Fun with Block of the Month Quilts

By Angela Mitchell

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What kind of quilter are you? Do you prefer quick projects, like mini quilts, or those that take a bit of time? If you are looking for a long term project, a block of the month quilt might be the perfect fit for you.

block of the month

Photo via Green Tea and Sweet Beans - Amitie BOM by Fissiett

What is a block of the month quilt? This is a quilt made from a program that many quilt shops, designers, and manufacturers provide. Every month the customer receives a pattern (and sometimes also a kit full of fabric) to create a specific block (or portion of the quilt top, like a border or sashing) for their BOM quilt. Once the block is finished, the quilter waits until the next month to receive their next round of instructions (and kit). At the end of the program, after all of the months have been completed, the customer ends up with a beautiful, finished quilt top!

There are many different options when it comes to BOM quilts. While many programs send one kit per month, some shops send all of the kits at once so that the quilter can sew at their own pace. The finished product also varies from program to program. Some end with a stack of finished blocks that are ready to be sewn together. Others finish with a completed quilt top with binding fabric included. Before purchasing a block of the month program, be sure to read all of the details so that you know exactly what you are buying.

block of the month quilt

Photo via The Circle Game - Amitie BOM by Lily's Quilts

Why should you make a block of the month quilt? Here are just a few of the many benefits!

1. The color palette and fabrics are chosen for you. This can be a difficult part of the quilting process for some people, so it can be nice to omit this step.

2. Fabrics are pre-cut into smaller sizes before you receive them. You only get the specific amounts of fabric that you need. You will not be wasting money on extra fabric that you do not need. This is also helpful for those quilters who do not have an abundance in storage space.

3. Once you receive your kit, you are ready to start! Since all of the fabric and the pattern are included right in the packet, most of the prep work has been done and you can begin right away. Perfect for people who don't have a lot of time for sewing.

4. Affordability. Many block of the month plans give you an options for payment, allowing the customer to pay for the entire program at once or break it down into monthly payments. This flexibility makes it easier for customers to afford.

5. Advanced quilts and techniques can be conquered comfortably since they are broken down into manageable portions. This gives quilters confidence to stretch their skills and tackle a quilt that might be otherwise too intimidating.

Don't block of the month quilts sound like fun? Craftsy has a couple of great programs that you can take advantage of. And the good news... they are FREE! In each class you will make 10 blocks out of your own fabric while learning new techniques. Enroll any time during the year and get instant access to all the lessons you've missed. As with all Craftsy courses, you can take the class at your own pace, and you'll enjoy being part of a great online community to share ideas with. Make sure you check out the 2013 Block of the Month class as well as the one from 2012!

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