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Do you love the look of midcentury dresses, with fitted bodices, sweetheart necklines and full skirts? Are you dying to make a fancy frock for yourself or someone else, but too timid to tackle unfamiliar techniques? With Gretchen Hirsch’s new online course, Sew Retro: Perfect Bombshell Dresses, you’ll learn all the garment construction and hand detailing skills you need to create a dress that fits like it was painted on, but still lets you dance all night.

We’re giving away free registration to Sew Retro: Perfect Bombshell Dresses to 5 Craftsy members … but there’s a teensy catch:

We need you to watch all 14 lessons (about four hours total) by the end of the day WEDS., JULY 6, and, like a good beta tester, report any bugs or glitches you find on the videos or the Craftsy platform.

Submit your test report and then you’re free to dive into making this fabulous dress!

Sew Retro: Perfect Bombshell Dresses is a 14-lesson, professionally produced, online video class taught by retro maven Gretchen Hirsch of “Gertie’ s New Blog for Better Sewing.”

You’ll learn:

• The architecture of a highly constructed dress
• How to assemble and modify the included BurdaStyle pattern for a
custom fit
• Couture design techniques like thread tracing
• How to create a molded bodice with underlining, boning, bust
padding, waist stays and convertible straps
• Secrets of working with luxury fabrics like Japanese shantung

Register to become a member of Craftsy.com and comment below, telling us why YOU should be one of the first to take our new course, Sew Retro: Perfect Bombshell Dresses, for FREE.


  1. Laurie R. says:

    Oh please pick me! It’s so hard to find pin up girl clothes in my size and now that I have an awesome sewing machine (basic but heavy duty), I’m ready to dive into making my own! I can watch the episodes this weekend!

  2. Amy says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! I would love to have the chance to take this course while helping to beta test it. I love to sew and would gain so much from Gertie’s lessons. But, I have to choose how to spend my money wisely (typically all on quality fabric!) since I don’t have a high paying job. I would be willing to do good work as a beta tester for the chance for free lessons. Plus, living in the Bay Area puts me near lots of start ups who often need beta testers, so I’m around this kind of thing all the time. Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck on your launch!

  3. dibs says:

    I would LOVE to learn to make this dress. My best friend’s wedding is in as couple of weeks and I want to make my own dress for it. Please pick me. Pretty please!!

  4. connie smith says:

    I would love to win this class. I am very small and have a hard time finding anything that fits. I am 5 foot and 90lbs. learning how to make my own clothes would help alot. Plus I lost my job about 1.5 years ago and haven’t been able to afford extras like this. Please pic me.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  5. Andrea D. says:

    I would love to watch these. I’ve followed Gertie’s blog for a year or so now, and I’ve been waiting for this course to be ready. I can certainly get these all watched this weekend. Fingers crossed that you guys pick me. :) Thanks for running this awesome site!

  6. Pat Patrevito aka: Stewies.Mama says:

    I have been sewing and quilting for over 25 years but never really had much of an opportunity to learn to create the wonderful “girlie” clothes that are so stunning. As the mother of 3 boys you can guess what I made piles and piles of- cargo pants and sweat suits! Well the boys are now men who each have significant others in their lives,as well as daughters, albeit still young. Although my figure no longer is the bombshell it once was {heavy sigh} my daughter in laws certainly have got it to flaunt! I would absolutely love the opportunity to help the process as well as jump right into being an old dog learning some new tricks! I have quite a collection of vintage patterns from the 30s up to present, it sure would be nice to have the confidence and ability to use them. I have plenty of time to watch the episodes,more than once if need be. Thank you for your consideration.

  7. Anjali says:

    I would LOVE to be a beta tester for the Sew Retro course!

    Since acquiring both my mother’s and grandmother’s sewing machines last year, I’ve been sewing every day! Mostly simple projects like toys, bags, tea towels, skirts etc. I am self-taught. I have a passion for vintage couture and am ready to take it to the next level!

    I’d love to take sewing lessons, but am finding it challenging to find a suitable teacher and course in my area. Therefore online options, such as the Craftsy platform are perfect for me! I’m currently taking a “staycation” and am available immediately to watch the Sew Retro videos!

  8. Maureen Cunningham says:

    Since I am an experienced sewer and the video producer of the web series Couture http://youtu.be/xpNeJ9et80w, I would be able to help you identify technical glitches.

  9. Anita Brechler says:

    Hello and hope all is well! I would love to take your “Sew Retro Course” for FREE and be a Craftsy Beta Tester! First of all let me tell you a bit about myself! I consider myself an intermediate sewer and just happened upon sewing as sort of an accident. In January this year I was looking for arts and crafting things to do with my special needs daughter. I posted an ad on Craig’s list and received some responses, one which was giving away a sewing machine. Never to think that I would fall in love with sewing and quilting, but I did!

    Time went on and I have started a few quilts and made a few pieces of clothing. I now have my own little studio in my home and have advanced enough in my sewing skills that I also went out and put a Janome on lay away so that I can finish my quilts, my Singer Featherweight is just too small.

    Long story …shortened, I am almost 50 y/o and still discovering new things in my life to make me very happy! Sewing has soared to the top of my list, as one of my favorite things to do! I have never taken any online sewing courses, and I believe that learning from you and your staff, the proper methods will help me sharpen my sewing skills. I am fresh, ready and eager to learn your way, I have no other influences to hold me back. So with all that being said I hope you will consider me as one of your Beta Testers and I can and will complete the necessary means to watch all 14 videos and give a full report of any problems.

    Thank you,

    Anita Brechler

  10. Rose H. says:

    I would love to take on a challenge like this, but you are right, not knowing what to expect and I have a fear of messing up, I keep putting it off. But if I could take this course, I would feel more comfortable diving in and taking on something new and more challenging.

  11. Eithne says:

    Hi, I would like to be a beta tester for this class because it seems like a great opportunity to try one of your classes, I was tempted to buy the other sewing class available but felt it was not what I was looking for at the moment. It would be fantastic to learn from Gertie, who is a brilliant teacher. I hope that I could provide you with clear ,concise notes on the videos, as I review reports on a regular basis for work and have learned to pick up on the details. I also off work this week so have loads of time for watching the videos!

  12. Lisa says:

    I would LOVE to be involved with this! I made my own wedding dress but have not worked with many vintage patterns since I need to adjust the size SO MUCH ( I am a modern size 18). I would also love to learn the new techniques. Being a bit OCD, (and dubbed the “Continuity Queen” by everyone that has seen a movie with me) I feel confident that if there are errors, I can find them. I hope you pick me!!

  13. Pauline Wong says:

    I’ve been sewing on a machine since I was 5 on my mother’s lap!
    I won a sewing contest in Jr. High school. My entry was displayed in an exhibit in Japan.
    I sewed my own wedding dress, and my sister’s.
    I’ve designed and sewn 15 halloween and ballet costumes for my kids over the years.
    I’ve done dozens of alterations on dresses … (bodices/necklines/hems)
    I’m a software engineer understand the importance of feedfack and timeliness beta testing.
    I’ve test knitted socks and sweaters so I understand the importance of being constructively picky.
    I have a 4 day weekend and I would love to spend a part of it beta testing your course!

  14. Tere V says:

    I would really love to be a beta tester for the Sew Retro Course.
    Always loved sewing, but haven’t done it for some years. Now I’m starting again and teaching my daughter along the way. So I’m looking around for courses and learning resources, mainly online, to help me get back into gear again. I believe this would be a wonderful opportunity to do just that and of course, to help you developing this course.

  15. Erika says:

    I’ve been dying to take the bombshell dress class. I also am stuck at home without any crafts to do until wednesday so I would watch the videos over and over. I have followed Gertie’s grey lady coat sew along, and finished it successfully.

  16. Eve says:


    I would love to be one of the first people to make this bombshell dress for a couple of reasons I have recently moved to Dubai from the UK for my husbands work and need something to fill my days and work my brain I also am going to my friends wedding and I am stuck for inspiration for my outfit.
    thank you

  17. cindy says:

    I would love to be a beta tester for this series. I’m in the process of draping my own Shaheen-style wing bust dress. I would be very interested in learning additional tips to constructing the inner foundation.



  18. Jessica H says:

    I would be so excited to do this! I’m a fairly experienced sewer (headed toward pattern making career-wise) and good at following all manners of instruction. Computer-wise I’m a bit of an end user, but an aware and observant end user. I can definitely tell you how things seem to be working from the average customer perspective. Let me know if I can help!

  19. Rachel Gorry says:

    Please pick me for this. I would just love to watch the video and make this fab dress. I have a 12 year old daughter and would love to be able to make her something beautiful to wear and maybe even try to make it with her help. Could watch the video tonight if you like, I’m itching to see it;-)

  20. I’m due to have my first child at the end of July, I’d love to take this course and make myself that sexy fitted dress ready to welcome the return of my waist (oh waist, how I’ve missed you!)

    Also I’m a geek, being able to say we’re beta testing something does make us geeks happy :-)

  21. Shannon Burchard says:

    Please count me in and BTW you are missing the h in you http link:) As you can see I am a good bata tester and since I do most of my sewing at home after my kids go to bed, an online course is perfect. If selected I will view all content with an eye towards learning skills from a self taught perspective.

  22. Jessica H says:

    And I just joined Craftsy, as per the instructions. See? Observant-ish. :)

  23. Ann says:

    Pick me – I will never ever EVER be able to attend one of your classes live and sewing classes where I live are only beginners (as in how to turn on you machine and thread the needle) or really REALLY expensive ($200 +) – which I can’t afford as a newly grad without work. Which by the way is another reasn to pick me! I WILL be able to see the entire series within the deadline – as I’m home all day. and I really need some inspiration on my sewing for myself and handy dandy tips and tricks for altering patterns for my big boobs and mummy-tummy!

  24. Amanda Surbey says:

    I am 50 years old. I have just, in the past 6 months or so, begun to learn to sew. Since I live in Luxembourg (we’re expats). my teacher only speaks French. She’s great, and I get a LOT from her, but I have also had to teach myself a lot by reading everything I can get my hands on (books and on-line). I FINALLY started getting the Burda magazine in English (I was buying it at the news stand in French or German), and I tell you! It is a LOT easier to follow. Plus, I can see all the help I was missing. It IS amazing I have produced as many clothing items as I have under the circumstances.

    So, yes, other people will have a lot more yards of fabric under their belts, but I am an eager, motivated student with time to watch and review your Beta course. Plus, in my past life, I did things like documenting software–so I know a little about producing instructions. Hopefully, I could provide constructive feedback for you.

    Please consider me! :-)

  25. Amy Oleinik says:

    How exciting! I love Gertie’s tutorials. I have been following her since 2008 and would be thrilled to watch 14 lessons by her. I have purchased several books recommended by Gertie; such as Bridal Couture by Susan Kalje, the Party Dress by Mary Adams, the Sewing Bible by the aptly named Ruth Singer, as well as Tailoring by Creative Publishing International. I am a home sewer, and I consider myself to be of intermediate to advanced skill level. If you were to use my beta-testing services, I would watch thoughtfully and take notes corresponding to the video time counter if applicable. I also guarantee to meet the required deadline. Thank you so much for the opportunity, Amy Oleinik:)

  26. Lauren Clark says:

    I would LOVE to be a beta tester for this course! I have followed Gertie’s blog for over a year, and have a love for fitted retro frocks myself. I have plenty of time to watch and digest the course and would be so thrilled to create this fabulous dress for myself to have something to look forward to post pregnancy! I have been sewing for 2 years, and have have solid skills and a good amount dress making experience, but have never before made a boned bodice with couture techniques. So I am your perfect demographic and would make a great tester!

    Thanks for your consideration!

    Lauren Clark

  27. Karen says:

    Former television reporter and producer here who is also in need of a bombshell dress!
    I would love to be selected to assist you in this worthy project! Go Gertie, go!

  28. Amy says:

    Love love the idea of making some vintage style dresses! Favorite era of fashion includes many bombshells. We need to bring them back! One sewer at a time. ♥ to watch the videos for you and let you know about glitches and if it makes sense! :)

  29. Lauren says:

    i am excited about this course! i consider myself an intermediate sewer, always looking for new techniques to tackle & conquer. i would love to try some of the stuff that is being outlined – i follow gertie’s blog & she has definitely inspired me to step up my sewing game past “just good enough.” i don’t have a sob story for y’all, but i do have a new boyfriend (my first in 4 years! eee!) and i’d love to make a bombshell dress to knock his socks off :)

  30. Leah Sparks says:

    I would love to help! This dress is beautiful!
    I’m a intermediate sewer and i’ve done a couple of sew-a-longs before and have used some of Gertie’s videos so i kinda know a bit about sewing from videos!
    I could easily watch them by Wednesday!
    And i’m in the UK! dunno if that helps!

    L xxx

  31. Jessie T. says:

    I would be a *perfect* beta tester for the following reasons:

    I have a major sewing crush on Gretchen and would love to help her out any way I can.
    I’m a fan of all things web and geek.
    My husband is out of town for the month of July so I have some MAJOR free time on my hands.
    I’ve always wanted a strapless dress that fit! (Tugging makes you look uncomfortable and unchic.)

    And … if you’d like a free sample of my work … the hyperlink at the bottom of the post that says “register to become a member of craftsy.com” doesn’t work. ;)


  32. kathleen says:

    wow — it’s a giveaway and a half! would love the opportunity to take part in this!! strapped for cash, i can’t afford dressmaking classes and would love to take my home-made dresses to the next level. This course would definitely make me oodles more confident and comfortable with my stitching!

  33. stacy d says:

    I have been collecting vintage patterns for a while now and I have a pretty decent collection. My body type does not fit the standard pattern sizes from back then. I would love to learn how to correctly create some of these garments but I feel I don’t have the skills to do so.
    I’m going to fix myself a quick lunch and start watching the videos….excited!!!

  34. queenvanilla says:

    I would love to take Gertie’s class. I am a long time follower, and since I’m Swedish not able to take her regular classes.

    I’ve sewn for some years, and right now I’m expaning my skills to more advanced techniques and patternmaking. I am however a difficult fit (that’s partly why sewing my own clothes seems like an good idea) being rather short. Right now I’m having problems with the fit of the bodice and darting. I am particularly interested in vintage dress, with 50s and early 60s as my favourite.

    I am a university student, studying Technical Design (and thinking about choosing Interaction Design as my master), and have a Upper Seconday School background in computer technics. My partner is studying IT, and working with beta testing during the summer.

    I am free this week, and would love to endulge myself in this. It may be a good idea to choose one tester that isn’t American to see how the videos can load in Europe, and if they easily can be understood by non-english talking people.

    A question: Is the bug testing just about the technical bit, e.g. just checking that the videos load and are working, or to check that the sewing process is understandable?

    Thank you for the oppertunity!

  35. cindilou says:

    Top 5 Reasons why you should choose me to be a Sew Retro beta tester:

    5. I’m an experienced seamstress but I’ve never made a dress using the fancy pants techniques described in this course. Please help me realize my dream of learning some fancy pants techniques.

    4. I use secrets as social currency and I’m always looking for more. I’m pretty sure that learning the secrets of working with luxury fabrics like Japanese shantung will help me in my social-climbing efforts.

    3. Molded bodices are essential weapons in the war against gravity. I’m losing this war; I need one to help me win.

    2. Gertie rules and has the most awesome blog ever. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the best blog in the whole history of the internet.

    1. I’m not above being a suckup.

    Oh, also, I’m a web developer who’s spent the past 14 years finding, reporting and fixing bugs so I know my way around beta testing. It’s my job to find websites and break’em down like Jenga.

  36. jessica says:

    I would love to take a class from Gertie! This dress is amazing!

  37. Kayla Scholl says:

    I would LOVE to learn how to sew those kinds of dresses. I am a bigger girl and cannot find many cute retro things in my size. I cannot find patterns in my size and altering them never looks as good as I had hoped.

  38. Yohandy says:

    I would love to be your beta tester! My husband is in the military and we’ve got a dining out (a fancy military party) to go to in August. Of course, I have no idea what to wear. I would love to learn how to make a dress that would be both beautiful on the outside and inside. I know that I could accomplish it by learning from Gertie. :)

  39. Jill says:

    Hi, just discovered this wonderful site through Gertie’s Facebook!

    I consider myself an intermediate sewer from housewares to personal clothing. I did however sew my own wedding dress from a repro vintage pattern (how I pulled that off-I do not know!) Through all the great sewing blogs I read, I’m inspired to take more time to fit better and use correct techniques. Gertie’s blog has certainly been a big influence that way.
    I would love to take the time, with the guidance, to make this dress! I have the time and the patience to watch the instructional videos and dive right in :)

    Thanks for the consideration!


  40. Talela S. says:

    What a wonderful opportunity – I would LOVE to be a beta tester! I love to sew. I learned how to sew at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY almost 10 years ago. While I was there I also took patternmaking, crochet, knitting and millinery classes. Can you tell I love to craft?!

    I hope you will choose me to be one of your Beta Testers. I have a very flexible schedule and can watch all 14 videos and give a full report of any problems by your deadline. Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. Martha says:

    I’ve been sewing since I was 5. I just re-made a pair of pants and a top into a sundress and used an antique handkerchief for detailing around the empire waist. I make quilts (mostly to give away) and I make up my own patterns. I own a Bernina sewing machine and if I had to save one thing from a fire, it would be my Bernina.

  42. Diana says:

    I’ve been reading Gertie’s blog for ages and I can’t wait for her book. I love to make retro dress (with pockets of course) and am also a huge fan of Colette patterns. Pick me, please!

  43. Sabrina Clementine says:

    I’m such a huge fan of Gertie’s and I would just LOVE to make her bombshell dress! I just recently became employed again after a year of unemployment, so unfortunately I’m still catching up on my finances. My new job doesn’t pay a ton either, which means I don’t have a lot of money to spend on my sewing habit. I’d love to be able to watch her class for free and help out with the beta testing…it’s a win-win for all!

  44. Fleur says:

    I would love to beta test your vlogs. I work in Learning & Development & specialise in e-learning so it would be great to be able to blend my 2 passions together – sewing & learning :)

  45. Charlotte says:


    I would LOVE to be a tester for this!! Being self employed I have plenty time to watch it all in the time frame :) I’ve been a follower of her blog for aaaaages and find her such an inspiration and quite the role model. I think it’s fantastic what she’s achieved and very good of her to share her wisdom.

    I’m a sewer myself and I’m perfectly comfortable running up basic dresses but I’m getting a little tired doing the same things. This would be amazing to help me build my confidence and try my hand at something I would be truly proud of :) Plus I will spread the good Gertie and Craftsy word throughout the UK!

    Thank you for this opportunity,

    Lottie x

  46. Phyllis F. says:

    As a collector of vintage patterns and fabrics this would be a prefect opportunity to not only use some of my fabric but learn the correct way to construct a more challenging project. And, I’ve got plenty of time to watch and report back. Love your blog and hope to get picked, and thanks!

  47. Itzel N says:

    I would just absolutely love to take this course. It seems like a very insightful yet fun way to learn how to sew one of a kind pieces. I would be very glad to be a beta tester since I have the time and I would just be over the moon to have someone teach me how to properly make a gown. It also seems like the perfect opprtunity, since I will be participating in a Pin up girl contest at the end of Summer. It would just be fabulous if I could learn and make a gown for the event.

  48. Gloria says:

    Please consider me. While I’m skilled in some areas of sewing, making a garment that fits my body is not one of those areas. While I’m an average dress size 8, I’m “short wasted,” and as a result often need to buy petite size clothes to fit my bodice. However. that can then mean short sleeves or a shorter than I’d like hem. I’m good at watching and then recognizing if something in the instruction doesn’t quite make sense and also recognizing technical glitches.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  49. Deena says:

    I love Gertie’s dresses! I’ve been following her blog for about a year now and her style is fantastic.

    I think that I should be one of the first to take this class because I need a fantastic retro dress. I have a great old retro sewing machine but I usually sew costumery and I would love to sew something I can put into my everyday wardrobe! I’m off of school for the summer and have plenty of time to dedicate to a wonderful project like this!

    I’m also quite familiar and comfortable with under-construction webpages, having been a beta tester before for many a website and once upon I ran my own.

  50. Lisa Harrison says:

    Oh my goodness, I want so much to make a fabulous bombshell dress to wear to my wedding reception in August. I’ve been looking forward to this course since Gertie first blogged about it! It would be so excellent to help test the course out.

    Plus: I am totally the kind of person who would watch all four hours at once, right now immediately. And my mad skills as a freelance copy-editor make me an ideal glitch-finder.

  51. Stacey Silverthorne says:

    I’m starting fashion school soon and I’m just dying to try craftsy’s online classes! Please pick me! Help out a starving student who just realised she can’t eat the fabric she spends her grocery money on! :P :)

  52. Caitlin says:

    I would be the perfect beta tester! I am the trepidatious sewist you described, fairly skilled but slightly afraid of the fancier dresses out there. I am also a huge fan of Gretchen’s blog and twitter as I’m sure all of the other commenters are but I hhuge the additional distinction of being a huge nerd obsessed with technology. My day job is as an art librarian where I seek out and develop alternative tools for teaching and learning. I have done graduate coursework on technology usability testing and social media. My analytical eyes might just be the extra set you need to pick up on any bugs. Plus I would look HOT in a bombshell dress.

  53. Caitlin says:

    Of course I included a typo. Instead of “hhuge” I meant to type “have”

  54. Amy says:

    I would love to take this course! My ambition is to get to a point where I can make most of my own clothes, spurred on by the combination of dissatisfaction with the conditions endured by most garment industry workers and having a figure that manufacturers apparently find hard to fit but that really benefits from structured styles (slightly plump hourglass). I adore vintage, have a box full of vintage patterns, and have been taking dressmaking classes locally… but I haven’t yet gotten any further than drafting my bodice and skirt block patterns and making them up over and over in calico. Something to inspire me to make the leap to real fabrics would be amazing, as would the opportunity to learn about underlining, boning, and waist stays (my teacher is great but she’s a very modern sewer). I have plenty of time to watch the videos before the deadline as I’ve recently finished university and am not yet in paid employment.

    BTW, your “Register to become a member of Craftsy.com” link is incomplete, and goes to ttp://www.craftsy.com/join which Safari doesn’t recognise. No big drama, I put the “h” in myself, but thought you might like to know :)

    1. Craftsy says:

      Thanks for letting us know, Amy! We’ve fixed this link.

  55. Sara T says:

    I love the idea of being a beta tester to your online class! I’m an avid sewer, and have followed Gertie’s blog for quite awhile now, she inspires me daily to create — and let’s face it — dress up a bit more. I’m from Vancouver BC Canada, this is a beautiful city, but the fashion in the city is very very casual, and I love Gertie’s style. This dress is adorable, and I would really like the chance to make this with the online course.

    PS – I have worked in software/website development for the last 5 years and am a very good tester!

  56. Bird says:

    I’d love to be a beta tester (pick me! pick me!). I do a lot of sewing, but all for other people, all under age nine. I have a terribly hard to fit body, petite but with boobs and hips, which makes finding clothes a terrible, expensive pain, and though I’m sure I’m able to technically tackle my own clothes, this very 3D adult body scares me so much that I’ve not even attempted it. Anyhew, I’d happily ship the kiddies off to their grandmother to give me uninterrupted viewing time… thanks for the chance at this.

  57. Amanda says:

    Hello! I turned 50 years old in December. I recently decided I wanted to learn to sew. Because I am an expat (we live in Luxembourg) my teacher doesn’t speak English (she’s French). She’s great, and I am learning a lot, but I have had to do a lot of learning on my own as well (reading every book I can get my hands on, looking for classes and videos like these on the Internet). I had been using the Burda magazines (in French or German), and recently sprang for an English-language subscription. I am thrilled by the instructions and tips now (very helpful and so much easier), but I shudder to think what I missed up to now.


    I am certainly eager to learn as much as I can, and would be very grateful for the opportunity to Beta test your new class.

  58. Blue says:

    I’d love to take this course! I’m probably an intermediate sewer – I’ve made a corset before and I’d love to try this dress. I have visions of making my own boned underware in future. I was intending to make a little black dress for work’s end of year Christmas party, and the dress above would be perfect!

  59. Kayla K says:

    My sewing is limited to quilts and home furnishings but I would love to leap into fashion! I detest the look of home sewn clothing so it would be great to learn some top skills. I have a fantastic collection of vintage patterns that I can’t wait to try.

  60. Lauren says:

    I have been sewing for six years, and have always dreamed of sewing a bombshell type dress. I have started so many times trying to draft my own but never liked the results. I would love the opportunity to help beta testing! I have nothing to do before wednesday I swear. I am sooo excited for this course if I am a tester or not. I’m a big Gertie fan and have been following your blog for the past year, it has even inspired me to start my own blog soon! Thanks for being so awesome! Oh and pick me!

  61. nettie delgado says:

    I love sewing and have extensive experience with beta tests. Would love to be able to help.

  62. Lynda Gwin says:

    I have been sewing for over 40 years… I am unemployed at the moment, have the time and would love to have the opportunity to be a beta tester for the Sew Retro course! I have a slightly “padded” figure and finding dresses that really FIT isn’t easy!

    Lynda G

  63. Carisa B says:

    Oh pick me pick me!! I would love to learn vintage techniques and how to make such a beautiful dress. I teach sewing myself and love watching technique/project videos to see how different teaching styles influence how I and others learn sewing. It makes me a better teacher and a better sewer!

    I also have NOTHING to do at work all day, and would kill to be able to watch sewing videos all day instead of watching paint dry. :)

  64. Myrna says:

    I actually took classes in Fashion Design and due to a marital separation, I couldn’t complete my four year course/degree. I currently work in Property Management, but wish to revive my real passion with designing, sewing and creating once again. I would love to be a participant of this fabulous opportunity and become confident again within the Fashion Industry. This would be God Sent!!

  65. Loren says:

    I would love to take this class. I got a sewing machine from my mother in-law and is just sitting there. I need so inspiration and guidance to be able to let my creative outlet run free. I believe this class would be the perfect way to do it.

  66. joann rudolph says:

    i just now joined .i only would like to know if there would be anyone intrested.in some old work basket chrochet books.they were my grandmothers.they are dated from the late 30s,40,and 50, i would like to get rid of them

    1. Sarah Beasley says:

      If you don’t want them I would LOVE to have something like that!!!

  67. I just found this after searching for this type of course for days. I know that the reviews have to be to you by the end of day today. I have the whole day free and would nothing more than to be able to spend the next 4 hours watching this.

    Plus if I love it as much as I think I will, I will be happy to blog about it, and then tweet, blog and stumble about it.

  68. Sarah Beasley says:

    I sewed things for years and never had time to do it while I was working. I recently lost my job and health insurance, and I have several chronic health conditions. So I’m extremely excited to get back into crafting, now that I have the time. Now I have something to keep me busy, and I’d LOVE to make myself some beautiful clothes that I can no longer afford in the store.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this WONDERFUL opportunity!!!

  69. gwendolyn iones says:

    Ive been teaching myself to sew for the past 3 years I want to get better I want to be a dress make please consider picking me I loooooove to sew I just need a little more guidance I would really be thankful

  70. meikjn says:

    I love this. retro suits my personality too. (: dresses are great!