Handmade Ornaments & The North Pole Project

Here at Craftsy, we like to think that crafting is a year-round thing. But there’s something truly wonderful about crafting during the holidays, isn’t there?

From warm, colorful clothing and accessories to whimsical, festive ornaments and decor, there are just so many things to make, to wear, to put on display.

And let’s not forget how special it is when you give or receive something handmade and unique. Crafts can really make the perfect gifts.

We’d love to see what crafts you’re making this holiday season. That’s why we’ve started the North Pole Project. Make a holiday item, upload it to Craftsy as a project, and put “North Pole Project” in the project title.

Then, invite your friends and family to come to Craftsy and “heart” it.

Whoever has the most hearts by New Years will get a free Craftsy tote bag, filled with crafty surprises!