Knitting Inspirations

By Sarah Johnson

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Thinking of new knitting projects has rarely been a problem for me. My house and my office are both filled with half-completed projects, new skeins of yarn, and pattern books. You might call me a bit of a knitting junkie. While sometimes my problem is that I have too many things I want to knit, other times, I get through a set of projects and find myself wondering, "What next?" So here are a few knitting ideas, in case you, too, hit a wall sometimes.

knitting inspirations

Any time I visit a new city, I like to find their yarn store, just to browse. I love to see what yarns they have that are different from the yarns I am used to in my local stores. Sometimes, the yarn itself is what drives my next project because I find a yarn I just have to use for something. I can then look for a pattern that calls for that weight and yardage of yarn. (The employees at your local yarn store should be able to point you to patterns for specific yarns.)

Sometimes the idea starts with the pattern. I've seen a pattern on display at a yarn store or online that I just had to have. I've also got a couple of pattern books that have some basic patterns I would love to make- so your local library can be a great resource. And my sister has given me knitting box calendars for a couple of years, which provide lots of great patterns and inspirations. When I'm seeking a project, I just pick up one of those boxes and browse.

Sometimes you know you want to make a gift for someone, like for a baby shower. Sure, you can always make a blanket. But there are also lots of other options. Just browse through Craftsy's Pattern Marketplace and you'll find hats and sweaters and stuffed animals and booties.

And sometimes I just think along the lines of, "Man, a knitted tie fighter (an aircraft from Star Wars) would be cool." And then I like to think it through, to figure out how I might make such a thing. Turns out, there are patterns out there already from which you can piece together all the individual knitted bits you would need. (A ball for the cockpit, hexagonal hotpads for the wings.) Maybe your niece loves elephants: so knit her a stuffed elephant! There are patterns for pretty much every shape you can think of, so even if you get inspired to try knitting something no one's ever knitted before, you can still have a starting point.

One great place to go for knitting ideas is a festival. One of the yarn stores in my region has a wool fest every year, inviting local vendors and yarn-makers, holding classes, and generally bringing all the local knitters and crocheters together. It's impossible to come away from a festival like that without finding inspiration for the next project. (It's also impossible to come away without purchasing lots of fabulous yarn.)

Another great way to find knitting ideas is to see what's trending in online venues like Pinterest (in the crafting section), Sulia (in their knitting section), and Craftsy's projects section where community members share their latest endeavors. Also knitting blogs are a great source of inspiration, like Stefanie Japel Knits, Vickie Howell's blog, and Knitgrrl.

These are just a few places to find knitting ideas for your next projects. How do you come up with your knitting ideas?

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