too.

linda freeman

paige,s one fit,s all, cause it will hold most of the stuff i have


I would name the kit ‘The Whole Knit & Croboodle” or “My Knit & Croboodle” or “My CroKnit Case” or lastly “My Needle Nest” YEAH, I think I like My Needle Nest the best!
LOVE the sleeves on that sweater by the way!!

Peggy Rohan

The sweater is beautiful. I am new to knitting and crocheting and think this is a great case. The All In One case seems very sensible and says just what it is.


“Carry It All”, simple and to the point, since it will hold multi-craft things. I love it~~~


Simply calling it The Paige would work, as the name Paige means Assistant.

Dianne Broadley

That case would be a real godsend. Just imagine having all your dpns together and in one place. Wow!!! How about calling it Knitn Sticks Stasher or Knitters Knest


awesome case – I would call it my Neat Little Stuff Holder


I love it. I would keep it simple and call it “THE TOOL CASE”.

Kathleen Kirst

I almost always carry my knitting with me! Sadly, it is often carried in a plastic grocery bag!! This handy case could be named many things. What came to mind for me was “Knitt’n to Go!”

Lana Williamson

Neat organizer! I like the sweater, too!

How about “Crafter’s Choice?”


Mira Farrugia

I would love to own a organizer for my knitting needles and crochet hooks
I would call it “Knit Kit”


I would call the bag “Stor’n’Go” because you can store all kinds of tools, etc and just grab and go–knit, crochet, quilt, shop, travel–whatever you are doing you always can use a great organizer in which to store essentials and they go any where with you.

Susan Jane Caraccio

How about “Catchall’ as it catches all your knitting/crochet bits.

Omarsha Ambakisye

My name for these cases, how about
organ short for organized and needles whether knit or crochet and of course you can take them wherever you go.
thanks and take care.


I like “Jordana’s All You Need Tool Kit” for the name of this tool kit? I really love the concept because I don’t have a nice place to keep all my things in. Not only is this attractive, professional looking, it would keep me more organized.


I like “Jordana’s All You Need Tool Kit” ? I really love the concept because I don’t have a nice place to keep all my things in. Not only is this attractive, professional looking, it would keep me more organized.


How about “Tools for Yarn”, or “Tools of the Trade”.

Melanie Humphrey

Carry tools case
Keep it safe case
Needle, hooks, and scissors Oh MY!

Janet Bohannan

I need and would love to have a “Jordana HoldAll Case”, as I have too many hooks. It looks cute and compact. As for the sweater, it is really adorable.


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