Sewing Room Tips

By Christine Haynes

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Sewing is a creative pursuit and most creative situations can lead to messy environments. I like having a space that I can make a mess, but at the end of any project, I also like putting everything back where I got it. Growing up, my dad would always say that if you give everything a place to go, it will all eventually end up back where it belongs. I have found this to be true with every room in my home, not just my sewing studio. So with that in mind, organizing your space to be user friendly from the start will always result in a clean space at the end of any messy creative burst. I hope these sewing room tips will help you organize your own space for maximum sewing!



Thread organization is easy to handle thanks to plastic storage bins that are available at big-box sewing and craft shops. I have storage for both regular sized spools of thread as well as my cone thread for serger or overlock machines. I prefer the clear plastic bins so I can see into my storage and know at a quick glance what threads I have. Want to take it a step further? Organize them by color so all the blues are together, greens are together, and on and on.



I have hundreds of sewing patterns , mostly vintage, and finding what you want at any given moment can take all night. I have my patterns organized in fabric bins from Ikea that perfectly fit commercial patterns side by side on the shorter end, and dozens deep on the longer side. This keeps all of the patterns handy but out of sight keeping your sewing room nice and tidy.



All sewists have fabric stashes, so it's best to find a method that works for you to locate what you need when you need it. I have my fabric behind glass doors in tall bookshelves to keep it free of unwanted dust and cat hair. It's then organized by washed fabric, in progress projects, and unwashed fabric. I also have a bin of sizeable scraps for quilting. Take it a step further by organizing the fabric in your sewing room by color and labeling the yardage on each cut.

sewing books


I have a ton of sewing books and they don't fit all on my little studio bookcase. So I have some of my favorites on a table with simple bookends. They are pretty and are nice and easy to access when I need to read up on something.

sewing tools


I love this simple metal drawer unit from Ikea because it isn't too big, but holds all my tools and even comes with plastic organizers that fit in the drawers to separate your scissors, chalk pencils, and tape measures. Many shops have similar units and they are perfect for holding everything nice and organized!

sewing iron


I don't know about you, but I like to keep my hot iron away from the table because I'm always sure I'm going to run into it or knock it over and it will burn me or my cats. This caddy that mounts on the wall is an ideal way to have it handy but out of the way and free from possible accidents.

Now you're set for organized sewing. What are some of your favorite sewing room secrets to success?

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