How to Make Modeling Chocolate Flowers

Posted by Wendy McGowan

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There are so many amazing uses for modeling chocolate! I love how easy it is to apply and how it holds its shape so beautifully. Because of these factors, modeling chocolate flowers can be quick, easy and really fun to make!

modeling chocolate Flowers

So join along as I show you 3 different ways to make lovely modeling chocolate roses. We'll start with a traditional rose using a rose cutter. While there are many different rose cutters out there, I happen to like this one because it has lettering on the petals that help guide the decorator in regards to which petal to fold up next. The second rose we make will be created with the circle cutters you see in the picture below. And the third rose will be constructed as whimsical ribbon.

Traditional Modeling Chocolate Rose with Cutter

modeling chocolate flower tools

What you will need:

  • Small Rolling pin or fondant roller
  • Ball Tool
  • Mat
  • Powdered sugar or corn starch- which ever you feel more comfortable with
  • A foam board
  • Circle cutters
  • A pasta machine (optional) to roll the modeling chocolate thinly. You can also roll it yourself, just roll it thin and make sure it is not sticking to your mat.
  • Vodka and a paintbrush (not shown)

First, we will need to make centers for our roses. This is done by taking a small dab of modeling chocolate, rolling it in a ball and then forming it into a teardrop shape. You want your centers to be a little shorter than the petals you will be cutting. Then let these cuties sit for a few minutes while we get the modeling chocolate rolled out.

modeling chocolate rose centers

While working with modeling chocolate, keep in mind that temperature is our main concern. We are not worried about it drying out. So we want to warm up the modeling chocolate until it is workable but still able to hold its shape. Also, it's important to remember that the thinner you have your modeling chocolate, the faster it will melt in your warm hands. This is important because we want our modeling chocolate very thin!

rolling out the modeling chocolate

Once your modeling chocolate is warm, roll it into a log and then starting at the center, roll outward. Make sure you are lifting and turning your modeling chocolate while you work, so it doesn't stick to the mat. If you have a pasta machine or sheeter, send it through. I roll mine out at position 2 on my KitchenAid mixer attachment.

rolled modeling chocolate

Once it is rolled out, we are ready to cut our petals.

cutting flower petals out of modeling chocolate

I cut 2 flowers for 1 rose. If you are making buds, you will only need 1 flower. Place your flower on the foam mat. Then, using the large side of the ball tool, you will gently rub the ball tool along the outside edge of the petal. It is best to use even pressure and rub it along the edge, with the ball tool half on the petal and half on the mat in one even stroke.

place the modeling chocolate petals on a foam mat

Modeling chocolate does not stretch the way gum paste does, so you will need to be gentle as it tends to tear easily.

ruffle the modeling chocolate to look like flower petals

Once you have your petals thin and ruffled, you need to turn over your entire flower.

turn the petals over and add the flower center

Place your rose center in the center of your upside down flower. If you need, you can use vodka to help attach the center to the petals.

attaching the modeling chocolate petals

Choose your first petal. You can start with any petal. The trick is to always have your second petal opposite from the first petal and then the third petal across from the second. It may sound confusing, but I will try to show you.

creating the modeling chocolate rose

Here is our first petal. It covers the center. Try to wrap it around far enough to almost close completely. We do not want to see the center teardrop at all.

The next petal is the one opposite from the first petal, which has the ball tool next to it.

modeling chocolate rose

Wrap this petal around, but leave a small amount of room to fluff the edge and then pull the edges back.

For the third petal we will use the petal across from the second. Doing this crisscross pattern helps make the rose look more lifelike. You can also add movement and dimension to your rose by folding the petals back just a little and leaving the ruffle in the petals.

keep makingmodeling chocolate roses until you reach the number you want

We can now finish off this flower with the final two petals. The fourth petal is across from the third and then we have the last petal. Once all of the petals are in place you can use your hands to gently fold the tops of the rose petals back and into a "V" shape.

For a fuller rose, you can add another layer of petals using the same criss-cross pattern.

So you can see the distinction, here is a rose with one layer of petals and a rose with two layers of petals.

Modeling Chocolate Roses using Circle Cutters

If you do not have a rose cutter, you are still in luck! The roses we are making next are created with circle cutters. They are fast, simple and fun!

You can use any size circle cutter; just make sure your center is a little smaller than the petals you plan to use. Just like the first roses we made you will want to roll your modeling chocolate very thin or run it through a sheeter and then cut out 5 circles and place them on your foam mat.

Using your ball tool, ruffle the edges.

cut out the modeling chocolate circles

Once they are ruffled, choose one to use as the center petal. Wrap it all the way around the center to cover it up, and then start with the second petal on the opposite side of the first petal.

ruffle the circle edges

Keep adding petals until you like the fullness of the rose.

I used 10 petals on this flower. I love how fast and fun these roses are- and I bet you will too!

keep adding petals till you get the rose look you are aiming for

Ribbon Roses

The third rose we are going to make today is the ribbon rose. It is simple, whimsical, elegant and easy to make. There are many ways out there to make ribbon roses and if your roses don't end up looking like mine that is okay. We all have different personalities, so we can have different ribbon roses!

First, you want to roll out your modeling chocolate to be very thin.

Then, cut your modeling chocolate into strips that are about 6-8 inches long and about 1-2 inches wide.

cut your modeling chocolate into strips

Choose one ribbon and pick it up. Just take one side and roll it on itself 2-3 times to make the center bud.

roll one of of the strips 2 or 3 times on itself to make a bud

The goal is to ruffle the modeling chocolate at the base of the rose and let the other side open to form the flower.

ruffle the base of the flower

Continue ruffling until you reach the end of the ribbon.

Pinch the base of the modeling chocolate off and remove the "tail,"" as It can be reused.

pinch the base and remove the tail

You now have a beautiful ribbon rose!

ribbon cut modeling chocolate roses

Now it's your turn to have fun making beautiful yet simple modeling chocolate roses! To learn more about how to craft beautiful gum paste roses you can also check out Nicholas Lodges' Craftsy classes, The Ultimate Sugar Rose and Classic Sugar Flowers! You will be glad you did.

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