Microtrend: Custom Burlap Wreaths

It's wreath season!

It's remarkable how each year, the wreath shows up on the scene a little bit earlier and stays a little bit longer.60's Christmas wreath(from sugarpie honeybunch on Flickr)

 This year's hot wreath trend: Burlap

It seems that if we make a wreath out of burlap it has extra longevity, looking good all the way from the first hint of fall through Valentine's Day.  Simply choose one of these trendy burlap styles, and you've got a great base that you can dress up according to the holiday at hand.

If your front door's still naked, here are some awesome, easy options to dress it up for fall & on into the Holiday season:

Craftsyer CraftaholicAnon has shared her tutorial for this simple, pretty, wrapped burlap Fall Wreath.  To take it into winter, switch up the colors of the flowers, making the petals pointy, and you've got poinsettias!

(Click the image to see the tutorial)

Here's a cute tutorial for a "Bubble Wreath" that you could leave unadorned for simple door decor OR deck out with seasonal baubles:

(Click the image to see the tutorial)

This easy tutorial (click on the photo to go) shows you how to create a totally customizable Valentine's Day Wreath.  You can probably imagine lots of ways to customize this one! Felt leaves in autumn hues, snowflakes, the only limit is your imagination!

(Click the image to see the tutorial)

Have you started working on this year's wreath? Is it burlap? We'd love to see what you come up with! Upload photos and share your design ideas with the Craftsy community! It's easy and FREE!

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I love the reefs especially the last one it’s really unique.


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