The Art of Kroshay

Yes, you read it right, that's Kroshay with a K.  Otherwise known as Raphael, Kroshay is a Craftsy member, DJ and crochet fashion artist living right here in Denver, Colorado.

We ran into Kroshay at the bike shop next door to the office, and knew we'd have to do a feature.  His work is truly inspired and he's got a fabulous love of life that really comes out in his work.  Kroshay designs one-of-a-kind fashions for celebrities, friends, and his family.

Me: You create such unique, custom designs, do you buy your yarns at the store like the rest of us, or do you have a secret source?

I buy my yarn at Walmart. As my career unfolds I will eventually be able to buy yarn from mom and pop yarn shops.

Me: How did you learn to crochet? Have you been crocheting for a long time?

I learned to Crochet as a result of low finances during the holidays. As a result my mother taught us to crochet so we could make each other things. I have been crocheting for over 13 years.

Me: When did you start your business? Tell us how you got started and how you spread the word about what you do.

I started in middle school, crocheting things for the bullies so they wouldn't pick on me. A friend later suggested crocheting for bullies should have made it worse!! I guess he was right, in the end it was a mix of my charisma and skills with the crochet hook that saved the day. Since my customers design what they buy, the "word" about what I do is spread when my customers friends see what I made them. Other than that the idea is promoted mostly online and face to face.

Me: Who are your crochet icons? Who are your fashion icons?

My crochet icons are my mum, duh! That's all. Fashion icon, My brother Taye Diggs

Me: Thanks, Raphael, for taking time to chat with us and for sharing your fashion art with our Craftsy blog readers!

Here's a link to more of Kroshay's Craftsy projects. For more information about him, check out this interview with Kroshay on YouTube, or visit Raphael's New Diggs website.


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