Fast Knitting Projects

By Sarah Johnson

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Do you ever find yourself wanting to knit a gift for someone, but only having a day to make it? Or just being tired of long knitting projects and wanting to finish something? There are lots of fast knitting projects any knitter can whip out in as little as an hour. And they're great stash-busters, too! Let's take a look at some now.

Handwarmers are one of my favorite go-tos when I'm looking for a fast knitting project. I can get a pair done in an hour or two, start to finish. Since they're done in the round, if you're going for stockinette, you can just knit a few inches and be done. Sometimes I make an extra pair in case a gift-need comes up. Or jazz it up by making these Sparkle Wrist Warmers.

fast knitting

A cowl is also a quick and easy project. This cowl with its pattern requiring row-counting only took me two days. Eliminate the pattern, make it stockinette, and you could get a 7 inch cowl done even faster.


Have you ever seen a knitted headband? On a visit to a dear friend's house for a long weekend, I took size 6 needles and two remnant balls of yarn. Before I left Monday morning, I had completed two headbands as parting gifts for her daughter. You don't need a pattern for a headband. Just knit a band somewhere between 14-18 inches (length dependent on the size of the head and the stretchiness of the yarn) and sew the two ends together. I have found it's a good idea to make the part of the headband that goes at the base of the head underneath the hair narrower than the rest of the band. My standard is to cast on 6 stitches and knit for 1 inches, then expand to 12 stitches and work whatever pattern I choose (the pictured headband is moss stitch) before decreasing back to 6 stitches and knitting for the final inch and a half. Don't be afraid of making a headband too tight as it will stretch out with use.


Washcloths are another great idea for someone looking for a fast knitting project. Three cheap skeins of cotton yarn yielded 6 washcloths for my mom's and sister's stockings last Christmas. The entire project only took me a couple of days. And patterns aren't really necessary as you can kind of make it up as you go.


Meanwhile, for my dad, I made a bookmark. (Tip: a bookmark is more functional if made with lighter yarn.)

Gifts for babies are often fast knitting projects. This sweet, simple baby hat is aptly named as it's adorable and super fast (and easy) to make. And it works with my pup's coloring.

baby hat

And this sweater is called the Five Hour Sweater for a reason. (While Jeffy is a cute model, it now belongs to a human baby.) With no seams, an edge built into the pattern, and no button holes to make or buttons to sew on, it really is that fast.


How about a coffee cozy so you don't have to go through a paper java jacket every morning when you stop at the coffee shop?

These are just some ideas of fast knitting projects I had lying around. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Head here for more speed knitting tips. What are some of your favorite fast projects?

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